The News Spy App Review – Is it a Good Trading System?

If you have interests in bitcoin trading but do not know where to start, then The News Spy is meant for you.

This tool makes bitcoin trading fun, easy, and above all, insanely profitable. We are amazed by the alleged mouthwatering profits earned by some of The News Spy users. The News Spy uses advanced tech to automate bitcoin trading.

Its AI algorithms are so powerful that over 90% of the trades it generates are reportedly profitable. The News Spy is categorized among the best fast-paced news-trading systems. It’s also said to offer safe trading and be less risky than other bitcoin trading methods.

But is The News Spy worth trading with? We have the facts explained in detail in this review. You can engage us with questions or clarifications in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

The News Spy Review – Summary

We have all the facts to prove that The News Spy is a trustworthy bitcoin robot. This trading tool is proving to be a game-changer in bitcoin trading.

It’s said to be a money generating machine with return rates of up to 90%. The News Spy profitability is triggered by news-driven bitcoin volatility. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most news-sensitive trading robot across the globe.

This means that The News Spy users have immense money-making opportunities. The News Spy is reviewed and rated by top robo-trading experts as the most advanced news trading system. It has reportedly earned many accolades in this category.

Amazingly, The News Spy is open for everyone. It doesn’t impose hefty registration or trading capital requirements. Moreover, its fees are among the best you can find in the industry. The News Spy only takes a small commission from your account when profitable.

Trading with The News Spy is easy for all. This is because the software is programmed to trade automatically. Its algorithms leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study complex data and make accurate trading decisions.

We have also discovered that The News Spy is safe. This is after conducting rigorous penetration testing on its website. The News Spy official website is protected through impenetrable encryption protocols. Moreover, The News Spy Trading software is GDPR compliant. This implies that proper care is taken when handling clients’ data.

Our investigation further indicates that all The News Spy partner brokers are well regulated. This is quite important given that The News Spy mandates the brokers with facilitating transactions with clients.

What is The News Spy?

You may be having a hard time understanding The News Spy if you are completely new to trading. We will do our best to explain it in simple terms below.

The News Spy is a web platform launched to help laypeople invest in bitcoin easily and more profitably. This platform is driven by extremely powerful algorithms. These algorithms use AI to detect bitcoin news and predict how it will affect bitcoin prices.

The algorithms then place bets on bitcoin-based on this prediction. You may have heard about AI and how it’s disrupting the automation industry. Today, machines powered by AI are performing complex procedures better than humans.

This is not only in the financial sector but also in other industries. In bitcoin trading, bitcoin robots such as The News Spy are taking over trading from professionals. By doing so, they are making profitable bitcoin trading accessible to the masses.

The News Spy is a unique bitcoin robot since it’s highly specialized for news trading. Most bitcoin robots combine multiple trading strategies. The News Spy specialization is reportedly one of its key drivers to insane profitability.

This trading robot, like any other, is supported by brokers. The News Spy has reportedly entered into contracts with the top 10 best brokers in the UK. These brokers interact with the clients on behalf of the clients. Moreover, they link the trading system to liquidity to ensure that all orders are executed instantly.

Getting Started with The News Spy

Trading with The News Spy shouldn’t be a hassle for complete beginners since it’s entirely automated.

You don’t have to know anything about trading, investment or software development to use this platform successfully. As mentioned earlier, The News Spy offers an easy and fun to use trading platform.

The News Spy should work in most countries. Confirm if it’s available in yours by visiting its official site here. It should work well in your jurisdiction if you can access the site without using a VPN.STEP 1 – Sign up for free

Create an account on the official News Spy website by submitting the required information through the provided form.

STEP 2 – Authenticate account through the broker

After signing up, The News Spy automatically matches you with one of their brokers. Verify your ID as instructed by a matched local broker to authenticate your account.

Step 3 – Deposit trading capital

Fund The News Spy Account via the broker as directed. A minimum of USD250 must be deposited to access the trading account. The trading capital is what is used by the robot to place bets and make money.

Step 4 – Trade Demo

The News Spy offers a practice account to give you a feel of the live trading platform before continuing to live trading. Watch the trading instructions video carefully and test your understanding of the demo.

STEP 4 – Start a live trading session

This should be extremely easy if you have taken the previous step seriously. You only need to set the system and click the live button, and The News Spy will do the rest for you.

The News Spy Review – Pros and Cons

As usual, we have studied The News Spy intensely to determine if it’s worthwhile. This trading robot is undoubtedly worth your time and money.

It’s undoubtedly worth the risk if the alleged profitability rate is anything to go by. The News Spy is powered by the best of trading technologies to ensure profitable trading. Surprisingly, more than 95% of its users claim profitability.

