Best Bitcoin Robot – Top 10 Most Profitable Bitcoin Trading Robots 2022

If you are looking to make money online in 2022, bitcoin trading and trading with bitcoin robot should be on your list. The number of people earning insane profits from the best bitcoin robots is rising daily despite the rising and falling prices. Also, the number of bitcoin millionaires has risen tremendously in the last two years. There are over a hundred thousand bitcoin millionaires in 2021. The majority of these millionaires have earned their wealth through bitcoin trading robots.

There are thousands of self-proclaimed crypto trading robots out there, but very few are worth their salt. We have identified the best robots for you and prepared comprehensive reviews to help you make informed choices. Click on each robot to read a comprehensive review of it. All the trading robots in our list are top performers and have a proven track record. Moreover, they have a demonstrated commitment towards ensuring clients safety. They also do not charge registration fees and are therefore affordable to all.

In this review, we will explain the concept of auto-trading and offer tips to help you get the most out of your trading robot of choice. Please read to the end if you are new to auto-trading.

What is a Bitcoin Robot?

Investopedia defines a trading robot as a computer program that determines whether to buy or sell an asset at a given point in time. The program makes decisions based on a thorough analysis of both quantitative and qualitative big data.

Most of the top-rated trading robots are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology enables them to make complex decisions. AI-driven trading robots can also learn and improve decision making as they interact with data.

Trading robots can be semi-auto or fully-auto. Semi-auto robots require a degree of technical manual input. This means that you need considerable experience to operate them. On the other hand, the fully-auto trading robots do not require any technical manual input. This makes them ideal for complete beginners.

All the Bitcoin bots in our list are fully auto. This means that they are completely beginner-friendly. Only a handful of fully auto-trading systems are available for free. The majority charge registration and annual license fees of up to $20,000. Most of the trading robots in our list are free.

Some robots trade multiple assets, while others are specialised to trade one asset. The majority of the trading robots in our list are specialised in crypto trading.

Best Bitcoin Robot – Bitcoin Era

we have identified the top ten most popular ones and offered a snapshot review of each.

1. Winner: Bitcoin Era – Best Performing Overall

This auto-trading robot offers bitcoin trading at a supposed daily profitability rate of up to 90%. It’s trending in Europe and Asia and has attracted a huge fan base since its launch. Bitcoin Era has an estimated user base of 200k and receives up to 20,000 signup requests daily. The robot only accepts about 2% of the daily signup requests.

Registrations are free, and the minimum capital requirement is just USD250. This is awesome given that Bitcoin Era top competitors charge signup fees of up to $10,000. Moreover, most high-performance trading robots are out of reach to ordinary people due to high minimum capital requirements. Bitcoin Era offers up to 250 crypto pairs. These pairs have BTC as the base or quote currency include both fiat and crypto.

Any highly profitable investment also carries significant risk. Bitcoin Era is not an exemption. There is a huge possibility of capital loss when trading with this system.


  • High-level profitability
  • Variety of tradable assets
  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Affordable to most clients
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Secure trading environment

  • Not available in all countries
  • Involves high risk

2. Bitcoin Profit – Highly profitable in volatile markets!

This Bitcoin bot has proven itself as the most profitable automated trading system for highly volatile crypto markets.

Cryptocurrencies remain to be the most volatile asset on earth. As a result, there are immense money-making opportunities with Bitcoin Profit. This trading system leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read and glean insights from big data.

The bot can crawl Twitter and other authoritative social platforms to identify breaking news instantly. Bitcoin Profit uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read and generate meaning from human language.

News trading is quite profitable in crypto, given the sensitivity of the asset to breaking news. The more sensitive an asset is to breaking news, the more suited it is for news trading. The minimum capital balance required to trade with Bitcoin Profit is USD250.


  • High-level profitability
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Free deposit and withdrawals
  • Completely beginner-friendly
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Safe trading environment

  • Not available in all countries
  • Involves high risk

3. Bitcoin Loophole – Best Trading Platform UK

We are amazed by how renowned Bitcoin Loophole is in the UK. Many experts in the UK review this trading system, and most rank it high in the best-automated trading platforms category.

Bitcoin Loophole was founded in 2013, long before most people became aware of crypto. It’s, therefore, a veteran in the industry. Despite being the oldest in the industry, it has managed to keep up with the fast-growing automated crypto trading environment.

