BitIQ App Review – Is it a Profitable Bitcoin Trading Robot?

BitIQ is one of the online money-making tools that have gone viral in 2021. This tool was founded in 2019 to help the masses ride bitcoin waves profitably. It has grown tremendously since its launch, with over a hundred thousand users. Most expert reviews claim that it offers one of the most profitable ways to trade bitcoin today. The BitIQ app is simply a computer program built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate bitcoin trading.

By automating trading, the robot makes it easy for complete beginners to make money. The most amazing thing about this BitIQ cryptocurrency software is its insane profitability. We are astonished by the many people coming forward and claiming to earn a decent daily income through this bot. If the consumer reviews are anything to go by, a USD250 deposit could generate over $150 daily. Compounding the daily profit for about two weeks could grow the daily income to over $1000. Some BitIQ users have used the compounding strategy to make a million dollars within months of using this robot.

But is BitIQ scam true, or can you trust it to make money for you? We have investigated it for you and summarized all the findings in this review. Read on for an in-depth look into the BitIQ app review.

The BitIQ Review 2021 at first glance

Type of Robot:Bitcoin CFDs
Software:Website, Web-App & Mobile App
Countries Available:All – Excluding USA
  Withdrawal Fee:$0
App available:Web app
Deposit with credit card:Yes
Hidden Fees:0%
⭐ Our rating:5.0 / 5.0

Definition of Terms

Before we dive into this trading robot, let’s define the technical terms we will use in this Bitiq app review. Remember that this bot runs on autopilot, and therefore no trading skill is required to trade with it. The only thing you need to do is sign up and deposit at least USD250 in capital through a locally regulated broker. BitIQ assigns the broker to you. Below is a definition of some of the terms you will come across in this kickass BitIQ review.

Trading robot

A trading robot or trading bot is a powerful computer program for automated trading. BitIQ app is a trading robot.

Robot broker

An institution that connects the robot to global liquidity pools for order execution. High-quality liquidity is required for instant order execution.

Trading leverage

Refers to the use of borrowed capital to increase the profits of a small account.  Leverage of 3000:1 enables you to place orders worth $3000 for every $1 of your capital.


Refers to the statistical measure of the up and downs of an asset price irrespective of the price direction


The price discrepancies of an asset on different markets due to market inefficiencies.

News trading

A trading method where trading signals are generated based on how related news affects volatility.

Contract for Difference (CFD)

A CFD allows you to trade the direction of an asset over a short time. It allows you to speculate on short-term volatility and make money on both the rise and fall of an asset.

Financial derivative

A derivative is an asset that derives its value from an underlying asset. Examples of derivatives include CFDs, futures, forwards, options, and swaps.

We recommend that you take the time to read our bitcoin trading guide if you are completely new to automated trading.

What is BitIQ?

BitIQ is a tool that offers one of the most profitable ways to invest in bitcoin today. There are various ways you can invest in bitcoin. You can earn a profit from it through mining or playing on 토토사이트. Bitcoin mining involves the use of powerful computers to solve complex mathematics. The complexity of bitcoin mining has gone up, and only those who can afford the supercomputers can mine today. Mining is extremely expensive since a lot of energy is required to run the supercomputers. This explains why only big institutions are engaging in mining today.

Another popular way to earn profits from bitcoin is to buy low and sell high. Buying takes place in an exchange, and the buyer must have a crypto wallet to store their crypto holdings. This method involves a lot of risks and is not as profitable as automated trading. Moreover, most people find the traditional bitcoin buying process to be complicated.

Enter BitIQ app, this trading robot uses financial derivatives known as CFDs to bet on bitcoin volatility without owning it. Consequently, you don’t have to go through the tedious bitcoin buying process to make money through this process. Also, you can make money irrespective of the price direction. This is because BitIQ implements short-selling strategies to make money off falling prices.  Many BitIQ reviews claim that this tool is the best for riding the highly unpredictable bitcoin volatility. Trading with the robot is easy even for those who have never ventured into any form of trading before. The BitIQ software runs on autopilot is therefore quite easy to operate for all.

Is BitIQ a Scam?

It’s true that whenever we see something that promises high returns with lower investments the first thing we think is that it’s a scam. If we analyse everything we’ve seen online about BitIQ being a scam, we can tell that there isn’t much indicating that.

Trading robots have been a new sensation because of how easy and smooth their interface is, and how low maintenance is required to keep one running.

