Bitcoin Profit Review 2021: Scam or not?

Bitcoin Profit is making the headlines today as the world’s most profitable bitcoin trading tool. This platform has reportedly made bitcoin trading easier and more lucrative. You don’t need any expertise to operate this robot since 99% of the trading is automated. Moreover, it’s affordable since only a $250 capital deposit is required to get started. Unlike competitors, Bitcoin Profit platform doesn’t have signup fees.

Moreover, it doesn’t charge account maintenance or transaction fees. Only a 2% commission applies on profitable trades. But is App genuine, and does it generate the alleged profits? 

We will present the answers to these and many other questions in this Bitcoin Profit review.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

This trading bot applies extremely powerful and intelligent algorithms to identify and speculate on bitcoin trading opportunities. It is one of the extremely few Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered bitcoin trading robots.  AI enables computerized machines to make complex decisions. This robot applies a series of algorithms known as neural networks to derive insights from crypto data. The robot mimics the human brain decision-making process to make complex decisions. This software is more powerful than the world’s best trader, given that it can analyze big data within milliseconds.

The bot takes less than a minute to analyze data that would take a human a week to analyze. This software bets on bitcoin through volatility derivatives known as CFDs. The CFDs include bitcoin as the base or quote currency paired against over 200 crypto and fiat currencies. Don’t mind the trading lingo if you are completely new to trading since Bitcoin Profit platform is easy to use. You can start profiting from the first day of using this bot, even if you have zero knowledge of crypto and trading.

Follow the easy to understand trading guide provided by this bot to get the most out of it. You could be on your way to making a fast profit with Bitcoin Profit Tesla, but don’t forget that trading involves risk.

  • Minimum deposit – USD250
  • Profitability – Up to 90% during high volatility
  • Trading status – Fully automated
  • Platforms – Desktop and mobile devices
  • Deposits and Withdrawals – Free
  • Hidden fees – No
  • Data protection – 128-bit key protocol
  • Brokers regulation – ASIC, FSB, CySEC, FCA

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

The Bitcoin Profit app accepts clients from nearly all countries across the globe. However, registration slots are quite few and are offered on a lottery basis.

This means that it may take some time before securing an account. You should be very lucky to sign up on the first attempt. This robot is offering extra signup slots for clients in some countries. You may be able to secure a slot faster if you in the UK, Australia, South Africa, India, and the Philippines. Some countries may also be eligible for signup deposits with the linked broker. Let’s look at the step by step guide to getting you started with Bitcoin Profit .

Step 1: Registration

Visit the official Bitcoin Profit login page and register an account. As mentioned earlier, most countries are eligible, and signup is free. However, signup slots are limited, and therefore only a few manage to register. Keep trying to signup if not lucky on the first attempt. This trading robot offers multilingual services. Click the flag at the top left corner of the website to select your preferred language.

You will automatically connect to an agent that speaks your language on selecting your language of choice. Bitcoin Profit platform implements top-level safety features to ensure a safe trading environment.

Step 2: Verify ID and deposit capital

After signup, you will immediately redirect to one of Bitcoin Profit’s partner brokers. The assigned broker should be regulated locally. Bitcoin Profit app only works with high-quality brokers. This means that all clients must go through a KYC process to deposit with the broker. The KYC process involves uploading a government-issued identification document for verification.

The verification process only takes a few hours. You can proceed with the deposit as the verification happens. The minimum balance is USD250.

Step 3: Test the platform and go live

Bitcoin Profit is easy to use, but you must take all the trading preparation instructions seriously.  Watch the video that explains the features and try the settings on the demo. The most important settings are Stop Loss and Take Profit. Check out the Bitcoin Profit calculator to see how much profit you could make. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to understanding how these features work.

Take the risk test and try different risk levels on the demo before going live. The demo gives you a perfect picture of the live trading experience. You will be surprised by how close the demo results are to live trading. Go ahead and adjust the live trading settings once you are confident that you are fully prepared. Live trading starts at the click of the live trading button.

How does Bitcoin Profit App work?

Bitcoin Profit trustpilot reviews say this is probably the world’s most advanced volatility trading robot. Volatility refers to the price swings of an asset. The higher the volatility, the more money the Bitcoin Profit platform could generate. Under normal volatility levels, this trading bot is said to generate daily profits of up to 15%. The profits can shoot dramatically during high volatility.

