EKrona Review 2021: Scam, or is it Legit and profitable?

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eKrona cryptocurrency is a new viral digital currency backed by the government of Sweden. The digital currency has successfully gone through pilot testing and is now available for trading on its official website.

This crypto is reportedly gaining rapidly and could become the next big thing. Analysts predict that the eKrona coin could surpass bitcoin in market capitalization by the end of next year. Moreover, the E krona price could shoot from £0.02 to over £100 in the next month.

eKrona cryptocurrency is already insanely volatile. Those trading it against other highly volatile cryptos such as bitcoin are already reporting insane profits. You can invest in e Krona coin by buying low and waiting for the E krona price to appreciate all day-trading it through the assigned brokers. Any investment only happens on the official eKrona website. You cannot buy e Krona Binance, Coinbase or any other crypto exchange.

Most of our readers have requested us to offer an in-depth E krona Review. Make sure that you read to the end to learn everything you must know before investing in this cryptocurrency platform.

What is eKrona?

Ekrona Official siteMany people are earning a living online today, thanks to the rapid growth of online money-making ventures. There are thousands of ways to make money online, but the most popular today is crypto trading. Crypto trading can be insanely profitable if you get in at the right time. A new cryptocurrency known as the eKrona is offering a great opportunity to make money.

You can invest in the e Krona coin by buying low and selling high or day-trading it against other highly volatile crypto assets. Both options are offered on the official eKrona cryptocurrency website. You only need to sign up on the site and deposit through the linked broker to get started. This platform is state-backed crypto offered by the Central Bank of Sweden (Riksbank).

The crypto is reportedly the digital blockchain-based version of the Swedish Krona. The Krona is the official Swedish national currency. Some publications allege that the EU is in talks to adapt the eKrona as the official crypto for Europe. However, we can’t confirm if this is true since there is no official statement from the EU or the eKrona.

eKrona cryptocurrency is not yet issued for public sale. However, you can still make money from it by trading it on its official website. As stated previously, you can buy low and sell high or day trade it through the assigned brokers. Day trading offers amazing opportunities for investors looking for a stable cash flow. It’s highly likely less risky to invest in e Krona cryptocurrency, given the government backing. However, its volatility is bound to explode during the public sale. You could make fortunes or lose capital, depending on the settings and luck.

eKrona Coin vs Bitcoin

Most of our readers have requested us to outline the benefits of investing in eKrona Cryptocurrency app compared to bitcoin. It’s important to note that both cryptocurrencies offer immense money-making potential. Bitcoin has risen tremendously in 2021 and is expected to go through the roof by next year. Likewise, eKrona has gained rapidly for the last couple of months.

Analysts predict that Bitcoin will hit the $100,000 mark in the next few months. Its volatility is already at its all-time high and is expected to keep going up. This translates to money-making opportunities for volatility traders. We have reviewed several highly profitable bitcoin volatility trading robots on this site. You can click here if you are interested in BTC volatility trading.

As mentioned earlier in this Ekrona Cryptocurrency review , the eKrona volatility has just begun. There is a huge possibility that it will surpass bitcoin at some point. With the apps volatility, trading could be a great choice for those looking to make a quick profit online.

eKrona is backed by the government of Sweden, while bitcoin is fully decentralized.  For crypto investors looking for anonymity, then bitcoin could be the right choice. As mentioned earlier, volatility traders can use the eKrona platform to trade the eKrona cryptocurrency paired against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Volatility trading through the eKrona platform or any bitcoin robot could be highly profitable. However, you need to evaluate your risk appetite since trading involves high risk. Please do not deposit more than you can afford to lose. All trading involves risk!

Why Invest in the eKrona cryptocurrency?

We have gone through swaths of data, and it seems that the eKrona cryptocurrency app could be the next big thing. A lot of crypto analysts are upbeat that this crypto will explode in the coming months. The backing by the Swedish government makes it trustworthy to most people. This implies that it will receive massive adoption once the public sale begins.

Some analysts are upbeat that the value will climb rapidly to surpass that of bitcoin by the mid of 2023. Those who invest in eKrona cryptocurrency today can start making profits immediately since the crypto is gaining rapidly.

Investing in eKrona cryptocurrency is easy since you only need to sign up on its official website. Only users in select countries can register. You can determine if it’s possible to invest in the eKrona cryptocurrency by visiting their website here.