If we consider other robots like Bitcoin Code, for example, you will see that the information spread around the internet is more consolidated, as this robot seems to have been running for longer periods of time.

So to reply to your question, we haven’t found anything online about BitIQ being a scam, and it surely doesn’t seem like that. The users who have written and given testimonials about it all said that they did make something out of their initial investment. In our opinion you should try at your own risk, however never add more than what you can afford to lose, as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are very volatile.

To give you an example, people sometimes say exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase are a scam based on technical issues such as flash crash, which brings down the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies down for a brief moment. Now if you had a Bitcoin Robot such as BitIQ running while one of those flash crashes happened, you would definitely make something out of your initial investment.

BitIQ App Review – Getting Started

We are satisfied with BitIQ so let’s now look at the signup process. As noted previously, this trading tool is available in most countries.

Some reviews estimate that it’s available in 120 countries. These include all of Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. BitIQ also works in some countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Trading with this platform is described by most users as completely easy. There is no skill requirement to make money with this crypto trading system. Live trading with BitIQ happens at a click of a button, but you must set the robot manually.

The manual settings include defining the risk per trade through the Stop Loss and Take Profit features. Everything is easy to follow on the provided trading guide.

STEP ONE: Registration

You need to go to the official BitIQ website to sign up. Just like other viral bitcoin trading robots, this bot has been targeted by clones.

The clones masquerade as the official BitIQ website to trick unsuspecting users into submitting personal information with them. Avoid the clones by not following links from suspicious sources.

Signing up with BitIQ shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. You only need to submit the required info through the registration form and secure your account with a password.

STEP 2: Account verification

Verify your BitIQ account through the linked broker. You will instantly redirect to the broker’s page after completing the registration.

Fill the verification form and upload a photo of your identity card. The ID can be any government-issued document with your full name and photo. The assigned BitIQ partner broker will process the information within five hours.

But you don’t have to wait for the information to be processed to proceed to the next step. You can fund your account and start trading as the information is processed.

STEP 3: Deposit a minimum of USD250

Fund your BitIQ account through debit or credit card, wire, or e-wallets such as Skrill. The majority of internationally recognized payment methods apply to most BitIQ brokers.

We have put BitIQ brokers under scrutiny and didn’t find any reason not to trust them. These brokers report the best regulation in the industry.

Most claim to fall under the regulatory watch of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is the UK’s best regulatory body. This regulator is tier-one and therefore has global level trust.

STEP 4: Trade Demo

Demo trading is for helping you master the BitIQ trading system. You need to peruse the trading guide first before taking a demo test.

Moreover, you need to take the risk appetite test at the footer of the trading resources page first. The risk appetite test will help you determine the level of risk to apply per trade.

Use the demo account to test different risk levels to determine what works best for you. The risk settings applied should be in line with your risk appetite.

STEP 5: Start a live session

You can confidently continue to the live trading platform after taking the demo test. Please note that you will likely miss some crucial setup steps if you don’t take the demo test.

Failure to set BitIQ as required could lead to a devastating outcome. This trading system places bets on BTC volatility and is therefore quite risky.

Extra precautions should be taken since there is a possibility of losing money. You should never put all your savings in fast-paced trading since the returns strongly correlate with risk.

How does BitIQ App Work?

The BitIQ news trading tool is extremely powerful. There is no other robot with such an advanced new-trading algorithm.  The algorithm uses a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read human language. This enables it to detect news posted on Twitter and other social media platforms. Moreover, the robot can detect news posted on over a billion web pages, including high-ranking news sources and reputable blogs.

BitIQ app NLP algorithms predict how a certain piece of news affects volatility and takes a trading position based on the predictions. The speed at which the bot analyzes the news sources enables it to take positions before the markets can absorb the new information. The BitIQ cryptocurrency software is reportedly 0.0001 seconds ahead of the markets. This enables it to beat the markets 99% of the time. Moreover, its algorithms are highly accurate. Some BitIQ reviews claim that at least 9 out of 10 trades generated by these news trading algorithms are accurate.

This trading system performance has broken the record in 2021. Below are some events that have boosted the performance of this robot in the last few months.

Tesla Bitcoin Investment

The news about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin caused crazy crypto volatility in March 2021. Bitcoin experienced a surge in demand, with its price climbing by about $5000 within hours. The bot reportedly captured this news before the markets could start reacting. This resulted in mouthwatering profitability for users running a session during and five hours after the announcement. Some BitIQ app users claim to raise their stake per trade immediately after the announcement and earning hundreds of thousands in profits. This robot is undoubtedly the tool to use to make money off bitcoin market events.