Bitcoin Loophole is extremely easy to use, with most of its clients today being lay people with no prior trading background. This Bitcoin bot has been reviewed many times on passive online income blogs. Moreover, it has appeared in most experts best bitcoin robots for 2021.


  • High-level profitability
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Free deposit and withdrawals
  • Completely beginner-friendly
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Available for mobile and web trading

  • Not available in all countries
  • Doesn’t offer a desktop app
  • Involves high risk

4. BitIQ – Most Advanced AI-driven Bitcoin Robot

We have reviewed many robots, but none is as advanced as BitIQ. This trading system’s algorithms are built using AI and quantum computing.

These technologies are the holy grail of automation. The costs associated with building a quantum computing driven trading system are so prohibitive that only a few trading systems manage to implement it.

The few that manage to implement charge registration fees of up to $10,000. BitIQ is the first robot to implement this technology and not charge registration fees. This Bitcoin bot claims to make money by deducting a commission on profits earned.

BitIQ is rated top on profitability, but this also implies that it carries significant risk. This bot doesn’t provide any risk management tools.


  • High-level profitability
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Easy to use trading platform
  • Offers a demo account
  • Ensures full transparency
  • Only partner’s with regulated brokers

  • Not available in some countries
  • Trading with it involves high risk

5. Bitcoin Revolution – Most Beginner Friendly Bitcoin Robot

Apart from being insanely profitable, Bitcoin Revolution is extremely easy to use. We have gone through a lot of data and concluded that this robot is worthwhile.

Most of the expert reviews out there rate Bitcoin Revolution as the most beginner-friendly trading robot. This trading system offers a very interesting user interface with tools that make you feel like you are on a gaming platform.

The platform is easy to navigate through, and each tool has an attached description. This helps you to find your way around even before watching the trading robot’s tutorial video. Bitcoin Revolution could make fortunes out of a USD250 account during high market volatility.

Bitcoin Revolution carries significant risk, just like any other Bitcoin trading system. Therefore, we do not recommend that you invest all your money in it. Always start small and plough back profits for growth.


  • High-level profitability
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Fully secure trading system
  • Regulated partner brokers
  • Affordable to most people

  • Not available in all countries
  • Doesn’t offer a desktop app
  • Trading with it involves high risk

6. Bitcoin Evolution – Best Rated Robot on Trustpilot

With Bitcoin Evolution, you can trade bitcoin price swings profitably irrespective of the markets’ direction. Bitcoin Evolution uses powerful short-selling techniques to hedge against the risk of plummeting prices. This explains why it’s always profitable, even in plummeting prices. Bitcoin Evolution has been observed to deliver superior returns during news-driven market volatility.

We find this Bitcoin bot to be intensively reviewed all over the web. The feedback is awesome, with both experts and consumers agreeing on its insane profitability. Bitcoin Evolution is extremely beginner-friendly since most of the trading is automated.

The chances of being profitable with Bitcoin Evolution are high but nothing guaranteed. You must treat it as high risk and only trade with an amount you can handle losing. 


  • High-level profitability
  • Seamless withdrawals
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Easy to use for complete beginners
  • Availability of a demo platform
  • Regulated partner brokers

  • Not available in some countries
  • Doesn’t offer a desktop app
  • You may lose your invested capital

7. Bitcoin Champion – Low-risk Bitcoin Trading

This trading system is based on the same concept as the others discussed in this review. Moreover, it has a high level of profitability, with daily profits going up to 90% when market volatility is high.

Bitcoin Champion stands out on the risk management tools it implements. This trading system is equipped with advanced Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) tools. Also offered is a Negative Balance Protection (NBP) feature.

The SL and TP features allow you to predetermine the risk you are willing to accept per trade. This prevents you from getting too greedy in bull markets or too fearful in bear markets. The bull market involves rapid price gains, while the bear market involves rapid price declines.

Bitcoin Champion offers a free tutorial explaining its risk management tools and how you can leverage them to maximize potential. Even with the advanced risk control tools, there is still a possibility of generating losses with Bitcoin Champion. You should therefore invest cautiously.


  • High-level profitability
  • Minimized trading risk
  • Easy to use for complete beginners
  • Free and fast withdrawals
  • Regulated through partner brokers
  • Safe trading environment

  • Not available in some countries
  • Doesn’t offer a desktop app

8. Bitcoin Up – Best in tradable assets on offer

This Bitcoin bot uses a variety of techniques to ride bitcoin volatility. It trades up to 300 hundred crypto pairs involving BTC either as the quote or base currency.