You should access the website if e Krona coin is available in your country. The buying and selling process happens at a click of a button. As mentioned earlier, the eKrona is trading at £0.2 per coin today. You need to invest at least USD250, and this translates to 1250 coins.

The value of eKrona could climb to over £100 per coin in the next three months. If this happens, a £250 investment could be worth tens of thousands. Surprisingly, most analysts predict that the crypto could surpass the £1000 mark by the end of 2022. This means that holding the minimum deposit until then could turn you into a millionaire.

You could make a decent daily income today by trading with this platform through the provided brokers. The brokers allow you to trade this crypto paired against others such as BTC and ETH. Below are the pros and cons of trading the eKrona cryptocurrency on leverage.


  • High-level profitability
  • Easy to trade for beginners
  • No hidden charges
  • Safe trading environment
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Regulated partner brokers

  • Only available in a few countries
  • Risk of losing the invested capital

How to make money with the eKrona cryptocurrency

There are two ways to invest in eKrona coin. You can either buy low and sell high or trade it against other crypto and fiat currencies.

Both methods are supported on the official eKrona cryptocurrency website. You can visit the website here. We recommend buying low and selling high for investors looking to invest in the long term. As mentioned earlier, there is a huge possibility of e Krona prices exploding in the coming months.

You should consider the trading option if you are looking for daily cash flow. It’s possible to enjoy the daily profits and still make fortunes while the public sale happens. Trading happens through select robot brokers.

You will be assigned to these brokers on registering on the official eKrona Cryptocurrency website. We have explained the step by step process below.

Step 1: Register on eKrona Cryptocurrency website

Ekrona Register form Visit the eKrona website and create an account as instructed. Signing up is straightforward and doesn’t take much time. The website is available in multiple languages. These include English, German, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, and Czech. You will connect to a customer support agent that speaks your language by changing the website’s language.

Click the flag at the top of the website to determine if your language is supported. Please note that the account setup instructions are also available in multiple languages.

Step 2: Verify your account and deposit trading capital

You will automatically link to one of the brokers facilitating volatility trading on behalf of the eKrona cryptocurrency.

We have established that all the brokers supporting this platform are highly reputable and regulated. You will have to deposit at least USD250 with the assigned broker to participate in trading. eKrona cryptocurrency app only works with the best of brokers.

These brokers are compliant with client safety measures implemented globally. This means that they are KYC compliant. All KYC compliant financial institutions are required to verify the ID of their clients. The goal is to prevent money laundering, among other financial crimes.

Step 3: Test the platform through the demo

The eKrona volatility trading platform comes with a demo to help you master all the settings before trading with real money.

The demo gives you a full simulation of the live trading experience. Moreover, the results attained through the  platform are not very far from the live trading experience. This is because the demo back-tests on real market data.

The data is historical but perfectly offers a snapshot of what to expect in live trading. Some eKrona cryptocurrency traders have described the demo results as strikingly similar to the live trading session.

Step 4: Start a live trading session

Live trading shouldn’t be a challenge if you have taken the time to try the eKrona crypto trading platform.

You only need to set the trading system as instructed. A 4-minute video explaining the settings accompanies the demo. You need to watch the video to understand the manual settings and how to adjust them.

Once your account is set, you can go ahead and click the live trading button. The cryptocurrency traders will get to work and send regular progress notifications.

e Krona Coin in the media

We are surprised by the wide e Krona coin media coverage. This digital currency is trending all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It has also appeared on top TV shows in South Africa and Australia. Moreover, many people are discussing it on social media across the globe. The eKrona Cryptocurrency trading platform has been reviewed many times in the last few months.

We are amazed by how popular it has become in the three months it has been in the market. Let’s look at the feedback on the top 3 review platforms.

eKrona Reddit
The eKrona crypto project has many communities on Reddit. Most of the comments on this platform are positive.
eKrona Cryptocurrency Trustpilot
The eKrona trading platform has earned itself thousands of reviews on Trustpilot. We are amazed by the many people claiming to make good profits through this trading platform.


eKrona Coin Wikipedia
The eKrona project has also earned itself a Wikipedia page. This shows the magnitude of this project. Only highly popular projects get a Wikipedia page.

We insist that you treat the eKrona cryptocurrency like any other crypto and only trade with what you can afford to lose. 

Is eKrona coin available on crypto exchanges?

Cryptocurrencies are mostly traded on specialized exchanges. Examples of popular crypto exchanges include Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gemini, and Kucoin.

