Quantum AI Review 2021: Did Elon Musk Trade Bitcoin with it?

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Quantum AI is an extremely popular robot around the world. This bitcoin trading robot is trending for the fifth month in a row in the crypto trading circles. Many reviewers out there allege that it provides the best opportunity to make money off bitcoin.

Its daily profitability rate can shoot up to 90% during periods of increased crypto volatility. The average daily return rate is reportedly 15%.

But is it a scam, or is this platform legit? Also, are the Quantum AI Elon Musk rumours accurate? Our team of experts has conducted detailed background research on this robot. The research involves an analysis of tens of Quantum AI Reddit and Trustpilot reviews and real-time tests on the platform.

We are amazed by the perfect Quantum AI app reviews on these platforms. Only a transparent, safe, easy to use, and profitable platform can attract such great feedback. Our real-time tests on Quantum AI confirm that it works.

Moreover, we are confident that it’s secure given the level of encryption implemented on its site. We encourage you to read this post to the end for facts to confirm that Quantum AI is legit.

The Quantum AI Review 2021 at first glance

🤖 Type of Robot:Crypto CFDs
📊 Software:Website & Mobile App
🌎 Countries Available:All – Excluding USA
💰  Minimum Deposit:$250
📱 App available:Web app
💳 Deposit with credit card:Yes
💰 Hidden Fees:0%
⭐ Our rating:4.8 / 5.0

Quantum AI Review Summary

We have investigated the Quantum AI trading app and put together all the facts in this post. Therefore, you should read it to the end if you are yet to decide whether to invest in it.

We have put our best foot forward to investigate this Bitcoin Robot and confirmed that it’s a legit platform. It also has everything it takes to be highly profitable. Below is a summary of our Quantum AI Review. 

The chances of making money online through this trading software are high but not guarantee. Take a chance but do not forget about the risks present in automated crypto trading.

How does the Quantum AI App work?

Most people have asked us to explain how Quantum AI works. But before we do so, it’s important to mention that this platform is available in web-trader version only. However, you can use it as a hybrid app on any smartphone device. A hybrid app combines both the elements of a native app and a web application. The Quantum AI trading app can work on any mobile OS, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

We have tested the software and found it to be lightweight. This means that it should work well on phones with limited memory. You can choose to trade on the web-trader if you do not want to install any app on your phone. The web-trader should work on most mobile browsers. For security purposes, use reputable browsers such as chrome, Mozilla, and Brave. Now let’s look at how the app works and what you need to do to get started.

Trading research tools

Quantum AI is a powerful tool for online crypto trading. The robot applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study swaths of crypto market data and identify and take advantage of trading opportunities. AI is the driving force behind any successful automated trading system. This Quantum AI trading app brings together the power of AI and Quantum Computing (QC) to generate high-quality signals.

The bot can reportedly place up to 100 trades per minute, with 90 profitable trades. Quantum AI trading app is the first retail trading robot to deliver such returns. The big banks and hedge funds own the few trading robots with such high returns. When trading, this software utilises powerful techniques such as news and arbitrage to make money off crypto.

Statistical Arbitrage Trading

We have come across tens of expert Quantum AI reviews praising this robot for superior arbitrage trading techniques. The arbitrage trading approach is highly popular in fast-paced trading. It has its fair share of millionaires and billionaires all over the globe. One of the most notable billionaire statistical arbitrage traders is George Soros.

In 1992, Soros used a powerful arbitrage trading tool to earn over a billion dollars within a few minutes. The entrepreneur remains to be the world’s most successful trader today. Big institutional traders have also been using this strategy to make superior returns for investors. The average daily return rate for a powerful arbitrage trading tool such as Quantum AI is 20%. Various sources claim that this bot can generate daily returns of up to 90% during high volatility.