BitIQ Musk Bitcoin Sentiments

This bot has also made its name on trading Elon Musk bitcoin sentiments. Analysts predict that it has made the most profits by riding the Bitiq Musk related volatility. Elon Musk is a billionaire entrepreneur ranked by Forbes magazine as the second richest man in the world. Elon Musk is a big crypto enthusiast with interests in bitcoin and Dogecoin. He has been tweeting about the two cryptos since January hence driving their demand up. This trading robot crawls billions of social media posts to identify and derive insights from volatility triggering tweets. These tweets are from notable people such as Elon Musk.

PayPal supporting Bitcoin Transactions

A few months ago, PayPal announced that it would start accepting bitcoin transactions. This news caused a lot of market buzz, with bitcoin rising tremendously within hours. The BitIQ app captured the news and took positions milliseconds before the markets could react.  The robot’s users made thousands of dollars in profits following the announcement. According to some expert BitIQ reviews, the bot generated a cumulative profit of over $1 billion for its clients. We can’t ascertain if this is true because nothing has been published to confirm the claims.

Fed Crypto news

Just recently, the US Federal Reserve has released a statement stating that the US has no intention of banning crypto. This statement has triggered massive volatility, with bitcoin hitting the $50,000 mark. The sentiments from the FED are enough proof of the huge steps that bitcoin has made to gain acceptance in the mainstream. BitIQ news trading algorithm has made fortunes for its users trading the bitcoin gain resulting from this announcement.

China Crypto Ban

A few months ago, China released a statement reiterating its earlier position of imposing a blanket ban on all crypto. This news triggered a momentary sell-off, with bitcoin plummeting to over $3000 in less than an hour. As usual, this app captured this news before the markets and placed short-selling trades to profit from the plummet.  Analysts estimate that users made fortunes from both the plummet and the sudden gain.  Many Bitiq app reviews and experts claim that this trading robot is the best for trading unexpected bear markets in the crypto industry.

BitIQ App Popularity Score

This auto-trading platform has earned itself a big name in crypto trading and online money making circles. It’s highly popular with people of all walks of life given its ease of use and affordability. You don’t need to know a thing about crypto to use this software successfully. The robot is easy to set up, and trading happens at a click of a button. There are many reviews in many reputable publications. Tens of thousands of consumers have reviewed it on the top five best consumer review platforms. 

BitIQ Reviews on Trustpilot

We are convinced we have the answer to question; is BitIQ legitimate? after analysing the feedback from users on Trustpilot. This robot is praised by 90% of the over five thousand reviewers on this platform. An in-depth analysis of the Bitiq app reviews shows that this robot is easy to use. Moreover, it offers the best returns when compared to other forms of crypto trading.

BitIQ Youtube

On Youtube you can view and react to videos from many clients providing BitIQ reviews. There are many Youtube bitcoin videos discussing trading and mining. The majority of the BitIQ Youtube videos from clients show that this robot is a great bitcoin trading software. Most of the commenters affirm these claims.

Bitiq App Yahoo Finance

We are also amazed by the many BitIQ reviews on Yahoo. The feedback on Yahoo is both from experts and individual consumers. We find 90% of the reviews to be in praise of this trading robot. Some experts who have reviewed this bot on the platform conclude that it’s the most profitable tool on earth.

Bitiq Review Reddit

Reddit provides a platform where consumers can form communities and discuss a given subject. We have come across many BitIQ review reddit communities on this platform. Most of the communities have many participants. Most of the participants report an amazing experience with the BitIQ app. A study of the reviews on Reddit show that it’s the best in performance, ease of use, and user safety.

BitIQ Twitter

There has been many Tweets discussing the BitIQ app. The majority of these tweets are from users in Europe and Australia. BitIQ is available in over 100 countries globally. Most of these countries are in the EU and the Americas. You can also use this trading tool from some parts of Africa and the Middle East. 

Countries where BitIQ has trended on Twitter

Bitiq UK has remained a top trend on Twitter in the United Kingdom since the mid of last year. The trend is associated with its ever-growing popularity in the country.

BitIQ Germany
We are also amazed by the many months in which the BitIQ software has been trending on Twitter in Germany. The trend is triggered by several mainstream media mentions..

