Crypto Boom Review 2021 – Is it a Genuine and Profitable Trading Robot?

Crypto Boom offers users a golden opportunity to generate wealth by placing bets on crypto volatility. This platform is web-based and can be used in web and mobile browsers.

You can also trade with it through its hybrid mobile app, available for download on its trading resources page. Crypto Boom is recommended by many experts today for anyone interested in making money online. It’s reportedly the leading bitcoin robot in terms of profitability and ease of use.

You can reportedly make good money with this bot irrespective of whether you have any trading experience. All trading with Crypto Boom is automated, and hence the robot is quite easy to use. Our readers are asking whether it’s legit and if the profitability claims are proven. We will answer these questions and many more below.

What is Crypto Boom?

Crypto Boom was founded in 2019 to help ordinary people make money from the rise and fall of bitcoin. The online-based software applies a unique technology capable of analyzing market data and generating highly accurate signals. Crypto Boom algorithms are AI-driven and therefore generate highly accurate signals. At least 90% of the trades placed by this software are reportedly profitable. Crypto Boom has been around for a little over a year and is already among the most popular trading systems in the industry.

The robot trades volatility (price swings) using derivatives known as CFDs. Moreover, the bot uses price trend analysis and volatility arbitrage trading to make the most of small price movements. Crypto Boom works with brokers to provide users with a great trading experience. Robots are legally required to operate through licensed brokers if they are to collect deposits from the public. The brokers, therefore, handle all transactions on behalf of the robot.

Moreover, the brokers provide the required liquidity for instant order execution. Quality liquidity is vital in fast-paced auto-trading since it ensures that orders are executed instantly. Failure to execute orders instantly can lead to negative slippage hence leading to losses. Crypto Boom is easy to trade with, given that 99% of the trading is automated. You only have to set it up for trading and sit back as it makes money for you.

How to trade with Crypto Boom?

We have investigated Crypto Boom and confirmed that it’s worthwhile. Now let’s look at the steps to start making money with it. Crypto Boom fully automates the trading process.

Consequently, you don’t require any trading know-how to make it with this robot. The only thing you need to pay close attention to is the settings. You need to manually set the robot to trade at a specific level of risk.

The risk level you apply should match your risk appetite. Crypto Boom offers a risk appetite test to help you determine the level of risk you can handle per trade. Read the risk control manual carefully and take the test severally to determine what works best for you.

Crypto Boom comes with a demo test for you to try out various risk settings. The demo runs on historical crypto data to give you a real market feel. Some Crypto Boom users have observed that the results attained through the demo are very close to what you get in live trading.

Signup for free

Crypto Boom is in its late stages of the pilot testing phase and is therefore still free. According to a statement on their site, those who secure the free signup slot will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Registration slots are hard to come by since this trading robot has limited the daily number of new registrations. This means that you may not secure a slot on the first attempt. If this is the case, keep trying since you never know when luck will strike.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you can register on the first few attempts. Grab the opportunity immediately once a slot is available. The signup slot is self-explanatory. Make sure that you provide accurate information to avoid problems later.

Verify ID through the broker

After completing the signup, Crypto Boom will automatically lead you to one of its brokers. This trading robot matches its clients with brokers regulated in their jurisdiction.

As mentioned above, Crypto Boom is backed by top brokers. These brokers are strictly regulated and observe global safety requirements. Strictly regulated financial institutions have a legal mandate to verify the ID of their clients.

The aim of ID verification is to prevent criminal activities, including money laundering. Moreover, ID verification prevents the user account from being hijacked by third parties. The ID verification process involves uploading a photo of your ID as instructed. It takes up to 5 hours for the brokers to verify it.

Deposit trading capital

Crypto Boom relies on brokers to collect deposits from the public. As mentioned earlier, a trading robot must operate through a broker to take deposits from the public.

You will therefore be redirected to the assigned broker’s deposit page to fund your account. Deposit at least USD250 through the broker to access the trading platform.

All the partner brokers support various deposit options, including wire transfer, debit/credit cards and some e-wallets and bitcoin wallets. Deposits are free and instant. You will redirect to Crypto Boom’s trading resources page after making the deposit.

Test the robot through a demo account

Crypto Boom is among the easiest to operate auto-trading robots out there. Most of its reviewers allege making money from the first day despite not having a prior trading background.

However, you shouldn’t ignore the trading instructions. Failure to set Crypto Boom as instructed has a likelihood of pushing you to losses. The risk management tools provided by this robot must be adjusted manually.

Traders have different risk appetite levels, and it’s therefore extremely important to allow them to control risk. Crypto Boom has done so by offering manually adjustable Stop Loss and Take Profit features.

