Bitcoin Era Review 2022 – Fake or Genuine Bitcoin Robot? Find out Here!

Bitcoin Era logoBitcoin Era is the most reviewed bitcoin robot and none beats its performance and reputation.  This trading robot is likely to be the most popular in the crypto trading circles. Bitcoin Era app has attracted over a hundred thousand reviews from consumers. The bot boasts of an active user base of over 300,000.

This Bitcoin robot has also made it to the top of most expert reviews. The expert reviewers rank it among the top three best trading platforms UK. This trading robot is popular in over 150 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. An analysis of Bitcoin Era reviews on Trustpilot shows that the majority of people are profitable. You could earn a decent income daily by depositing as little as USD250 with this software. The profits can rise to 90% during high volatility.

But is it legit, and is the alleged profitability verifiable? We have carried out in-depth tests and put together the facts here to help you decide.

The Bitcoin Era Review 2022 at first glance

🤖 Type of Robot:Crypto CFDs
📊 Software:Website & Mobile App
🌎 Countries Available:All – Excluding USA
💰  Minimum Deposit:$250
📱 App available:Web app
💳 Deposit Methods:Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Skrill,
💰 Max Withdrawal:$10,000
⭐ Our rating:4.7 / 5.0

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era official website pageBitcoin Era Trustpilot reviews say that this tool is great at helping ordinary people trade bitcoin profitability. The tool has particularly become extremely popular among those looking for ways to earn an income online. This bot eliminates the hustles in BTC trading hence making it ideal for ordinary people.

You don’t need a background in technical bitcoin trading to make money with this tool. This trading tool has made the headlines in most countries. Until December 2019, the robot has minimized the number of new registrations. Some Bitcoin Era reviews claim that only a handful of the thousands trying to signup daily make it through. But you shouldn’t give up if not lucky after trying the first time.

Visit the Bitcoin Era website regularly, and you might be among the lucky few. The chances of making good money with this bitcoin robot are huge but not assured.

Any form of crypto trading carries extra risk, given the volatile nature of the crypto industry. No industry on planet earth is as sensitive to news as the crypto industry.

How Does Bitcoin Era App work?

We have stated above that Bitcoin Era app is a tool to help you make money off bitcoin easily. But how exactly does it work?

If you are a seasoned trader, then you must be familiar with the automated trading concept. Those with zero trading background can think of automation in general. In 2021, most industries are cutting costs and improving efficiency through automation. The rapid growth of computing technology, mostly in AI, has boosted automation to its height. 

We have AI-driven systems helping medics interpret radiology images at an accuracy level never witnessed before. AI-driven automation is also making machines better investors and traders than humans. Bitcoin Era is an AI-driven system for automated bitcoin trading. The system is equipped with algorithms that can implement news trading and price trend analysis techniques to generate profitable trades.

News Trading

Market events drive short term tradable asset prices. These events are usually announced to investors through the news. This explains why manual trading platforms such as the MT4 offer events calendar and news feeds. The news feed helps investors plan for scheduled market events such as Nonfarm Payroll (NFP) and place bets on their impact on crypto prices.

Trading news is extremely easy with automated trading platforms. This is because the robot can study a wide range of data and generate highly accurate predictions. This tool has made its name in trading Bitcoin Era Branson bitcoin-related news.

The bot has reportedly made many people rich, riding the insane Bitcoin price swings resulting from Elon Musk comments on Bitcoin and DOGECOIN. This robot is the first to trade CFDs on BTC paired against DOGE.

Price Trend Analysis

This technique falls in the technical analysis category. Price trend analysis involves a study of historical prices to detect and capitalize on cyclical patterns. The process involves analyzing trading charts to identify price points that are likely to repeat. This app can simultaneously analyze hundreds of charts and generate signals with 99% profitability likelihood. Some highly trustworthy publications report that Bitcoin Era is the world’s most advanced price trend analysis robot.

Volatility Arbitrage trading

Bitcoin Era this morning has recently introduced an arbitrage trading feature. The arbitrage trading technique dates back to the 1980s. It’s through this strategy that George Soros became the world richest man. In the arbitrage technique, the trader takes advantage of market inefficiencies by buying an asset from underpriced markets and selling it in overpriced markets.

This trading tool implements this technique by analyzing prices from over 20 crypto exchanges to identify arbitrage opportunities. Some Bitcoin Era review 2021 allege that this bot can place up to 50 arbitrage trades per minute.

How to use Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin trading through this software is fun and could be handsomely profitable. Many Bitcoin Era reviewers allege that this robot is the key to profitability in bitcoin trading. There are many bitcoin robots out there, but very few are worth trying. We have made the bitcoin robot search easier for you by identifying and reviewing the best bots in 2021. You can read our long guide to bitcoin trading to get an idea of how bitcoin robots.

