Bitcoin Prime Review 2021: Can I make Money Online with it?

Bitcoin Prime LogoBitcoin Prime app is a trading software that is reportedly helping users make money online by trading bitcoin price swings.  This platform’s popularity has exploded in the last two months.

The rapid rise in popularity is associated with the crazy daily profits associated with it. This robot is said to be churning out more millionaires than any other bitcoin trading tool. Some users allege generating decent returns by investing as little as USD250.

But is Bitcoin Prime scam true, or is the robot genuine? Also, is the alleged profitability proven? This Bitcoin Prime review provides answers to all these questions?

Is Bitcoin Prime a good Investment for me?

Bitcoin Prime official siteBefore we take an in-depth look at this robot and its features, let’s find out if it’s a good investment for you. Most of our readers are asking whether the said Bitcoin Prime profitability rate is true.

We have done our best to investigate this trading platform to determine if it’s genuine and profitable. Taking into account thousands of consumer reviews and thorough tests on the robots demo account, we are convinced that it’s worthwhile.

  • The many great Bitcoin Prime reviews out there is enough proof that most people find it helpful. Only a trustworthy and lucrative platform can attract such a huge following. Our system has analyzed over 5000 reviews on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, Reddit, and other platforms.
  • This robot ratings indicate that it’s a top performer. An analysis of the reviews indicates that it’s possible to earn a decent daily income by investing as little as USD250. Some reviewers allege making $150 daily from a deposit of $250.
  • The daily profits can shoot to over $1000 within weeks if you take the reinvestment growth strategy. The daily profits can climb to tens of thousands within months, and the size of your account may hit $1 million in less than a year. But this doesn’t mean that you take profitability is assured. You can’t expect huge profitability without accepting the risks that come with it. This means that there is a possibility that you could lose money. Don’t take chances with all your savings.
  • High-risk investments should take less than 10% of your investment and saving portfolio. Most users rate Bitcoin Prime official website as easy to use. You won’t need any trading know-how to make money with this platform. brokers.

How to trade with Bitcoin Prime

Trading with Bitcoin Prime is a piece of cake if you can follow all the instructions closely. You need not worry about skills since you don’t need any to trade with this bot.

The robot was initially only available in the European Union. It expanded its reach in 2020 to other countries across the globe. This trading tool claims to accept clients from over 130 countries globally.

Most of its clients are from Australia, Europe, Asia, North America, and South Africa. This bot alleges an active user base of 200k. The robot has been receiving insane traffic since January and has limited the number of daily signup slots.

Getting started with Bitcoin Prime should be a breeze. The steps to get you rolling with this amazing robot are explained below.

STEP ONE: Create an account

Sign up for free with on Bitcoin Prime official website. We can stress enough the importance of only following verified links to the site.

Bitcoin Prime has made headlines for years, and this has made it a top target for clones. The clones are operated by black-hat marketing firms aiming to steal your personal information.

This robot has warned the public against these clones. You should follow the links in this review to ensure that you are signing up on the official Bitcoin Prime site. The signup is simple since you only need to fill and submit the registration form.

STEP TWO: Authenticate your account

Bitcoin Prime algorithms will instantly match you with a broker and redirect you to their page. The robot depends on over 20 partner brokers to facilitate transactions with clients and place orders in the open market.

You will need to verify your account on Bitcoin Prime official website with the matched broker. Verification involves submitting extra information and uploading a photo of your ID for confirmation. The process can take up to five hours, but you don’t have to wait to proceed to the next step.

STEP THREE: Fund your trading account

Bitcoin Prime relies on the linked broker to take deposits and facilitate all transactions. Trading robots must partner with brokers if they aren’t founded by a broker.

This is because they are not authorized to collect deposits from the public. Only fully registered and regulated financial institutions are allowed to take deposits from the public. Trading robots are usually offered by trading software companies.

This means that they must rely on registered and regulated brokers to take deposits from the public. The minimum you can invest with Bitcoin Prime is USD250.

STEP FOUR: Trade Demo

Bitcoin Prime, like other leading bitcoin robots, offers a demo account for practice. The demo is built using the same technologies as the real account.

Moreover, it runs on real bitcoin market data. This explains why demo trading results are said to be strikingly close to those of live trading. Some Bitcoin Prime reviewers allege that the demo is 100% accurate.