News and Sentiment trading

Anyone well conversant with the crypto markets can’t underrate the impact of breaking news and celebrity sentiments on crypto prices. The crypto market volatility is largely driven by breaking news. Analysts estimate that 90% of the volatility witnessed in popular cryptos such as bitcoin comes from breaking news.

Examples of breaking news with an impact on volatility include the release of government policies. For instance, China has recently released a statement indicating a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. The markets reacted almost immediately following the news, with bitcoin plunging with over a thousand dollars. Of course, the plunge was temporary, and the prices have since then gained steadily. But crypto traders with powerful trading systems such as Quantum AI trading app could make money from the plunge using short-selling techniques.

An example of positive news impacting crypto prices includes Tesla announcing investing billions of dollars in crypto. The news triggered massive volatility in the whole of March 2021, with bitcoin gaining by over 20%. Sentiment driven trading involves capitalising on the volatility resulting from some celebrity sentiments. In general, Quantum AI Elon Musk sentiments on bitcoin and crypto are known to trigger a lot of volatility. This trading robot is driven by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI to trade these sentiments.

Price trend analysis

Finally, Quantum AI app is known for its superior price trend analysis tools. In general, price trend involves a study of historical price patterns to make trading decisions. Experts hail price trend analysis as one of the world’s most effective trading techniques. It can be applied in both manual and automated trading. You must be fully conversant with the MT4, and its tools apply this technique in manual trading.

The Quantum AI company uses AI to automate trading research through this technique. Moreover, it makes it highly effective hence generating superior returns. This trading tool alleges to study over a thousand price charts per minute at 90% accuracy. The fast big data analysis justifies its crazy profitability rate. The software combines the three trading techniques to generate decent profits from crypto speculation.

Is Quantum AI profitable in Falling Prices?

This is a question that the majority of our readers are asking. The answer is yes! Quantum AI applies arbitrage trading and short selling techniques to make money in falling prices.

We have explained the arbitrage technique above. Let’s look at the short selling technique. According to Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), short selling is a technique that involves the selling of a borrowed security hoping to make a profit by buying them back at a price lower than the selling price.

Quantum AI algorithms automate the entire crypto shorting process. The robot connects to over 20 crypto exchanges and borrows the crypto for shorting on these exchanges. This robot can reportedly short-sell up to 50 cryptos simultaneously. The short-selling technique reportedly explains why this trading bot maintains performance despite falling prices. 

Which countries does Quantum AI App support?

Quantum AI company is available in the majority of countries that allow retail CFDs trading. You only need to visit their site to determine if it works in your country. This trading robot is not accessible in unsupported countries. You should therefore be eligible to use this platform if you can access it without a VPN. But even for the eligible countries, trading slots are quite limited.

This trading tool has limited the number of new registrations daily following a surge in demand. This implies a likelihood of not being able to sign up on the first attempt. You need to keep attempting the signup until you can secure a slot.

This trading robot is encouraging users from the countries below to sign up. You may enjoy a signup bonus through the linked broker if you are in any of these countries.

Quantum AI UK
The Quantum AI trading app is encouraging users from this region to apply. Users who register with Quantum AI from the UK are assigned FCA regulated brokers.
Quantum AI App Canada
We can also confirm that this trading bot offers more signup slots to users in Canada. You may enjoy signup bonuses if you are in this country.
Quantum AI Netherland
According to some Quantum AI reviews, this trading robot prioritises new registrations from Netherland. You are, therefore, likely to secure a position if you signup from this region.
Quantum AI Germany
This trading robot has recently added the Germany among its supported country. Users in this country will reportedly enjoy more signup slots in the next six months.
 Quantum AI trading app Italy
You could also enjoy signup bonuses if you register with this platform from Italy. Users in this region are assigned to locally regulated brokers.

A snapshot of Quantum AI reviews

Quantum AI has attracted a lot of media coverage recently. The trading robot is reportedly reviewed on live TV and radio and also on high traffic publications.

