March 2020 Conference Board Employment Index Plummets

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Written by Steven Hansen

The Conference Board's Employment Trends Index - which forecasts employment for the next 6 months significantly declined with the authors saying "the total number of workers is likely to remain well below pre-COVID-19 levels for the remainder of the year, and the unemployment rate will remain in double digits after peaking at 15 percent in May"

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COVID-19 And Unemployment Risk: State And Metropolitan Statistical Areas Differences

from the St Louis Fed

-- this post authored by Charles Gascon, Regional Economist, and Devin Werner, Research Associate

Last week, we published a blog post estimating how many workers were at high risk of unemployment in the face of the current crisis, based on the characteristics of their occupation at the national level.[ 1[ This led to many inquiries about differences across the nation, so this follow-up post will apply the previous analysis to states and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).[ 2]

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Infographic Of The Day: What To Watch Out For With Homeowners Insurance

Today's infographic is a guide to finding the right type and level of coverage to safeguard your home and belongings against the unexpected.

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Toilet Paper! An Easy Explanation Why People Are Obsessed. This is Happening is a look inside the events and experiences that shape our world, as told by you.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

We published the NOAA Long-Term Forecast Friday Night.  Here we compare the NOAA forecast for Alaska and CONUS with the JAMSTEC forecast. Also provided are the JAMSTEC World Forecasts with special emphasis on Europe. As usual, the two forecasts are not in agreement especially in terms of Spring and Fall temperature and Summer and Fall Precipitation. JAMSTEC seems to be calling for a decent Monsoon and also a wet Central Plains and even the Northern Plains.


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06Apr2020 Pre-Market Commentary: Wall Street Futures Jump On Hopes Of Slowdown In Coronavirus Cases, DOW Up Almost 800 Points, WTI Slips To 27.32, US Dollar Up At 100.79, Gold Trending Higher At 1541

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Bob Dylan Brings Links Between JFK Assassination And Coronavirus Into Stark Relief

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Aniko Bodroghkozy, University of Virginia

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus has turned the country's cultural spigot off, with sports suspended, museums closed and movies postponed.

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 USA economy at a glance (boxed items are updates in last 7 days)

January 2020 Coincident Indices Continue To Show Weak Growth

The year-over-year rate of growth of various coincident indices was generally worse than last month - and in most cases, the rate of growth is below average.

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