You must read the trading preparation materials before demo testing. These materials are available on the trading resources page.

STEP FIVE: Start a live trading session

You should be more than ready for live trading after about 40 minutes of trading preparation. Bitcoin Prime automates bitcoin trading hence eliminating the need for skills in trading.

Moreover, it makes trading more profitable, easier and less risky. Bitcoin Prime is reviewed by nearly all experts as the most profitable bitcoin system in the market today.

Users report that it’s extremely easy to use when compared to other robots. Moreover, it’s less risky because it applies advanced hedging techniques to make money in plummeting crypto prices.

Bitcoin Prime Features

Bitcoin Prime is a specialized news trading robot for bitcoin. A news trading robot generates signals based on the prediction of how certain news affect volatility. This software bets on BTC volatility using a variety of CFDs derivatives. Volatility refers to the ups and downs of a given asset’s price. On the other hand, a derivative is a financial instrument that derives its value from another asset.

We don’t find it necessary to delve into the technicalities of derivatives trading since all trading with Bitcoin Prime is automated. You have nothing to worry about if you have zero background in trading. This robot does all the heavy lifting for you, from trading research to placing orders in the markets.

As we will see below, this platform connects to UK’s best brokers. These brokers have powerful systems on standby to implement orders instantly. Instant order execution is among the most important things in fast-paced computer-driven trading. Order delay or what is known as slippage can be detrimental in this form of trading. This is because trading bots such as Bitcoin Prime capitalize on short-term price movements.

Profitability with this bot is largely dependent on the small price movements. Failure to implement orders instantly can lead to negative slippage and hence losses. As mentioned above, This bot is a news trading system.

Bitcoin Prime News Trading

You must be aware of how breaking news triggers bitcoin rise and fall. The entire crypto industry is highly sensitive to news. This means that any rise and fall of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is influenced by news. As is expected, positive news tends to trigger price gains. On the other hand, negative news tends to trigger price declines.

As mentioned above, the ups and downs of an asset price are what is known as volatility. The intensity of bitcoin’s volatility is dependent on the weight of the breaking news. This means that some news cause more volatility than others.

The crypto industry in 2021 has been on a roller-coaster thanks to news such as Tesla investing in bitcoin and PayPal accepting bitcoin transactions. Elon Musk sentiments on DOGECOIN, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have also triggered massive volatility. Below are the top five volatility driving events in 2021 and how Bitcoin Prime has capitalized on them.

Bitcoin Prime Tesla

Tesla news that it has invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin and will be accepting BTC for car purchases has caused a lot of volatility in 2021. The volatility offers amazing opportunities for traders. Bitcoin Prime has managed to ride this volatility profitably since the announcement. The experts who have been tracking its performance since the announcement report a 10% increase in profitability.

Tesla has since turned back on accepting BTC for car purchases. Bitcoin Prime was able to capture the resulting decline and make money from it. The robot utilizes short-selling strategies to make money from bear markets.

Bitcoin Prime Elon Musk

Elon Musk bitcoin and Dogecoin tweets have also been a major of volatility in 2021. His Tweets influences the decision making of millions of people. This is expected for the world’s second-richest man. Elon Musk bitcoin-related Tweets have been observed to trigger massive market activity. Millions of his followers perceive positive comments as a signal to buy.

The ensuing demand triggers lead to massive price gains. On the other hand, negative comments trigger massive selloffs hence leading to price declines. Bitcoin Prime is equipped with extremely powerful algorithms to trade Elon Musk Tweets. The algorithms can interpret Elon Musk’s social media posts with 99% accuracy. It then places trades based on the prediction of how the markets will respond to the posts. This software is driven by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI to trade news at high accuracy.

China’s Crypto Ban

The blanket ban of crypto in China has caused massive selloffs hence resulting in price declines. Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and other major cryptocurrencies have declined as a result. As previously stated, Bitcoin Prime applies short-selling strategies to make money off falling crypto prices.

This robot is the only one that implements the bitcoin short-selling strategy to make money from falling prices. Some analyst reports indicate that users made huge profits during the momentary decline in China’s announcement.