Most of the coverage seems to be happening in the UK, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. Apart from expert Quantum AI reviews, this bot is also heavily reviewed by consumers. We are amazed by the frequency and depth of the reviews. It seems that this bot has a huge user-base, especially in the Americas and most EU countries. The Quantum AI reviews are amazingly positive, with about 90% of users alleging profitability.

Quantum AI Trustpilot – No platform or product has as many reviews on this platform as Quantum AI. This trading robot is rated highly after all these reviews and no signs that Quantum AI scam exists.

Quantum AI Reddit- We are also surprised by the many people who have reviewed Quantum AI Reddit. The reviews are posted in over five threads, with each having over a thousand comments. One of the post popular treads is Quantum AI Elon Musk Reddit, where consumers speculate if Elon Musk invested in this trading robot. 

Most of the Quantum AI reviews praise it for high profitability. Here is what some of the users have to say.

“I do not have enough words to express how Quantum AI has changed my life. This trading system is true money minting machine” Maureen – SA

“Quantum AI has liberated me from the cycle of debt. My student loan is fully paid, and I am on my way to paying my Mortgage fully” De-Weerdt – CA.

“I will forever be grateful to the friend who introduced me to this trading robot. My net worth has grown tenfold in the last few months thanks to this trading bot” Stacy – Sydney, AUS.

Who Owns Quantum AI?

Quantum AI was reportedly founded by ex-Wall Street bankers and senior software developers from MIT. It was supposedly later sold to Quantum Intelligence Group (QIG), a global conglomerate offering B2B and B2C trading software. The trading system was initially offered to institutional crypto traders. It was not until 2019 that it became available to the general public.

We didn’t find any information on the Quantum AI website to confirm these claims. We have come across the Quantum AI Elon Musk rumours. However, we recommend that you ignore them since it’s highly likely that they are fake news. You should get all information relating to Quantum AI company on their official website. Click the link below to visit the site.

Has Quantum AI App received any celebrity endorsements?

This trading robot is hot news in most countries. Its popularity has made it a prime target for gossip and fake news.

We have come across posts alleging that some celebrities have openly expressed their love for Quantum AI. Some posts even claim that top celebrities such as Elon Musk and Peter Jones have invested in this platform. But are these rumours verified? Let’s find out below.

Elon Musk - Quantum AI

Did Elon Musk endorse Quantum AI 

For months, we’ve heard the Quantum AI Elon Musk rumours making rounds on social media. We have come across thousands of Tweets and Facebook posts discussing this rumour. There are also countless posts on top media platforms discussing these claims. Elon Musk is a force to reckon with in the crypto industry.

His sentiments on bitcoin and crypto, in general, are known to cause a lot of market buzz. In 2021, most of the gains attained by bitcoin are associated with Elon Musk positive sentiments. Also, Musk is interested in AI and Quantum Computing and has invested billions of dollars in them.

But did Elon Musk trade bitcoin through the Quantum AI robot? We have conducted an intensive search on the web and didn’t find any proof. Elon Musk has bought some bitcoins, but it’s unclear whether he has done so through the Quantum AI app.

Jeff Bezos - Quantum AI

Did Jeff Bezos endorse Quantum AI 

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and also a big fan of emerging tech. However, we didn’t find proof to show that he is interested in Quantum AI. You should therefore treat the rumours associating Jeff Bezos to bitcoin and Quantum AI as false.

Dragons Den - Quantum AI

Did Quantum AI appear on Dragons Den

It’s evident that the Dragons Den are big lovers of new technologies and investment opportunities, but we didn’t find proof that he has invested in Quantum AI. We recommend that you keep off this rumour until there is proof to support these claims.

Getting started with Quantum AI

Quantum AI is quite easy to use. However, this doesn’t mean that you ignore the provided trading instructions.

You need to go through the beginner-friendly Quantum AI course to understand the platform. The course explains the approach used by the bot and the features that make it highly profitable.

You don’t need to worry about trading skills since none is required to use Quantum AI. The Quantum AI course is in layman’s terms and is easy to follow for anyone with basic knowledge of the English language.