BitIQ App Spain
This robot was trending on Twitter in Spain at the beginning of this year. The trend was triggered by wide media coverage.

BitIQ Software France
We have determined that BitIQ was trending in France a few months ago. The wide news coverage also triggered the trend.

BitIQ App Netherland
This bot has also been trending on Twitter in the Netherland for the best part of this month. The trend was reportedly triggered by a savvy businessman mentioning it in a prime TV show.

Did BitIQ App appear on the Shark Tank?

This investigation has come across claims that BitIQ has appeared in a recent episode of the Shark Tank show. Shark Tank is a business-centred reality TV show aired on ABC in the UK and Australia. The show involves a panel of celebrity angel investors receiving presentations from startups looking for funding. This trading Robot has reportedly appeared on the show and raised $500,000 in seed funding. But are the BitIQ Shark Tank claims true? No! This is fake news used as clickbait to cloned sites.

Did BitIQ appear on the Dragons Den?

We are also amazed by the viral fake news alleging that BitIQ has appeared on the Dragons Den BBC program. The Dragons Den is similar to Shark Tank. However, it’s aired in Canada and the UK. Popular Dragons Den panellists include Kevin O’Leary, Deborah Maiden, and Peter Jones. Kevin O’Leary is vocal about bitcoin and has even invested in an app that converts spare change into bitcoin. However, we didn’t find any feature indicating that he has invested in the BitIQ app. The other panellists have never expressed any interest in bitcoin.

Did BitIQ Appear on This Morning?

The BitIQ This Morning claims should also be treated as fake news. This trading bot doesn’t pay to feature on any media platform. The Bitiq app reviews claiming that this bot has appeared this morning are therefore lying. It’s extremely important to avoid such posts. This is because they are likely to be used to divert you to cloned sites. Ensure that you only register and trade on the official BitIQ website by clicking the links provided in this review.

Did Martin Lewis Endorse BitIQ?

 Some BitIQ reviews claim that Martin Lewis has recommended the BitIQ app among the passive online investments for 2021. While BitIQ makes a good bet for passive investing, it hasn’t received any endorsements from Martin Lewis. Consequently, any Martin Lewis BitIQ or Bitcoin claims shouldn’t be treated seriously. There is a possibility that this is one of the many gossip blogs spreading fake news around popular trading systems.

BitIQ Scam – The Verdict!

We are certain that this robot is legit after reading this comprehensive BitIQ app reviews. There is nothing suspicious about this trading bot. Moreover, there is enough data in the public domain to prove its legitimacy. Many users review this robot. The BitIQ reviews are in their thousands, and the feedback is generally good. BitIQ is rated as a super performer with insane daily profitability rates.

About 90% of those who have reviewed it on Trustpilot and other platforms allege making good profits. You can make an average of $150 daily by investing just $250. Compounding the daily profits from a $250 account could grow the daily return to over $1000 within two weeks. BitIQ app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make money out of bitcoin price swings. The robot uses advanced HFT trading techniques to generate returns out of even the slightest market movements. Some of these techniques include price trend analysis, volatility arbitrage, and news trading.


Is BitIQ beginner friendly?

Most BitIQ users allege that it’s completely beginner-friendly. This is expected given that the robot carries out most of the trading on autopilot.

How much do I pay to use BitIQ?

You won’t be charged any money to sign up with the BitIQ app. Trading fees on the side of the assigned broker and a 2% commission on the side of the robot applies.

Does BitIQ app offer trading tutorials?

You will find all information you need to run BitIQ successfully on the trading resources page. These materials explain the settings and offer tips for maximizing performance.

How many hours do I put aside for trading?

Don’t quit your day job to find time to use BitIQ. This robot doesn’t need a lot of monitoring. Once you click the live button, you are free to continue with other things as it works for you.

Does BitIQ offer a trading app?

BitIQ app is a web-trader that is also in HTML5 and hence can install as a mobile app on any smartphone device.

Is BitIQ software regulated in my country?

The best way to determine if BitIQ is regulated in your country is to check the regulatory status of the assigned broker. This is because the robot is regulated through these brokers.

Is BitIQ a reputable trading system?

BitIQ app is highly reputable, as proven by the many reviews on the internet. Thousands of users have reviewed it extremely well on Trustpilot.

Who owns BitIQ app?

BitIQ is reportedly owned by the BitIQ Group, an international trading software company founded in Canada.