Bitcoin Prime Review – Other Popular Trading Methods

Price trend analysis

Apart from news-trading, Bitcoin Prime also derives insights from historical price charts through a technique known as price trend analysis. The price trend analysis technique involves analyzing historical price patterns to determine future patterns. Deep Learning (DL) algorithms analyze hundreds of historical price charts to generate insights.

The charts cover up to 200 crypto pairs with BTC either as the quote or base currency. Bitcoin Prime price trend technique is supposedly highly lucrative. This is because the bot generates up to 50 trades per minute from this technique. Its white paper alleges that 90% of its price-trend driven trades are profitable. The feedback from expert reviewers seems to confirm these claims. Most claim that this trading platform is the most profitable price trend analysis robot in the entire industry.

The Bitcoin Prime price trend analysis algorithms are reportedly built on the same approach as those used by big institutional traders. These institutional traders include leading investment banks and hedge funds in global financial hubs.

Arbitrage trading

Bitcoin Prime also applies a technique known as arbitrage trading. This technique allows it to make money by buying bitcoin in underprized markets and selling it in overpriced markets. The arbitrage trading method has made many traders extremely rich. The world richest arbitrage trader is the renowned George Soros. Soros utilized arbitrage techniques to make over a billion dollars on the British pound back in 1992.

Bitcoin Prime Reviews snapshot

We are amazed by how popular Bitcoin Prime has become in the last few years. This trading system is supposedly one of the most reviewed trading tools on the internet today. Most clients report generating profits from the first minute of trading.

We have analysed the reviews and concluded that the average daily profitability rate is 15%. This robot could double or triple accounts in periods of high volatility. Some users claim to join the millionaires club by compounding the daily returns.

An average daily return of 15% is enough to generate a fortune within months of trading if you compound all profits. As mentioned above, the daily returns can shoot dramatically during periods of high market volatility. Bitcoin Prime has reportedly generated unbelievable profits for clients. Some have turned a humble investment of USD250 into a fortune in less than a year. Below are some interesting reviews from some users.

Sandra, Darwin AUS

“I have reinvested all my profits from Bitcoin Prime for the last six months, and the results have been amazing. If the current profitability trend continues, then I will be a millionaire in the next three months.”

James – Durban, SA

“I never thought that Bitcoin trading would be the solution to my financial woes. My debt is fully paid, and my savings are growing exponentially.”

Kyle – Queensland, AUS

“In the 20 years I have been a professional trader, I have never witnessed such a profitable trading robot. Bitcoin Prime is the real game-changer.”

Did Bitcoin Prime appear on Mainstream media?

Bitcoin Prime Trustpilot
Trustpilot is one of the world’s most popular consumer review platforms. The platform is independent and highly reputable. Any review posted on this platform must go through authentication to ensure that it’s from a real user. Bitcoin Prime has attracted thousands of reviews on this platform.

The reviews are awesome, with most alleging that it’s profitable.  The robot has an overall rating of 4.4/5 after over three thousand reviews. This ranks it among the world’s best-rated trading platforms.

Bitcoin Prime Reddit
Reddit is also a popular review platform. The platform is unique in that it allows consumers to form communities and discuss a product. On this platform Bitcoin Prime Reddit has many communities. Each of the communities has over a thousand participants.

An analysis of the feedback from the community participants shows that most people are happy with the platform. Most of the participants claim to make good money from the first days of using this trading robot. This robot is also said to be beginner-friendly.

Bitcoin Prime Wikipedia
Some reviews allege that Bitcoin Prime has earned a Wikipedia page. If this is true, then this trading robot is super popular. Wikipedia only assigns pages to projects of public interest. This robot popularity has exploded since last year. The popularity is propelled by the amazing reviews from both experts and consumers. Given the wide media coverage, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this software is assigned a Wikipedia page.

Bitcoin Prime in Fake News

This trading system has earned itself huge followership and wide media coverage. And like any popular subject, it’s a prime target for fake news.

We have combed the web for news relating to this robot and unearthed some fake claims. These claims are related to top TV shows, leading online publications, and celebrities. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the viral fake claims.

Bitcoin Prime Elon Musk
Bitcoin Prime Elon Musk
The founder of SpaceX and Tesla has expressed his love for bitcoin in the past. His Tweets are identified as the biggest driver of bitcoin volatility this year. However, he isn’t the founder of Bitcoin Prime, as some posts allege. We recommend that you keep off the posts claiming so.