Take the risk appetite test on the resources page to determine your risk appetite and test it on the demo platform. You should be ready for live trading after about 30 minutes of demo testing.

Start a live session

This should be a walk in the park after going through the trading instructions and taking a demo test. The settings are quite straightforward after going through the demo.

Crypto Boom trades automatically, and therefore you only need to click the live button. The robot will do the rest for you and notify you of the progress through the text.

According to some expert reviewers, it’s important to identify a trading session and stick to it when using this robot. According to Investopedia, a trading session is a period of time that matches the primary daytime trading hours for a given locale.

Experts recommend running Crypto Boom between 8:00 AM and 4:00 Eastern Daylight Time. This is the time that bitcoin derivatives are heavily traded in WST. The heavy trading triggers a lot of crypto volatility hence pushing the prices up.

You won’t need to quit your day job to use Crypto Boom. Trading happens on autopilot, and hence you can let the robot do the trading for you as you proceed with other activities.

Crypto Boom in the Media

We are amazed by how popular Crypto Boom has become in the last few months. This trading system ranks top among the most popular bitcoin robots today.

This is despite being around for a few months only. Experts predict that its popularity will keep skyrocketing as bitcoin volatility continues to rise. Read on to learn more about Crypto Boom and how it ranks on popular consumer review platforms.

Crypto Boom on Trustpilot
We can confirm that Crypto Boom has many reviews on Trustpilot. As of writing this review, Crypto Boom has over four thousand reviews on this platform. The ratings are good, with the majority of reviewers alleging great profitability. Crypto Boom has a score of 4.5/5 after all these reviews. This means that over 90% of its clients are impressed by its performance rate.
Crypto Boom Reddit
Reddit is an incredible source of information for almost every subject. Crypto Boom fans have created communities on this platform to share information about the robot.We have gone through their comments and concluded that the robot is profitable, easy to use, and safe. Some of the participants report that this robot is highly risky. This is true for any crypto volatility trading system.
Crypto Boom Wikipedia
Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia. The website receives over a hundred million web visits daily. Moreover, it has strict editorial policies, and therefore only highly popular subjects earn a page on it. Crypto Boom has only been around for months, and it already has a Wikipedia page.  The page is still WIP and therefore doesn’t have much information.

Crypto Boom in the Fake News

We have investigated Crypto Boom and discovered that it’s highly popular and well-rated. This robot has been making headlines for months now. As explained earlier, this robot has asserted itself as a global leader in automated crypto trading. For the few months it has been around, it has created a strong buzz in the UK, Australia, and some parts of the Americas. We have determined that it has been trending on Twitter for the last few months. Crypto Boom popularity has made it a prime target for fake news, as explained below.

Crypto Boom Elon Mush
If you have been following crypto news, you must know how vocal Elon Musk is about bitcoin and DOGE. Elon Musk is the second world richest man, according to Forbes Magazine. He is invested in various industries and has a lot of interest in emerging tech.

Some of the projects he has invested heavily in revolve around automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Elon Musk has disclosed that he owns some bitcoins and DOGECOINs. A post on Twitter claims that he is trading BTC and DOGE through the Crypto Boom App. This is fake news since we haven’t found confirmation on the official Crypto Boom site. Moreover, Elon Musk hasn’t said anything about Crypto Boom. 

Crypto Boom Szymon Hołownia
Szymon Holownia is a Polish TV personality, politician, and TV commentator. We have stumbled upon rumours linking him to Crypto Boom. According to the rumours, Szymon Hołownia has invested in Bitcoin through Bitcoin Era and Crypto Boom. Bitcoin Era is another highly popular automated system for bitcoin trading. This trading system has been trending alongside Crypto Boom.

We have conducted background checks and confirmed that any Szymon Hołownia Bitcoin Era or Crypto Boom claims are fake news. Please don’t follow the links in the news spreading these rumours since they are likely to lead to cloned sites.

Crypto Boom Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban is a billionaire entrepreneur and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball club. He is also one of the panellists on the ABC Shark Tank show in the UK.Mark Cuban loves bitcoin and has disclosed dedicating a part of his investment portfolio to it. In an interview with CNBC, Cuban has encouraged investors to dedicate as little as 10% of their portfolios to risky projects such as bitcoin.