The wide variety of tradable BTC CFDs enables them to capitalize on opportunities across the entire industry. Bitcoin is the world’s biggest crypto in market capitalization. It’s also the most volatile, with daily price swings of up to $10,000.

Bitcoin Up uses the news-trading technique to capture even the slightest price swing. It applies the scalping technique to make money off small price shifts. This bot also leverages the arbitrage volatility technique to trade bitcoin price discrepancies across different markets.

Just like the other trading robots presented in this review, Bitcoin Up is worth a try. The advantages of using it far outweigh the risk. However, it’s foolhardy to put all your savings in a bitcoin robot.


  • High-level profitability
  • Excellent reputation
  • Easy to use for complete beginners
  • Free withdrawals
  • Regulated through partner brokers
  • Secure trading environment

  • Not available in some countries
  • You may lose your invested capital

9. BitQT App – Best for volatility arbitrage trading

The BitQT app is built on AI to implement volatility arbitrage at a high win rate. This is the only trading system in the entire industry that implements this approach.

Volatility arbitrage involves profiting from price discrepancies on different exchanges. This technique takes advantage of inefficient markets.

BitQT app implements this technique at 95% accuracy. This ensures insane profitability, especially during high volatility. Trading with this Bitcoin bot is super easy since everything happens on autopilot. BitQT is worth trying, but you must evaluate your risk appetite to determine if it’s worth investing in.


  • High-level profitability
  • Quick and safe withdrawals
  • Regulated partner brokers
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy to use trading platforms
  • Free withdrawals

  • High-risk trading
  • Inaccessible in some countries

10. Bitcoin Bank – Best Robot in Customer Support

Closing our list of the top ten bitcoin bots is Bitcoin Bank. This trading system generates superior returns.

Its profitability rate is slightly lower than the robots reviewed above, but it also comes at a lower risk. The risk strongly correlates with rewards. Bitcoin Bank may be the best bet for you if you have a lower risk appetite.

This bot offers award-winning customer support. You can reach their multilingual customer support team 24/7. Change the website’s language by toggling the flag on the header to get connected to an agent that speaks your language. Trading with Bitcoin Bank should be easy and fun if you follow the provided guide closely. Please note that bitcoin trading carries a high risk.


  • High-level profitability
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Free deposit and withdrawals
  • Secure trading environment
  • Great reputation
  • Only works with regulated brokers

  • High-risk trading
  • Only available in a few countries
  • Doesn’t support desktop trading

Why trade with a Bitcoin Robot?

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds if not thousands of self-proclaimed Bitcoin bots out there. However, very few are worth your money. Experts estimate that over 90% of trading robots out there is a scam. It’s therefore extremely important to be extra cautious when choosing a trading robot. The trading experience with a good robot is magical.

Below are the pros and cons of a bitcoin robot over manual trading.

Advantages of trading with a Bitcoin Bot

High-level performance – The best bitcoin trading robots are known to outperform the best professional traders. Some of the trading robots on our list generate daily profits of up to 90%. The highest profitability level the best manual bitcoin trader can achieve is 50%. Today, most bitcoin millionaires earn their wealth through bitcoin robots.

  • No human emotion in trading

A trading robot eliminates the hustles involved in manual trading. You don’t have to master trading lingo or spend countless hours analysing the market. The bot automatically does all the trading research for you.

  • Less risky than manual trading

It’s less risky to invest in bitcoin through a trading robot than manually. Trading robots tend to have higher accuracy. Moreover, with a trading bot, you get to make money from both the rise and fall of prices. The bitcoin robots in our list are ranked top on shorting bitcoin. Fast withdrawals. Trading robots offer you the best liquidity. You can make insane profits daily and withdraw whenever you want. Most of the robots in our list process withdrawals within 5 hours. Moreover, you can withdraw through any currency and at zero fees.

  • Fast withdrawals

Trading robots offer you the best liquidity. You can make insane profits daily and withdraw whenever you want. Most of the robots in our list process withdrawals within 5 hours. Moreover, you can withdraw through any currency and at zero fees.

    Disadvantages of trading with a Bitcoin Robot

    High-level risk – Crypto prices, in general, are extremely volatile. This means that they come at significant risk. You could lose all your trading capital in a single wrong move. Most of the trading robots in our list offer risk management tools to help you minimise the risk. Nonetheless, you could still lose money. Any highly profitable investment also comes at significant risk.