This robot is viral in many countries and hence a ripe subject for gossip and fake news. The Elon Musk Bitcoin claims shouldn’t be the basis on which you make trading decisions. We have presented all the facts about this robot in this review to help you decide if it’s worth it. 

Bitcoin Prime Martin Lewis
Bitcoin Prime Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis is the blogger behind the viral Money Saving Blog. He is a personal finance expert and media personality with millions of followers in the UK. Martin Lewis has written extensively about Bitcoin, but he hasn’t said anything about investing in Bitcoin Prime.

The posts claiming that Martin Lewis has recommended this platform for passive online investment are lying. Martin Lewis has in the past clarified that he isn’t qualified to offer advice on bitcoin investment or trading.

Bitcoin Prime Jezz Bezos
Bitcoin Prime Jezz Bezos
Bezos is the founder of Amazon, the world largest company. Some bloggers claim that he has shown interest in Bitcoin Prime. We have searched for related information online and didn’t find any confirmation from a legit source.

There is a huge possibility that this is fake news, and you should keep away from it. Do not rely on unverified sources of information when seeking trading information. This review presents everything that you need to know before trading with Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Prime Amazon
We have also come across viral Tweets claiming that Amazon has invested over a billion dollars in the company behind Bitcoin Prime.

This review can confirm that the company behind Bitcoin Prime has never raised any form of financing. The rumour claiming that it has received around two funding from Amazon is not true. 

Bitcoin Prime This Morning
This Morning show is a renowned British TV show aired on ITV. It features a commentary on the latest news and trending subjects in various industries. There are over a hundred Tweets alleging that the robot has featured on the This Morning show. However, our investigation finds no proof. We insist that you treat these claims as false until there is confirmation from Bitcoin Prime. 
]Bitcoin Prime Dragons Den
Bitcoin Prime  Shark Tank & Dragons Den
Some social media posts claim that Bitcoin Prime has appeared on the Shark Tank in the US and the Dragons Den in Canada. These two TV programs feature entrepreneurs pitching their businesses for funding to a panel of angel investors.

The investors include renowned billionaires such as Peter Jones and Debora Meaden for Dragons Den and Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban for Shark Tank. As mentioned above, this software has never raised money from any institution or angel investors. 

Bitcoin Prime Scam – The Verdict!

We have put our best foot forward to prepare a detailed and unbiased Bitcoin Prime review for you. From our thorough background checks, we didn’t find anything to indicate that Bitcoin Prime scam is true.

This trading system scores over 90% in our legitimacy tests. Only a high-quality trading robot can achieve such a high score. We rate trading robots based on feedback from clients as well as experts.

Moreover, we conduct a battery of tests on the robot’s platform to determine its reliability. The platform is built on AI and equipped with top-level encryption standards to ensure high safety. Furthermore, there are policies in place to govern how the platform interacts with clients’ data.

This is a crucial safety requirement. This software has supposedly made many users wealthy. If you sign up today, you could find yourself joining the crypto millionaires club in the next few months.

Bitcoin volatility is rising steadily and hence creating more money-making opportunities. Try your luck here but don’t forget that leveraged crypto trading involves risk.


Is Bitcoin Prime a con?

We have put this robot through rigorous legitimacy tests and didn’t find a shred of proof to indicate that it’s a Bitcoin Prime scam.

Can I use Bitcoin Prime on my phone?

This software works extremely well on mobile browsers. You can install the HTML5 version of the web trader on your smartphone as a hybrid app.

Does Bitcoin Prime offer a desktop app?

You can only use this robot on your desktop browser. The platform is yet to launch a desktop app.

How do I withdraw money from Bitcoin Prime?

Fill a form through the assigned local broker to request a withdrawal. Wait for up to 24 hours for the withdrawal to complete.

Is Bitcoin Prime App profitable?

We have conducted rigorous platform testing on this robot and concluded that it’s profitable. The consumer feedback further confirms these claims.

Do I quit my day job to use Bitcoin Prime?

NO! You only need a few minutes to set the app for trading. This means that you can manage to use it without having to disrupt your daily schedule.