Some rumour alleges that he is trading bitcoin through the Crypto Boom app. However, this is fake gossip since Mark Cuban has never shown interest in bitcoin robot trading. The posts making these claims are just clickbait to link you to cloned sites

Crypto Boom Peter Thiel
Peter Thiel is a seasoned entrepreneur and billionaire investor. He is the co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies, and Founders of Fund. Peter Thiel is rumoured to be trading bitcoin through the Crypto Boom system. However, our investigation finds these rumours to be unfounded. Peter Thiel bitcoin or crypto claims are fake news. Any publication claiming that Peter Thiel has invested in bitcoin should be treated suspiciously. Thiel is not a lover of crypto and has even called them a Chinese financial weapon. 
Crypto Boom This Morning
This Morning is a highly rated TV program aired on ABC. The hosts include Phillip Schofield alongside Holly Willoughby. We have read reviews claiming that Crypto Boom has paid for primetime advertisements during the show. However, this isn’t true since Crypto Boom doesn’t participate in any marketing campaigns. This project is already a hit and therefore doesn’t need advertisement.

It’s currently limiting the number of daily registrations, and therefore it’s unlikely that it would advertise. Don’t take any rumour linking Crypto Boom with any celebrity or a popular TV program seriously unless confirmed.

Is Crypto Boom a Scam?

We have put together all the facts to prove that Crypto Boom is trustworthy in this review. Our team of experts has tested the platform rigorously and analyzed user feedback to determine the robot’s reputation. Read the findings below.

Crypto Boom has a great reputation, as evident with the many verified users who have reviewed it positively.

This robot is profitable, as is evident in the consumer reviews and also the feedback from expert reviewers.

We have conducted demo tests on Crypto Boom and verified that its platforms are AI-based and highly accurate.

Penetration testing on the Crypto Boom website confirms that it has invested in foolproof technologies.

We have gone through the raft of measures put in place by Crypto Boom to ensure data safety. This bot implements adequate data safety procedures.

We have also investigated the ten Crypto Boom partner brokers and found them to be well regulated. This means that all clients are guaranteed funds safety.

The chances of making money with the Crypto Boom are extremely high. This robot has proven itself as a top performer in the industry. It’s rated top in most expert best trading platforms in the UK list. Crypto Boom operates in over 150 countries.

Crypto Boom Review 2021 – Final Word!

You have an amazing opportunity to invest in crypto profitably through the Crypto Boom system. Crypto Boom uses powerful technologies to make crypto speculation easy and more profitable.

This tool has been trending since February 2021. It’s said to have a significant contribution to crypto rise witnessed since the beginning of the year. For the last six months, Crypto Boom has helped nearly a thousand investors live their financial dream.

The great Crypto Boom reviews on Trustpilot are enough proof that most of the robot’s users are making good money. This robot is also receiving a lot of positive feedback on ease of use, safety, and customer service. As mentioned earlier, Crypto Boom makes crypto speculation easier for all by automating it through AI.

Experts claim that Crypto Boom is the key to revolutionizing the way people trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This trading robot popularity has gone through the roof in the last few weeks. The bot has reportedly made a name for itself in the ongoing bitcoin rise.

Despite being around for less than a year, Crypto Boom has already turned some of its users into millionaires. Those who have made it big with this bitcoin robot recommend compounding. You may need to compound all the profits from a $250 account to grow your account faster. Some Crypto Boom reviewers claim to build a fortune within a few months of compounding the $250 account.

Crypto Boom is a super performer, but you need not take profitability as guaranteed. This bot trades volatility and is, therefore, quite risky. You shouldn’t trade with more than you can afford to lose.


What is Crypto Boom?

Crypto Boom is an online platform that helps you trade Bitcoin, Ether, BCH, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies profitably.

Is Crypto Boom a safe trading robot?

Crypto Boom has implemented a raft of safety measures to ensure users’ safety. These include securing all data through RSA encryption and partnering with regulated brokers.

Is Crypto Boom legit or a scam?

Background investigation on Crypto Boom indicates that it’s legit, transparent, and reliable. The majority of its users allege so.

Does Crypto Boom offer a trading app?

Yes! The Crypto Boom App can be downloaded from the trading resources page. You will also find the link attached in the welcome email.

Is Crypto Boom regulated in the UK?

Crypto Boom is a trading program backed by over ten tier-one regulated brokers. Some of these brokers report being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

How profitable is Crypto Boom?

Crypto Boom performs exceptionally well when compared to other bitcoin robots. This robot could earn you a decent daily profit from the minimum deposit of USD250.

Does Crypto Boom allow instant withdrawals?

Withdrawals happen through Crypto Boom brokers. None of the brokers takes more than 12 hours to facilitate withdrawals. This is great given that most Crypto Boom competitors take up to 24 hours.

Is the Crypto Boom app compatible with Android?

The Crypto Boom App is hybrid and therefore compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.

Is Crypto Boom a good investment?

Crypto Boom is worth trying since most of those who are using it allege making mouthwatering profits. You have a perfect chance of joining its lucky users by signing up today.