    Not easily accessible – Most trading robots accept clients from a few select countries. You may have limited options in some jurisdictions. Most Bitcoin bots do not accept clients from the United States due to CFDs regulatory challenges.

    Which Bitcoin Robot should I choose?

    The choice of a trading robot depends on a number of factors. These include your trading experience, the amount you are willing to invest, and the fees associated with the robot.

    For instance, you should go for the fully automated trading system if you have zero trading experience. As mentioned earlier, trading robots are either fully automated or semi-automated. The semi-automated trading robots require some skills to operate.

    Also, some Bitcoin bots charge registration and annual license fees. For some, the annual license fees can go up to $20,000. If you have a limited budget, then you should be looking for a free trading robot. Many great trading robots do not charge any registration or license fees. The trading systems in our list are all free.

    To help you get started in the world of automated trading, we’ve tested a variety of robots. We have classified them from outstanding robots to average robots, and finally robot scams. 

    Bitcoin Loophole

    Bitcoin Trader

    Ethereum Code

    Bitcoin Profit

    Crypto Cash

    Bitcoin Rush

    Bitcoin Money

    Crypto Profit

    Crypto Method

    One Bitcoin a Day

    The News Spy

    Bitcoin Boom

    Libra Method

    Bitcoin Storm

    Crypto Wealth App

    Bitcoin Lifestyle

    Bitcoin Superstar

    Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

    Bitcoin Synergy

    Teeka Tiwari 5 coins to $5 million

    Bitcoin Rejoin

    Prime Advantage

    Immediate Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Union

    Anon System

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Compass

    Bitcoin Aussie System

    Bitcoin Evolution

    Bitcoin Formula

    Bitcoin Future

    Bitcoin System

    Ripple Code

    Bitcoin Miner

    Dubai Lifestyle App

    Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Gemini

    Crypto Revolt

    Bitcoin Blueprint

    Bitcoin Machine

    Profit Revolution

    Crypto Legacy Pro

    Crypto Engine

    Bitcoin Optimizer

    Financial Peak

    Bitcoin Digital

    Bitcoin Fortress

    Bitcoin SuperSplit

    Crypto Boom

    Bitcoin Wealth

    Bitcoin Investor

    Bitcoin News Trader


    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Cash Grab


    Crypto Community

    Crypto Genius

    Bitcoin Champion

    Bitcoin Freedom

    Crypto Nation Pro


    Bitcoin Revival

    Libra Maximizer

    Bitcoin Bank

    BitQT BQ

    Profit Secret

    Bitcoin Up

    Bitcoin Prime

    Immediate Profit

    Investing with any autotrading robot requires caution. Only invest money that you are willing to lose. 

    How Bitcoin Robots work

    In the most basic terms, a robot is a powerful computer program capable of performing complex human activities.

    Trading robots are equipped with algorithms capable of generating trading insights from big data. These algorithms are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and therefore can perform trading tasks that were once dedicated to experts.

    The bitcoin robots in our list implement sophisticated trading techniques borrowed from WST leading banks and hedge funds. These techniques include news trading, arbitrage trading, and price trend analysis. We will discuss these techniques in detail below.

    News TradingArbitrage TradingPrice trend analysisScalpingShort-selling

    In news trading, the trading bot combs the internet for breaking news with an impact on crypto volatility. It’s equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and can read human language with 99.99% accuracy. Moreover, it’s superfast and therefore analyses billions of news sources within a microsecond. The speed allows it to take positions before the markets can respond to the new information. It takes the markets a fraction of a second to assimilate new information. The majority of trading robots in our list are said to beat the markets 99% of the time. Some are reportedly 0.00001 seconds ahead of the markets. The high speed is what makes them the best for trading the Elon Musk bitcoin news volatility.

    Elon Musk has proven to be highly influential in crypto, with any crypto news relating to him causing a lot of market volatility. His Tweets on bitcoin and Dogecoin have also been identified to cause insane volatility. Some bitcoin trading robots in our list have been updated to trade Elon Musk related crypto volatility.

    This is another extremely powerful trading technique. Arbitrage trading is popular in traditional assets trading. Only a handful of bitcoin trading robots apply this technique. In arbitrage trading, the bot capitalises on small price discrepancies by buying in underpriced exchanges and selling on overpriced exchanges. The arbitrage trading bitcoin robots on our list monitor up to 50 major crypto exchanges to identify arbitrage opportunities.