Crypto prices swings are largely influenced by news. Positive news triggers the bull market, while negative news triggers the bear market. The bull market is characterized by rapid price gains, while the bear market is defined by accelerated price declines. Bitcoin Profit platform is arguably the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven news trading system. The bot is also rated top on arbitrage trading and price trend analysis.

Let’s look at some major volatility events that have proven that this tool is the best for news and sentiment-driven trading.

Bitcoin Profit Tesla

Bitcoin Profit Tesla

In February 2021, Tesla announced investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. The news caused insane volatility across the crypto industry. Bitcoin nearly doubled in price, breaking the $60,000 mark within a few days. Reports from reputable sources indicate that Bitcoin Profit users made the most money from the announcement. The robot superior news-trading algorithms reportedly captured this news within microseconds.

Some Bitcoin Profit App users reported doubling or tripling investments within hours of the announcement. The robot’s users reportedly made a combined profit of over $3 billion within a few days.

Bitcoin Profit Elon Musk

Elon Musk Bitcoin Profit

This year has also seen a lot of crypto volatility triggered by Elon Musk bitcoin news and sentiments. A single Tweet from the world’s second-richest man has seen Bitcoin and Dogecoin gain massively within minutes. The Tesla CEO is fond of using memes to express his sentiments on crypto. Positive memes usually trigger price gains, while negative memes trigger price declines.

The Bitcoin Profit platform is equipped with the technology to capture the trading opportunities generated by Elon-Musk triggered volatility. The trading system has made headlines in 2021 as the best tool for trading Elon Musk sentiments and news.

Bitcoin Profit Amazon

Bitcoin Profit Amazon

Any news linking Bitcoin Profit Amazon is known to trigger crazy volatility. This robot algorithms use keywords such as “Jeff Bezos bitcoin, Bitcoin Profit Amazon, and Jeff Bezos crypto” to detect such news. The bot reportedly goes through tens of billions of web pages each minute to identify tradable news. This trading tool trading feature is widely discussed by experts, with some calling it a game-changer in the world of news-driven trading.

Jerome Powell Bitcoin Profit App

The US Fed chair, Jerome Powell, recently announced that the US has no plans to ban bitcoin or crypto. This news has triggered massive price gains across the industry. BTC rose by over $10,000 in hours following the news. The gain was experienced across the industry, with ETH, BCH, and XRP gaining by over 10%.

Bitcoin Profit captured this news on release and placed bets basing on volatility prediction. The predictions were reportedly highly accurate. Most users have reported earning huge profits through this bot since the announcement.

China’s ban on cryptocurrencies

About a month ago, China announced a blanket ban on all cryptocurrencies. The crypto markets tumbled following the news. Bitcoin plummeted by over $2000 following the news, with most other major cryptocurrencies losing at least 5% of their value.

The Bitcoin Profit news trading system reportedly captured this news 0.0001 seconds ahead of the markets.

Bitcoin Trading Bot Strategies

According to some Bitcoin Era reviewers, the bot made the most profits during the plummet by applying advanced short-selling strategies.

Arbitrage Trading

Bitcoin Profit app has also made its name in arbitrage trading. The arbitrage technique allows profitability in both the bull and the bear market. The strategy capitalizes on small price discrepancies in multiple markets. This means that the profits generated by this strategy are not dependent on price gains. However, high volatility increases arbitrage trading opportunities.

Statistical arbitrage trading gained popularity back in 1992 after making George Soros the world’s richest trader. Institutional traders widely apply the strategy in major global financial hubs.  Bitcoin Profit App made it available to retail crypto traders. This trading system doesn’t charge fees despite the heavy resources required to build an arbitrage trading system.

Price Trend Analysis

This platform has also made its name in arbitrage trading. The arbitrage technique allows profitability in both the bull and the bear market. This trading bot also bets on crypto volatility through the price trend analysis technique. This technique involves a thorough study of historical price patterns to determine future price direction. Price trend analysis falls under the technical analysis category.

It’s applied in both manual and automated trading. Manual trading happens through the MT4 or a proprietary trading platform offered by the broker. Significant skills are required to manually analyze price trends for insights. But even with the right skills, manual price trend analysis is not as accurate as automated one. Powerful trading robots such as Bitcoin Profit have proven to be more accurate.  

Can I trade with Bitcoin Profit App in my country?

Bitcoin Profit is available in over 120 countries. These are the countries where the regulators support retail CFDs trading.  The bot should be available in your country if its website is accessible from a Virtual Private Network. As stated previously, Bitcoin Profit signup slots are limited. Only less than 1% of the tens of thousands of registration requests received daily is accepted.