But is e Krona available in any of these exchanges? This is a question that most people have been asking. As explained below, eKrona is not listed on any of the above exchanges. The posts alleging so are not telling the truth.

  • e Krona Coinbase

This crypto is not yet listed on Coinbase. The publications claiming so are spreading fake news.

  • e Krona Binance

Some social media posts also allege that eKrona cryptocurrency is published on Binance. However, this is fake news.

  • e Krona Kraken

This crypto is also not yet listed on Kraken. Consequently, you should treat any publications alleging so as a fake news platform.

eKrona has just finished its private sale and is still not yet released for public sale. This means that you can only buy or trade it on its official website. Visit the official eKrona website here to get started.

How do I participate in eKrona mining?

This is another question that most of our readers are asking. The eKrona cryptocurrency is totally different from bitcoin. This implies that new coins aren’t released in the market through mining.

New bitcoin coms are released in the market through a process known as proof of work. This is what is known as mining. On the other hand, the eKrona supply and demand are controlled by the central bank of Sweden.

Unlike bitcoin, the e Krona is partially centralized and therefore influenced by the Swedish government’s decision. This means that its value strongly correlates to that of the Swedish Krona.

Is eKrona crypto Scam rumours true?

We have investigated e Krona Cryptocurrency and found it to have everything you would expect in a legit trading system. This project is managed by the central bank of Sweden (Riksbank). We can confirm that there is an official statement on their website notifying the public of this project.

Moreover, this project is widely covered in the media. We have found posts discussing this project on reputable publications such as Financial Times, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. All these publications report that eKrona cryptocurrency has the potential to disrupt the crypto industry.

We have investigated eKrona partner brokers, and they are reputable. Only a legit project would manage to secure partnerships with some of the UK’s most reputable brokers.

eKrona Review: The Verdict!

eKrona cryptocurrency was founded by Riksbank (Central bank of Sweden) to take the place of the Swedish digital krona. This e Krona review has discovered substantial proof to show that this project is legit. We can ascertain that information relating to this project is available on the official Riksbank website. Moreover, this project is discussed widely in the mainstream media.

Only a legit project can receive such media coverage. We have come across posts discussing eKrona cryptocurrency on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and many other highly reputable publications. Legit sources allege that the eKrona is available for trading on its official website. The coin is currently valued at £0.2 per coin. Most experts are upbeat that the value will rise dramatically when the public sale is launch.

An investment of £250 today could grow to hundreds of thousands of pounds during the public sale. The sale could happen from March next year. But even before the public sale, you stand a chance of making fortunes betting on the rapidly rising e-Krona. However, don’t assume that eKrona cryptocurrency is risk-free. Crypto trading falls in the category of high risk – high return investments. Consequently, you may find yourself losing money in highly volatile markets.

Avoid depositing all your savings in a high-risk investment. Instead, start small and reinvest returns to make more money. It’s always extremely important to evaluate your risk appetite and determine the type of investments that fits your risk profile. Crypto investment may not be your ideal investment if you have an extremely low-risk appetite.

Risk appetite is defined by your financial status and investment goals. When it comes to investment, never put all your eggs in one basket.


Does Sweden back eKrona?
Yes! eKrona is a project of the Swedish government through the Central Bank of Sweden. There is information about this project on the official Riksbank website.
Can I buy the eKrona from Coinbase?
You can only buy the eKrona from the official eKrona website. The crypto is not yet listed on any exchange.
Is eKrona trading profitable?
We are amazed by the rate at which the eKrona is gaining value. You could make great profits in the next few weeks if you buy today.
How much do I need to start investing in eKrona?
You don’t have to break the bank to buy the eKrona. The coin is currently trading at £0.2 per coin, but you must invest at least USD250.
When will eKrona pilot testing end?
The pilot testing is almost ending. e Krona price is expected to explode once the public sale begins. You could earn fortunes during the public sale if the price of the eKrona will gain as expected.
Does eKrona offer an app?
You can trade eKrona on the web using your mobile browser. A native mobile app that allows you to buy and sell eKrona is reportedly in the pipeline.
Can eKrona digital currency make me rich?
Yes! You can earn insane profits by betting on the eKrona. As mentioned earlier, it’s gaining value rapidly and may have a bigger market cap than bitcoin in the coming months.
s eKrona the EU digital currency?
eKrona was founded by Riksbank as the official digitalized Swedish krona. There are rumours that it may soon be adopted for the entire European Union.