    Some of the bitcoin trading robots in our list can place up to 120 arbitrage trades per minute. At least 90% of these trades reportedly make money. On a good day, a powerful arbitrage trading system can place up to 10,000 trades.

    The price trend analysis technique is also highly popular in traditional assets trading. It involves a study of historical price charts to predict future prices. The technique is based on the assumption that asset prices are cyclical. As a result, price patterns tend to repeat when certain conditions are met.

    The price trend technique can be applied manually or through automated trading systems. Manual traders use the tools provided through the Meta-trader software to analyse historical price charts. In automated trading, the robot conducts all data analysis automatically. Some of the bitcoin robots in our list are equipped with powerful algorithms for price trend analysis. Trading robots such as BitiQ can analyse up to 500 charts per minute.

    Investopedia defines scalping as a technique specialising in profiting off small price changes and making a fast profit off reselling.
    The scalping technique is popular in forex and CFDs on stock and market indices trading. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader and Quantum AI are the first to apply them in bitcoin trading.

    Bitcoin scalping has proven to be highly profitable, thanks to the level of volatility associated with this asset class.
    Many experts review quantum AI as highly superior in bitcoin scalping. This trading bot combines the power of AI and quantum computing to identify scalping opportunities.

    The short-selling technique allows you to make money when prices are falling. It involves borrowing an asset from a broker and selling it high to buy and return when the prices fall.
    The short-seller pays the broker a small fee and pockets the difference between the sell and buy prices. Short-selling can be applied to any asset. However, it’s popular in traditional assets such as forex, stocks, commodities, and market indices.
    Shorting Bitcoin is new and only offered through very few auto-trading systems. There are only a handful of bitcoin shorting robots. British Bitcoin Profits is a good example of a bitcoin shorting robot.

    How much should I expect to make with a Bitcoin Robot?

    The best bitcoin trading robots are insanely profitable. On average, the majority of the robots on our list generate a daily profit of 20%.

    This is amazing, given that the best manual crypto trader has an average daily ROI of 7%. Top-performing bitcoin robots are mostly powered by AI. Some of the world best-performing robots combine the power of AI and quantum computing. A good example of such a robot is Quantum AI.

    AI-driven trading comes with a lot of advantages. Firstly, it makes it possible for the bot to study big data accurately and at supersonic speeds. The data is both qualitative and quantitative. A subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes it possible for the trading robot to understand human language.

    Some AI-driven trading robots such as BitiQ report daily profitability of up to 90%. This rate of return could turn a small investment of $250 to over $1 million within a few months. All the daily profits must be compounded for this goal to be achieved. Several BitiQ users have come forward and alleged to earn their first million through the robot.

    It’s extremely important to note that crypto trading involves high risk. Consequently, any bitcoin robot claiming to be risk-free is lying. You need to be extra cautious and be prepared for any trading outcome. It would be unwise to deposit more than 10% of your savings in a high-risk trading tool.

    Steps to trading with a fully automated robot

    Trading with a fully automated bitcoin robot is a breeze for both beginners and experienced traders.

    Most of the robots on our list allow users to manually set the risk management tools. The setup is easy after going through the trading manual. Most bitcoin trading robots offer a demo platform to help you test different risk levels before going live.

    You need to take a risk appetite test provided by the robot’s to determine the level of risk that aligns with your risk appetite. Trading preparation doesn’t take long since most of the functions are automated.

    STEP 1 – Register a free account

    bitcoin robot
    As mentioned earlier, most bitcoin trading robots limit access by jurisdiction. Try visiting your robot of choice to determine if it’s available in your country. It should be available if the website is accessible without a VPN.

    Most of the bitcoin trading robots on our list also limit the number of daily registrations. You need to keep trying your luck until you can secure a slot. Take the opportunity and register immediately if the registration slot is available on the first attempt.

    Fill the signup form on the given robot’s website and proceed. You will automatically get matched to a broker. The role of a broker in auto-trading is to execute the orders relayed by the robot and facilitate transactions with clients.

    We can also confirm that over 90% of the robots recommended in our list are free. This is amazing, given that most high-performing robots charge registration fees. The majority of those that charge require a registration fee of up to $10,000 on top of annual license fees.