Below are the top countries where this robot is trending.

Bitcoin Profit UK
The bot was founded for the UK market before extending reach to other countries. Over 50% of users come from  Bitcoin Profit UK.

Bitcoin Profit Germany
Germans have also embraced this trading system. Some reviews claim that over 20% of Bitcoin Profit users are from this country.

Bitcoin Profit Poland
The bot also has a huge fan base in Poland. It has over five thousand registration requests daily from this region.

Bitcoin Profit Spain
This bot is among the most searched keywords on Google in Spain. About 10% of its users are also said to be from this region..

Bitcoin Profit Italy
This bot has recently entered the Italian market. It’s among the subjects attracting huge media attention in the country.

Bitcoin Profit Sweden
We also find this bot to be popular in this country. Bitcoin Profit reviews are positive on the Swedish mainstream media.

Bitcoin Profit in the news

This robot is a top trend in many countries, as is evident in simple search engine research. Bitcoin Profit seems to be the most popular keyword in the bitcoin category on Google, Yahoo, Baidu and Bing. Baidu is the biggest search engine in China. Amazingly, the search for Bitcoin Profit seems to have gone up with the country’s blanket ban on cryptocurrencies.

Apart from expert reviews on the media, Bitcoin Profit reviews have come from the public. Over a hundred thousand have reviewed it on popular review sites such as Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, and Reddit.

Bitcoin Profit Reddit 

Over ten communities are discussing this trading bot on Reddit. Each of the communities has thousands of participants.

Bitcoin Profit Trustpilot

We have also come across many Bitcoin Profit reviews on Trustpilot.  As stated earlier, the ratings are generally superb, with most clients reporting to make good profits.

Like most of the popular crypto investment tools in the market, Bitcoin Profit has been targeted by celebrity gossip, fake news, and clones. Some of the unconfirmed trending rumours and clones are explained below.

Shark Tank - Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit Shark Tank Rumors

The Shark Tank is a popular TV program aired on ABC Australia and the US. There is a rumour that Bitcoin Profit was presented in the Shark Tank show. The rumour further alleges that the bot received $500,000 in funding from Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban is a US billionaire and one of Shark Tank’s panel members.

While Mark Cuban has expressed interest in bitcoin, he hasn’t invested in its trading tools. Therefore, the rumour is likely to be false. You shouldn’t take it seriously until there is a confirmation from Bitcoin Profit platform or Mark Cuban.

Richard Branson - Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a celebrity entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of the Virgin Atlantic Group. Richard Branson has expressed his love for bitcoin in the past. Perhaps this is why celebrity gossip platforms link him with popular trading robots such as Bitcoin Profit. However, we couldn’t find a shred of evidence to support the claims.

This means that you should treat the rumours as fake until there is a communication from an authoritative source.

Dragons Den - Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit Dragons Den

The Dragons Den TV program also involves entrepreneurs seeking funding from a panel of angel investors.

Some publications claim that Bitcoin Profit App was one of the projects that received a million dollars in funding from this show. The show is aired on BBC UK and Canada. Bitcoin Profit was reportedly pitched in the UK and received funding from Peter Jones.

However, background checks on the Peter Jones Bitcoin Profit claims reveal that they are mere rumours. Therefore, you should treat them as such until there is an official confirmation from either Peter Jones or the company behind Bitcoin Profit.

Bill Gates - Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit Bill Gates

Bill Gates is also among the world’s top celebrities rumoured to have invested in the Bitcoin Profit platform. The founder of Microsoft is very vocal about bitcoin and crypto in general. He has in the past said that the future of money is in digital currency. However, we didn’t find any proof that he has invested in an AI-driven bitcoin trading system. Bitcoin Profit would have published information about the investment on their website if it were true.

Consequently, there is a huge possibility of the Bill Gates rumours being fake news. Never make investment decisions based on celebrity endorsements. Always carry out enough due diligence to determine the type of investment that works best for you.

Bitcoin Profit Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya is a Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and engineer of Asian origin. He is the founder and CEO of social capital and is estimated to be worth over $1.2 billion. Chamath Palihapitiya is very vocal about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. According to Forbes, he has invested hundreds of millions in bitcoins.