The daily returns can be tremendous when crypto volatility is at its peak. This bot performs exceptionally well during bitcoin booms. A bitcoin boom has been cooking since 2020. This explains why The News Spy popularity has shot to the sky in the last three months.

In the last eight months, the News Spy has been trending in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. It ranks either number 1 or 2 on Google Trends in these countries. This means that it’s among the most searched bitcoin-related terms on search engines.

The News Spy is the world’s most advanced news trading platform. Bitcoin is the most news sensitive crypto asset and hence the best to trade with this trading system. Clients praise the News Spy for being easy to use.

We have tried it and concluded that it’s quite easy to operate. Once you have set it for trading, you can sit back and watch as it works its magic. It would be unfair if we never underlined the level of risk associated with this trading bot.

While profitability is highly likely, there is also a chance that you could make losses. Bitcoin trading is super volatile and, therefore, quite risky to trade. Try your luck with The News Spy but never with more than you can afford to lose. We have summarized the pros and cons of using The News Spy below.

Insane profitabilityNot available in some countries
Beginner-friendly platformTrading with it involves risk
Free and fast withdrawals
Secure trading environment
High-level transparency
Regulated partner brokers

How Reputable Is The News Spy

We have given it a reputation score of 99% after analyzing reviews from many of its clients. Over 90% of The News Spy reviewers claim-making money with it. Surprisingly, the majority claim-making money with it from day one of trading.

This is despite having zero trading background. Most claim to start with the USD250 deposit and reinvesting earnings for growth. The News Spy daily profitability rate can go up to 90% when the Bitcoin market is highly volatile.

We have also determined that this robot is heavily reviewed by experts. About five of the reviewers are on high traffic mainstream media publications. The experts report that The News Spy is the best tool for crypto speculation.

About 90% claim that this platform is disrupting the way people invest in cryptocurrencies.  The News Spy has reportedly made bitcoin trading more profitable than mining. Both individual and institutional investors are reportedly turning to this robot for BTC trading.

We have analyzed the heavy consumer feedback on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army and Reddit. Our findings are elaborated on below.

The News Spy Trustpilot

Trustpilot is among the top five biggest consumer feedback sites globally. This site is unique because all the reviews posted on it are verified.

You, therefore, have a guarantee that any review you read from the platform is from a legit user. The News Spy is reviewed by over a thousand users on this site. We have analyzed reviews and are amazed by the awesome feedback.

Over 90% of The News Spy reviews allege to be making good profits. Moreover, the majority alleges that it’s quite beginner-friendly.

The News Spy on Trustpilot
Trustpilot is among the top five biggest consumer feedback sites globally. This site is unique because all the reviews posted on it are verified.

You, therefore, have a guarantee that any review you read from the platform is from a legit user. The News Spy is reviewed by over a thousand users on this site. We have analyzed reviews and are amazed by the awesome feedback. Over 90% of The News Spy reviews allege to be making good profits. Moreover, the majority alleges that it’s quite beginner-friendly.

The News Spy Reddit
This trading robot has a robust community on Reddit. We have identified 15 related threads with tens of thousands of comments from fans. The feedback on Reddit indicates that The News Spy is a super performer with daily returns of up to 90%. Profitability is reported to be extremely high during market events.

The News Spy Reddit communities update each other on volatility-triggering market events. These updates are vital when using The News Spy. This is because the robot’s profitability is determined by the market events.

The News Spy in the Fake News

As mentioned above, The News Spy is a super trading system with a great reputation. It’s trending in most countries today. The News Spy popularity has made it a top target for fake news in most countries. We have come across hundreds of posts associating this platform with primetime TV shows and celebrities.

Below are some trending posts linking The News Spy with famous people and top mainstream media programs.

The News Spy This Morning
We have also stumbled upon a post claiming that The News Spy has featured in one of Britain’s most viewed TV programs. This Morning TV program is aired on ITV and hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. The show features a debate on trending subjects in politics, business, technology, finance, showbiz and more.

The News Spy hasn’t appeared on the show, as some people allege. This robot hasn’t engaged in marketing campaigns. 

The News Spy Dragons Den
Dragons Den is a reality TV show appearing on BBC Canada and the UK. The show features entrepreneurs presenting their innovative money-making ideas to angel investors for funding.

We have come across highly-ranking posts claiming that The News Spy has featured on the Dragons Den. Our team has combed through the recent episodes and didn’t find any proof. Moreover, there is no information to support these claims on the official The News Spy website. 