    Moreover, they charge trading commissions of up to 20% on profitable trades. Nearly all the bitcoin trading robots on our list charge a small commission of 2%. All fees are published on their trading resources pages.

    Trading robots aren’t financial institutions and hence must work with a licensed broker to take deposits from the public.

    Start auto-trading with the #1 Bitcoin Robot – Bitcoin Era Robot

    STEP 2 – Deposit trading capital

    bitcoin robot
    You need trading capital to participate in crypto speculation. Most of the bitcoin robots in our list require a minimum of as little as USD250.

    As mentioned above, robots aren’t financial institutions and can’t directly take deposits from the public. This explains why all the transactions through the robot are processed by a partner broker.

    Also, the partner broker is the one to place orders in the market. They need capital to place these orders. Legit Bitcoin bots must work with well-regulated and highly reputable brokers. A reputable and regulated broker guarantees funds safety.

    It’s extremely important to determine the brokers behind any bitcoin trading robot before signing up. This is because scam robots partner with unregulated offshore brokers. These brokers are likely to disappear with your money without providing any form of trading.

    STEP 3 – Trade on the demo platform

    Trading with a bitcoin robot is easy, but there are manual settings to be applied for the best results to be achieved.

    Most bitcoin bots offer a trading tutorial video accompanied by a demo trading platform. Make sure that you go through the tutorial and the demo.

    You need as little as 40 minutes to be fully prepared, given that most of the trading is automated. As mentioned earlier, no trading skills are required to operate a fully automated bitcoin trading robot.

    STEP 4 – Start a live trading session

    bitcoin robot
    You will find live trading to be easy after practising on the demo.  Live trading with a fully automated trading system is easy, given that most of the trading is automated.

    Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of time studying the markets when trading with a bitcoin robot. The robot does all the research and order placing for you. You don’t have to disrupt your daily schedule or quit your day job to use a bitcoin robot.

    Most bitcoin robots perform well when allowed to run for 8 hours daily. The best trading time is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET.  This time comes with increased market volatility due to heavy crypto derivatives trading on Wall Street.

    Remember that bitcoin robots make money by placing bets on volatility. Consequently, high volatility magnifies the potential profits.

    Start auto-trading with the #1 Bitcoin Robot – Bitcoin Era Robot

    How to Differentiate Legit from Scam Bitcoin Robots

    Recent research shows that about 90% of the tens of thousands of self-proclaimed Bitcoin bots out there are a scam.

    We can’t insist enough on carrying out thorough background checks before signing up with any trading robot. Fortunately, we have done all the heavy lifting for you and prepared a comprehensive list of the best bitcoin trading robots in the market.

    All the trading systems in our list perfectly meet our criteria for determining a legit and profitable trading system. Below are the key characteristics of a legit trading system.

    High reputation

    A legit bitcoin trading system is likely to be highly popular. The popularity should be evident in the number of individual consumer reviews. It also should be widely reviewed by experts all over the globe.

    Verifiable safety features

    A good bitcoin broker should also have verifiable safety features. We can confirm that all the brokers in our list are well encrypted and adhere to strict data privacy laws. Most comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

    Regulated partner brokers

    Partner broker regulation is extremely important. Any legit Bitcoin bot should disclose its partner brokers and their regulatory information. The bitcoin robots in our list are in partnership with well-regulated brokers.

    Free and fast withdrawals

    A legit trading robot should offer a straightforward withdrawal process. We didn’t find any complaints about the withdrawal process of the trading robots on our list. Most seem to process transactions within a few hours and for free.
    A legit bitcoin robot should be easily reachable via phone, live chat, and email. Moreover, their customer service should demonstrate a sound understanding of the subject matter. We rate all the bitcoin robots on our list highly on customer service.

    Tips to trading with a Bitcoin bot

    All trading with the bitcoin robots in our list happens automatically. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t influence the trading outcome. Below are some of the things to do to increase the chances of profitability with our trading system.

    Start small.

    The best way to grow with a bitcoin trading robot is to reinvest most profits. Investing all your savings on this platform may lead to anxiety and tempt you to end trading before the end of the session.

    Trade for 8 hours daily.