Chamath Palihapitiya has recently stated that Bitcoin will keep rising to replace gold soon. But did he trade BTC through the Bitcoin Profit App? Our investigation finds no proof to support the rumours associating Chamath Palihapitiva with Bitcoin Profit,

Gordon Ramsay - Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a wealthy TV personality, and Chef best known for the Hell’s Kitchen show aired on ITV. He is interested in many business ventures, but we didn’t find any proof that he has invested in Bitcoin Profit. Therefore, there is a possibility that the Gordon Ramsay bitcoin claims are fake news.

As discussed earlier, most of the celebrity linked bitcoin robot pages are likely to be cloned. You need to avoid clickbait posts. Moreover, verify links to ensure that you only redirect to the authentic bitcoin robot page. Click here to go to the official Bitcoin Profit website.

Bitcoin Profit Scam? The Facts!

We have put Bitcoin Profit under thorough legitimacy tests and concluded that it is legit. This trading robot comes with every feature you would expect in a trustworthy and profitable trading platform.

Below are the points to prove that Bitcoin Profit scam is not true.

  • High-level transparency since it runs on blockchain
  • Great ratings from thousands of users
  • Well rated by most expert reviewers
  • Partnership with tier-one regulated brokers
  • Secure trading environment
  • No complaints about the withdrawal process
  • Friendly and well-informed customer service
Most experts rank Bitcoin Profit as one of the best trading platforms in the UK. 

Bitcoin Fast Profit Clone

We have come across a cloned site calling itself Bitcoin Fast Profit. This page mimics the official bitcoin robot page.

We insist that you be on the lookout for pages like this one since they are meant to divert you from the official Bitcoin Profit site. As mentioned earlier, you need to countercheck URLs or follow links from reputable reviews such as this one to visit the site.

It’s not unexpected for popular trading systems to be targeted by scammers. Only rely on reputable sources for info relating to Bitcoin Profit or any other investment tools.

Is Bitcoin Profit App genuine? Final word!

We find this robot to have all the features of a genuine trading system. These include high-level transparency and quality partnerships. Bitcoin Profit app claims full commitment to ensuring that all users have the information they require to decide whether to invest. We have gone through its site and confirmed that all the crucial information is in the public domain.

This information includes the trading terms and also risk disclosure. Bitcoin Profit has disclosed its fees and the identity of its partner brokers. The trading bot is currently available for free, but a registration fee could be introduced in the future. You will reportedly enjoy the free trading license for life if you signup today. Bitcoin Profit Tesla has made public all its partner brokers. We have conducted preliminary checks on each of their partner brokers and confirmed that they are trustworthy.

Partner broker reputation is quite important when selecting a trading robot. Scam trading robots are mostly backed by sham offshore brokers. Legit brokers, on the other hand, can only operate through reputable brokers. Bitcoin Profit works with the best of the best. The FCA, ASIC, FSB, and other tier-one regulators monitor all the partner brokers behind this trading system. Tier-one regulated brokers are the safest since they adhere to strict user protection measures. Among these measures is deposit segregation via top banks such as HSBC.

This Bitcoin Profit review confirms that Bitcoin Profit scam rumours are false. You can give it a try now through the link below. Do not forget that crypto trading is risky.


How do I make money with Bitcoin Profit?
Bitcoin Profit Tesla makes money for you by trading bitcoin on your behalf. This means that you don’t need to know anything about trading to make it with this bot.
Is Bitcoin Profit worth it?
Bitcoin Profit is worth trying if the customers’ comments are anything to go by. Most of the reviewers on Trustpilot claim-making handsome profits.
Can I use Bitcoin Profit on my smartphone?
You should be able to use Bitcoin Profit on any mobile browser. The robot can also be installed on Android, iOS and Windows devices as a hybrid app.
Do I pay any money to sign up with Bitcoin Profit?
No! You don’t pay a single cent to sign up with Bitcoin Profit.  You will also not be charged an account maintenance fee.
Do I pay any commissions on profits?
Yes! Bitcoin Profit only takes a 2% commission on profits. This is insignificant compared to the 20% commission charged by most competitors.
Can I use Bitcoin Profit Tesla on a mobile browser?
Yes! You can trade with Bitcoin Code on any mobile browser, but we insist that you use either Chrome, Mozilla or brave for safety purposes.
Do I need trading experience to use Bitcoin Profit?
No! You only need to go through the simple Bitcoin Profit trading guide to get started. The whole process is quite self-explanatory.
How do I install the Bitcoin Profit App?
Visit the Bitcoin Profit resources page and click the link at the bottom to download the app.