The News Spy Shark Tank
Shark Tank is a franchise of the Dragons Den and therefore follows the same theme. A post claiming that The News Spy received funding from the Shark Tank has been trending in Australia.

We have investigated this rumour and found zero proof to confirm it. The News Spy hasn’t raised financing from any individual or institution. Therefore, the rumours stating that The News Spy has appeared on the Shark Tank should be treated as fake news.

The News Spy Martin Lewis

A rumour trending in the UK claims that Martin Lewis has reviewed The News Spy in his Money Saving Expert blog. The rumour further alleges that he has endorsed it and disclosed using it to make over a million dollars in the covid19 triggered bitcoin volatility.

We have put this rumour under the microscope and found it to be unfounded. Martin Lewis has previously stated that he has no interest in crypto. We insist that you keep off the celebrity gossip blogs when looking for trading information.

Unbiased and comprehensive reviews like this should be your one-stop-shop for all information relating to bitcoin robots. The News Spy is a genuine bot worth investing in for those looking to earn an income on the internet. 

Is The News Spy scam or legit?

We are amazed by the quality measures observed by The News Spy trading system. This trading system meets all the standards of a legit, quality, and profitable trading system.

Our team of experts has done everything necessary to determine if this trading robot is worth the money and time. We conclude that it’s an amazing auto-trading system worth trying for anyone looking to make money online.

The robot is easy to use, given that all the trading is automated. This explains why we recommend it for anyone interested in trying their luck in bitcoin trading. The many reviews out there allege that The News Spy is profitable.

This robot profitability rate could hit 90% during high volatility. Bitcoin volatility is 99% influenced by news, and hence The News Spy is the best for trading it. Some expert reviewers claim to test this platform on a live account and concluding that the average daily profitability rate is 17%.

A consistent daily return of 7% could turn a deposit of $250 into a million dollars in about a year. Moreover, such a return rate should grow the $250 account to generate a daily profit of about a thousand dollars within six weeks.

We have analyzed The News Spy Reviews on Trustpilot to determine if the alleged profitability is real. An analysis of the consumer reviews indicates that it’s indeed highly profitable. Even when the risk is worth it, do not put all your savings in bitcoin trading. Remember that cryptos are highly unpredictable, and a single miscalculated move could lead to devastating losses.

The News Spy Trading App Review – Final word!

We have put The News Spy through our legitimacy testing criteria and concluded that it’s genuine. This trading system offers a unique way to make money from the price swings associated with BTC.

The News Spy exclusively applies the news-trading technique to generate highly profitable signals from crypto data. We will take a deep dive into this technique later in this review.

Most of our readers are asking us whether The News Spy is right for them. We conclude that this bitcoin trading tool is for anyone looking to make money online. The News Spy algorithms eliminate the hustles of bitcoin trading by automating the whole process.

This makes it easy to run for anyone, including those who don’t know anything about bitcoin or trading. Moreover, The News Spy makes BTC trading more profitable and fun. The high profitability is linked to the accuracy of the algorithms and the level of leverage applied per trade.

Leverage is the debt capital offered by the robot’s underlying brokers to help you take huge positions. Don’t shun The News Spy because of the technical terms used in this review. You don’t need to know a thing about trading to use this platform.

We find The News Spy trading interface to have a gaming-like feel. It’s attractive and easy to navigate through. The News Spy only offers a web-trader. This web trader should work on any mobile and desktop browser. However, we insist that you use Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, or Brave for security purposes.

The News Spy web-trader is in HTML5 and therefore installs on mobile devices as a hybrid app. You should be able to use it on any mobile OS.


Does The News Spy support mobile trading?

Yes! You should be able to use The News Spy on your smartphone. The web-trader works well on most browsers and can install as a hybrid app on any mobile OS.

How profitable is The News Spy?

We have studied feedback from The News Spy clients and concluded that the trading tool is super profitable. Daily returns can go tremendously in highly volatile crypto markets.

Does The News Spy offer a desktop app?

The News Spy is in web-trader version only, and therefore you can’t install it on your desktop devices.

How much should I invest with The News Spy?

That depends on how much you can afford, but don’t put all your savings into this robot. You can get started with $250 and still grow your account into fortunes.

Is The News Spy a con?

We have investigated The News Spy rigorously and didn’t find anything to suggest that it’s a con. This trading robot is genuine and worth the risk.

Is The News Spy a risky trading system?

Every highly profitable venture must also involve significant risk. The News Spy is not an exception. There is a high possibility of making losses with this trading tool.

Does The News Spy allow instant withdrawals?

The average wait time for withdrawals is 12 hours. However, some of the withdrawal methods may take up to 24 hours.