    Bitcoin bots capitalise on crypto-assets volatility. The highest volatility is witnessed between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT. This is the time that heavy crypto derivatives trading is taking place on WST

    End trading sessions as instructed

    You should end trading at exactly 4:00 PM ET. Do not run the robot overnight, during weekends, or on public holidays. This is because the markets are usually closed, and running the bot then attracts rollover fees

    Follow market news

    You need to keep tabs on what is happening in the market to determining volatility events. Most bitcoin bots in our list offer an events calendar to help you track these events. Some of the events are not on the calendar, and hence you need to follow market news actively. Make sure that the robot is running during these events to capitalise on this volatility.

    Bitcoin Trading Robots and Celebrities

    The bitcoin bots on our list have attracted wide media coverage on mainstream and top crypto publications.

    Most of them are rated top, with experts ranking them among the most revolutionary inventions in the trading field. However, like any popular tech product, most of these bitcoin robots have attracted celebrity-linked fake news.

    Click on any of the links below to learn about celebrity-related fake rumours.

    bitcoin robot elon musk
    Elon Musk Bitcoin
    The founder of Tesla and SpaceX is the most vocal celebrity on bitcoin. His sentiments on bitcoin have been driving most of the crypto volatility in 2021. Elon Musk is interested in both bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Perhaps this is the reason why celebrity gossip blogs are alleging that he has invested in bitcoin.

    However, we don’t have any proof to support the claims. Avoid the claims completely until either Elon Musk or any of the associated with Bitcoin bots confirms the claims.

    Richard Branson Bitcoin
    Branson has made billions of dollars through Virgin Atlantic and other companies. He is a savvy investor with many business interests. Richard Branson expressed interest in bitcoin, but it remains unclear whether he has invested in it. We, therefore, insist that you take any rumour associating him with Bitcoin bots with a grain of salt until there is a confirmation.
    The Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin
    You have probably heard about the Winklevoss Twins. These two are among the first bitcoin investors and have made billions of dollars trading it. Both are always looking for opportunities to maximize their bitcoin holdings. We have seen a rumour claiming that they have invested over a hundred million in the most popular bitcoin robots.

    However, these rumours are unconfirmed and are therefore likely to be false. Never rely on celebrity rumours when making financial decisions.

    bitcoin robot
    Jeff Bezos Bitcoin

    There are rumours that the American entrepreneur had acquired some bitcoin trading robots. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos. It is the biggest company globally and has vast business interests in retail and technology. Amazon and Jeff Bezos have bought over 100 companies since its launch. The said rumours claim that some bitcoin robots are among these companies.

    We have checked this rumour thoroughly and found no proof to support it. Jeff Bezos has never invested in any bitcoin trading company.

    Martin Lewis Bitcoin Robots

    We have also come across publications associating some bitcoin robots with Martin Lewis. Martin Lewis is a renowned personal finance guru and the CEO of Money Saving Expert. Money-Saving-Expert is a widely read blog discussing money matters and targeting the UK audience. He is also a broadcaster and writer best known for The Sunday Post column. Martin Lewis has discussed a lot of subjects on bitcoin but none on bitcoin robots.

    The posts associating him with the BitIQ trading system are therefore fake news. Martin Lewis has in the past disclosed isn’t interested in bitcoin trading.

    Most of the bitcoin robots have also been linked to some popular TV programs in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. Click the links below to learn more.

    Dragons Den
    Dragons Den Bitcoin
    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
    Shark Tank - Bitcoin robot
    Shark Tank Bitcoin
    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
    bitcoin robot
    This Morning Bitcoin

    Some bitcoin robots have reportedly paid to feature on This Morning. This Morning is a highly popular British daytime TV show aired on ITV. The show attracts a huge viewership of up to 1 million people daily. Its hosts include the celebrated Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. This Morning features a review of trending subjects in various industries.

    A part of the show includes paid advertisement. Bitcoin bots such as Bitcoin Code, BitIQ, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Bank have reportedly advertised on the show. However, this review finds these rumours to be false.

    bitcoin robot

    Daily Mirror Bitcoin

    The Daily Mirror is one of Britain’s most popular tabloids. It was founded in 1903 and has an estimated daily readership of over a million. Some popular tweets claim that some bitcoin robots have paid to advertise on the Daily Mirror. The said robots include Bitcoin Bank, BitIQ, and Quantum AI. We have carried out background checks on the rumour, and it seems to be fake news.

    The three robots said to be running a marketing campaign on the Daily Mirror are highly popular. This means that they are unlikely to engage in any marketing campaigns.

    Reddit Bitcoin

    Reddit is one of the biggest alternative community for finding different information across the web. As known as “the front page of the internet”, reddit has a lot of “subreddits” involving bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Some websites have claimed that people publish their gains with bitcoin trader and other robots.