You can find the trading guide in other languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Urdu. Change the site to your preferred language by clicking the flag at the header of the Quantum AI website. Select your preferred language, and the website will reload in that language. The guide below should get you going with this trading platform.

STEP 1 – Register for free

Quantum AI RegistrationThe first step to making money with Quantum AI is registering a free account on its official website. You must be extra careful since there are sites out there pretending to be the official site of this trading bot.

Don’t follow any other link to signup apart from the one provided on this website. The registration process is easy and should only take you a few minutes. Submit your details via the Quantum AI registration form and create a password.

This trading system has put in place a raft of measures to help you fully secure your account. These include a guide to password security. Password security is crucial since most successful cyberattacks begin with a weak password.

STEP 2 – Verify your account to meet KYC requirements:

The matched Quantum AI broker will request to verify your identity. This process is mandatory for any broker worth their salt.

Its a global anti-money laundering requirement and all financial institutions must adhere to it. The verification process only takes a few minutes. You will be required to upload any government identifying document to be verified.

The document can be your national identity card or your driving license. Your data is secured through 128-bit key encryption and is therefore safe.

STEP 3 – Deposit trading capital

Deposit with Quantum AIAs mentioned above, Quantum AI takes deposits from the public through its partner brokers. You will therefore be connected to one of these brokers on signup.

The broker will redirect you to its funding page for you to select your preferred deposit method. Quantum AI partner brokers offer all the major funding options. You can deposit using your debit or credit card or use a wire transfer.

Skrill, Webmoney, and Neteller are the available options for those who prefer digital payment methods. Some of the brokers also support deposits through bitcoin. A minimum trading capital of USD250 is required to start running the Quantum AI crypto robot.

STEP 4 – Take the simple trading course

Quantum AI app trades on autopilot, but the right settings must be applied to achieve the best trading results.

You will find the Quantum AI trading course to be easy to follow. The course covers the introduction to automated trading, Quantum AI features, and tips to getting the best out of the trading robot.

This bot provides you with a demo to give you a risk-free tour after taking the trading course. Everything is explained in simple terms for those with no trading experience to follow easily.

STEP 5 – Set your settings and start a live session

Take the Quantum AI risk appetite test and test various risk levels using the provided demo account.

Quantum AI should be easy to operate if you have taken the time to understand the instructions. Please note that setting the risk parameters high magnifies both the opportunities and risks.

You stand a chance to make handsome profits within a short time, but you could also find yourself losing a significant portion of your capital. Take your Quantum AI investments as high risk, and don’t trade with what you can’t afford to lose.

Is Quantum AI scam true? The Verdict!

The Quantum AI bitcoin robot links to highly reputable crypto brokers. It’s important to mention that some of these brokers are highly reputable and offer multiple asset trading. We have conducted preliminary checks on all the ten brokers listed as partners on the Quantum AI website.

All appear to be reputable and report tier-one regulation in most jurisdictions. This Quantum AI review has determined that UK’s Financial Conduct Authority monitors 90% of the brokers. The FCA is among the world’s most respected regulatory bodies. Clients’ deposits through FCA regulated brokers are segregated with top-level banks such as the UK’s HSBC and the National Bank of Australia. Quantum AI has also proven its investment in ensuring a safe trading environment. Its reputation is enough proof of how users perceive it.


Do I need any trading skills to use Quantum AI?

No! Quantum AI does all trading for you, and therefore, you don’t need any trading skills.

Does Quantum AI company offer a trading app?

Yes! You need to click the link on the trading resources page to download the Quantum AI app.

How many hours do I trade with Quantum AI?

Run the robot for at least 8 hours daily to get good results. Don’t trade beyond the trading session you chose.

How do I withdraw my money from Profit Horizon?

The withdrawal happens through the broker. Fill the withdrawal form and wait for a few hours for the transaction to be facilitated.