Bitcoin Era is our top pick for the best bitcoin robots in 2021. As stated previously, the opportunities linked to this bitcoin robot are immense. These are the steps should you kick start your trading journey with this bot.

Step 1:Register on the website

The official Bitcoin Era is available here. Don’t signup through unsolicited links since there are clones out there pretending to be Bitcoin Era. Signing up should be easy, but you may not be able to secure a slot on the first attempt. Bitcoin Era has received a deluge of registration requests recently. It has limited the number of new signups to less than 2% of the thousands of requests it receives daily.

Don’t give up if you can’t secure a slot on the first attempt. Keep trying, and there is a huge possibility that you will be among the few that manage to secure a slot.

Step 2: Verify your account with the partner broker

You will automatically connect to a local broker who is a partner of Bitcoin Era. This robot works through brokers regulated on all its jurisdictions of operations. All trading robots must rely on a broker to access global liquidity markets. Moreover, they must take deposits from the public through authorized brokers.

Only fully registered and regulated financial institutions are allowed to take deposits from the public in most countries. Bitcoin Era app and many other bitcoin robots operate independently. They operate as trading tools and not financial institutions.

This means that they must work with a regulated broker to take deposits from the public. These brokers also ensure instant order execution by linking the robot to reputable brokers.

Step 3: Deposit your trading capital 

You will be linked to a local broker on completing the signup process. Any deposit must be made through the local broker. You need not worry about safety since Bitcoin Era only works with reputable brokers. We have gone through all their partner brokers and found them to be highly reputable.

These brokers are monitored by institutions such as the FCA to guarantee safety. It’s quite important to determine a trading robot’s partner brokers before signing up. 

Step 4: Test the App through a demo platform

The Bitcoin Era demo gives you a real-time trading experience without risking real money. It backtests on historical data and is said to simulate live trading with 99% accuracy.

This means that the results you achieve during demo trading are close to what you will get in live trading. We traded on the demo and nearly doubling the virtual capital within 12 hours. Some Bitcoin Era users have reported doubling their capital on the first day of trading.

You need to read the Bitcoin Era trading instructions manual carefully testing the platform on the demo. The demo allows you to try out different risk levels to determine what works best for you.

Step 5: Start a live trading session

Live trading is a cup of tea if you have prepared adequately. The Bitcoin Era app offers all the materials that you need to be fully prepared.

Among these materials is a risk appetite test to help you determine risk per trade. This is perhaps the most important tool in trading. You must take the test and try different risk levels on the demo to determine how to set the live platform.

Once ready, set your Bitcoin Era account and start a session. Live trading happens with a single click of a button.

Bitcoin Era Review – Popular Countries!

Our trend analysis system shows that Bitcoin Era is ranking top in over 50 countries globally. This trading robot is a viral trend in the countries explained below.

  • Bitcoin Era UK 

The UK leads the world in bitcoin robot trading. It’s therefore not a wonder that Bitcoin Era is trending in the country. Our background checks indicate that it has been trending for months.

  • Bitcoin Era Philippines

This robot has also made its way into the Philippines mainstream media. The media coverage has made it trend on Twitter for three weeks in a row.

  • Bitcoin Era India

This trading robot has shot through the roof in popularity in India. The majority rate it as super-profitable, with daily returns hitting thousands of dollars.

  • Bitcoin Era South Africa 

It seems that Bitcoin Era has many clients in South Africa, given the thousands of reviews on South African consumer feedback platforms.  The Bitcoin Era app review forums is generally good. 

  • Bitcoin Era Germany

We have also determined that Bitcoin Era is receiving huge traffic from Germany. The majority of reviews from this region are positive.

  • Bitcoin Era Kenya 

The robot has made it to the top of search engines in Kenya after receiving mainstream media recognition. This media coverage revolves around a highly reputable local broker with a history of helping Kenyan traders earn handsome profits online.

How Popular is this trading App

We are amazed at the Bitcoin Era app reviews and the media attention. This is the first robot we have found to have over a hundred thousand reviews. Bitcoin Era boasts of an active user base of over 300,000. It’s therefore not a wonder that so many people have reviewed it.

We can confirm that the consumer reviews are authentic. This robot has broken the record in the world’s top consumer review platforms.

As explained below, the robot has maintained a rating of 4.5/5 after thousands of reviews. This translates to the positive feedback of over 90%.

trustpilot reviews
Bitcoin Era Trustpilot

We haven’t come across a trading robot with many reviews on Trustpilot before. This trading platform has broken the record. 

Reddit logo
Bitcoin Era Reddit

This robot is not left behind in having many threads on Reddit. The Bitcoin Era Reddit threads have tens of thousands of participants praising the robot for high profitability. 

Wikipedia logo
Bitcoin Era App Wikipedia

This robot has reportedly earned a Wikipedia page. What this means is that it’s not recognized among globally popular projects.