    We have lurked on reddit and haven’t found any information about it. It seems unlikely though, as these robots have gained a lot of traction in recent years, specially when the price of Bitcoin goes up.

    A snapshot Review of Alternative Assets Trading Robots

    Now that we know a lot about bitcoin trading robots let’s briefly look at alternative assets trading robots.

    These are the robots for forex, commodities, stock, and market indices trading. Oil is one of the most popular commodities traded through robots. A trading robot known as Oil Profit is the world’s most popular commodity trading robot in 2021.

    It’s fully automated and therefore extremely easy to operate. At least 10% of Oil Profit users have already earned their first $1 million.

    Stock trading robots are also highly popular. Some are highly specialised to trade some form of stocks. For instance, some are specialised to trade highly volatile assets such as Cannabis. Others place bets on gaming stocks only.

    Some robots also invest in digital currencies such as the Ekrona Coin and digital Yuan Pay Group.

    The choice of an alternative asset trading robot depends on your interests. You may find the gaming stock robots quite interesting if you are interested in gaming. Moreover, cannabis stock trading robots may be your best bet if you have interests in the industry.

    Alternative assets trading robots are either semi-auto or fully auto. Read on to learn about some of the best stock, forex, and crypto trading robots.

    Top twenty Best Alternative Asset Trading Robots

    We have analysed hundreds of alternative assets trading robots and prepared a list of the top 20 best. These trading robots are fully automated and, therefore, extremely easy to use.

    Oil Profit

    Libra Profit System

    Trade Unity

    Forex Robots

    Wealth Matrix

    Profit Formula

    Certified Trader

    Gaming Stock Profit

    Dubai Lifestyle App

    Netflix Revolution

    Digital Payday

    30k Challenge

    Banner Code

    SRS Trend Rider 2.0

    Financial Peak

    Stock Master

    Profit Robotics



    Uber Revolution

    Golden Profit
    Bitcoin Treasure

    Please note that most of these platforms have appeared on the expert-picked best trading platforms UK list. Only invest money that you are willing to lose. 

    Bitcoin Robots Review: The Verdict!

    There are many ways to invest in bitcoin, but auto-trading robots offer the easiest and most profitable opportunity.

    The auto-trading bots in our list are equipped with the industry’s best trading technologies, including AI and quantum computing. They are easy to use for complete beginners since most of the trading is automated.

    Not trading skill is required to trade with the top 50 bitcoin robots on our list. We have also presented a list of the 20 best trading platforms UK for stock, forex and commodities. All the trading robots on our list have been vigorously tested and proven to work extremely well.


    How much do I need to invest in a bitcoin trading robot?
    Most of the robots in our top 50 list require a minimum trading capital of USD250. You can invest more, but don’t put all your savings in crypto trading.
    How many hours do I put aside to trade with a bitcoin trading robot?
    A fully automated trading robot doesn’t take much of your time. As little as 20 minutes daily are enough to adjust the settings and start a live trading session.
    How much can I make with a bitcoin trading robot?
    The profitability of a bitcoin trading robot depends on the current market volatility, the risk management settings applied, and the amount you are willing to risk.
    Is Bitcoin Code well regulated?
    Yes! This review finds Bitcoin Code partner brokers to be adequately regulated. Most of the brokers report being regulated in the UK through the FCA.
    Why is a bitcoin robot better than manual trading?
    Trading with a bitcoin robot eliminates the hustle of owning and managing a crypto wallet. Also, the best bitcoin robots are ten times more profitable than the world’s best manual trader.
    Do I need trading skills to use a bitcoin robot?
    You don’t need any bitcoin trading background to use a fully automated robot. Some bitcoin robots are semi-auto and therefore require skills.
    How profitable is the best bitcoin robot?
    Bitcoin Era is the world’s best-performing bitcoin robot as of today. The robot has proven to have the power to generate a daily ROI of 90% consistently.
    Do I need any special device to trade with a bitcoin robot?
    You don’t need supercomputers to make money off bitcoin through a bitcoin robot. Most bitcoin robots are compatible with most smartphones and can also be used on the web.
    How much do I need to trade with the best bitcoin robot?
    Most top-rated bitcoin robots require signup fees of up to $10,000. However, a few are free and only require you to deposit a minimum capital of USD250. These robots are reviewed in this review.