Yahoo News
Bitcoin Era Yahoo Finance

We are also amazed by the huge Bitcoin Era coverage on Yahoo Finance. The Bitcoin Era app reviews on the world’s second-largest business news and financial information website.

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Bitcoin Era App in Fake News

There is a trend among gossip blogs and fake news platforms that involves combining two popular subjects to create clickbait titles. Bitcoin Era app and other popular bitcoin robots have been caught up in this trend. We have come across tens of posts claiming that this bot has received celebrity endorsement or appeared on top crypto publications. However, most of these posts are Bitcoin Era scam news and therefore used as clickbait to get you to click on malicious links.

Patrice Motsepe - Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Patrice Motsepe

Patrice Motsepe is a South African billionaire investor and entrepreneur. He is well invested in many sectors in the country. Some fake post alleges that Patrice Motsepe has recently invested in bitcoin trading. As stated earlier, it’s quite important to verify information sources before accepting any news as legit.

We have made the bitcoin robot search easier for you by offering in-depth reviews on those worth their salt.  Avoid clicking the links on the fake Patrice Motsepe bitcoin posts since they likely lead to fake sites.

Wayne Gretzky - Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian sportsman and reputable businessman. He is said to be well invested in many businesses in Canada and the US. A viral rumour alleges that Wayne Gretzky has recently invested in Bitcoin Era app.

However, our investigative team finds these to be unverified rumours. Wayne Gretzky hasn’t shown any interest in crypto, let alone a BTC trading bot.

Martin Lewis - Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is an English financial journalist who founded the website  He is rumoured to have business interests in many sectors.

According to a Bitcoin Era review UK post that has gone viral, Martin Lewis has disclosed invested $500,000 in this trading software. We have investigated this rumour and didn’t find a shred of evidence to confirm that this is true.

Holly - Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Holly Willoughby

As stated above, Holly Willoughby is a co-host of the This Morning show. She is a well-established TV personality with vast business interests.

Some posts claiming the feature regarding Bitcoin Era This Morning, also claim that Holly Willoughby has invested in the project. However, our investigation concludes that these claims are fake news.. 

This Morning Britain
Bitcoin Era This Morning

This Morning show is a top-rated and widely watched British TV program appearing on ITV every morning, Monday through Friday. The show discusses contemporary issues in politics, technology, health, finance, sports, and entertainment.

This Morning hosts include the highly glorified Holly Willoughby alongside Phillip Schofield. Some social media posts claim that Bitcoin Era has appeared on This Morning. However, thorough background checks show otherwise. 

Richard Branson - Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Branson

Richard Branson is a English billionaire investor, who founded the Virgin Group. Some fake news posts claim that he backed Bitcoin Era with over $1 million in funding.

However, this is a lie since this trading robot hasn’t disclosed its sources of financing. Moreover, Richard Branson hasn’t expressed any interest in Bitcoin. 

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Is Bitcoin Era Scam true or not? Final word!

We are satisfied with the results of our in-depth Bitcoin Era app review. This robot has established itself as a game-changer in the world of crypto trading. We have studied tens of bitcoin robots in 2021, and none equals Bitcoin Era in performance, ease of use, and transparency.

This trading robot was initially founded for institutional trading but was later offered for retail trading.The founders are reportedly sophisticated traders and software engineers with over 20 years of experience in fast-paced trading.

Bitcoin Era app applies price trend analysis, news trading, and arbitrage trading to place bets on bitcoin. These techniques are known to have made a lot of millionaires in traditional asset trading.

Bitcoin Era is reportedly the pioneer in applying them in traditional trading. This bot is so powerful that over 90% of its users are profitable.

Profitability is mostly influenced by the amount staked, the level of risk applied, and the withdrawal time. Bitcoin Era is free and also easy to operate. Try your luck today but do not ignore the risk associated with crypto volatility trading.


Is Bitcoin Era scam rumours true?

We have closely investigated Bitcoin Era and concluded that it’s genuine and transparent. All the information you need to decide whether to trade is available on their website.

Does Bitcoin Era offer an app?

Yes! You can trade with Bitcoin Era on the web or download their hybrid app through a link on the resources page. The Bitcoin Era app download link is also attached to the welcome email.

Can I download the Bitcoin Era app on the Play Store?

No! The Bitcoin Era app is hybrid and can only be downloaded from Play Store and App Store. Click the link to initiate the download.

Is Bitcoin Era FCA regulated?

Bitcoin Era regulation is through its partner brokers. Some of the Bitcoin Era partner brokers are monitored by the FCA.

Can I get wealthy by trading with Bitcoin Era?

Yes! You can become extremely rich by betting on bitcoin through the Bitcoin Era system. Profitability is largely influenced by market conditions, settings, and luck.