Russell Brand Bitcoin – Did he Recommend or Invest in any Robots?

Russell Brand Bitcoin Interest has been making the news in the crypto industry. He is an outspoken bitcoin enthusiast with wide media coverage in Europe and Australia.

Russell Brand believes that bitcoin has the power to revolutionize the global financial systems. He believes that cryptocurrencies are the future of money and could eliminate modern-day capitalism.

Russell Brand is also interested in bitcoin as an investment.  He has discussed it as an investment through podcasts on his website and YouTube videos. Russell Brand regularly invites guests with bitcoin investment experience to educate his followers.

We have seen posts claiming that Russell Brand has invested in Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Billionaire trading robots. These two bitcoin robots are highly popular. Moreover, the two robots supposedly generate mouth-watering profits during high volatility.

But did Russell Brand invest in any of these bitcoin robots? We will find out in this post. Also, we will take an in-depth look at the two bitcoin robots to determine if they are worth investing in.

Who is Russell Brand?

Russell Brand Bitcoin

Russell Brand is a British comedian, actor, and public activist. He is the former spouse of the renowned musician Kate Perry.

Russell Brand is a big believer in bitcoin as the tool to fight modern-day capitalism. He has openly expressed his love for crypto, both on alternative and mainstream media. Moreover, he has done a lot of podcasts discussing the subject.

The theme of the podcasts is cryptocurrency as an investment. Most of the podcasts include an expert guest discussing the opportunities in bitcoin 

trading. The podcasts are a great source of information for those with interests in bitcoin trading.

Russell Brand is also highly active on YouTube and often posts videos discussing bitcoin as a store of value and investment.  He has over 4 million followers. Russell Brand bitcoin-related videos have reportedly triggered the explosive growth of his YouTube channel.

We are also amazed by the huge following on all the leading social media platforms. Most of Russell Brand social media followers seems interested in bitcoin-related subjects.

Russell Brand Bitcoin in the Media

We can confirm that Russell Brand has discussed bitcoin in the mainstream and alternative media many times.

A simple search on YouTube indicates that this celebrity has made many videos about bitcoin on his channel. He has also been featured on top mainstream media platforms such as the Russian RT and 60 Minutes Australia.

We are also amazed by the many videos discussing bitcoin on Russell Brand YouTube page. This is a clear sign that he has a lot of interests in this subject. We are not sure whether Russel Brand has invested any money in bitcoin since he hasn’t disclosed so.

As we will see below, Russell Brand has endorsed bitcoin as an investment asset. However, he has warned his followers to be extra cautious given the level of risk involved. Bitcoin trading can be highly risky, especially manual trading.

We will present a preview of some of the bitcoin robots you can use to minimize the risk and maximize potential later in this review. Some of these bitcoin robots are rumoured to have been recommended by Russell Brand.

However, there is no proof, and therefore we recommend that you treat such claims as fake news. Read on to learn about the resources you can explore to learn more about the Russell Brand bitcoin sentiments.

Russell Brand Bitcoin Podcasts

This celebrity has hosted many podcasts discussing the future of bitcoin. These podcasts are available on Russell Brand personal website.

You can also download them on other platforms, including Apple and YouTube. The podcasts are free and open to all. Moreover, you don’t pay anything to access them.

The Russell Brand bitcoin podcasts offer insights into the latest developments in the bitcoin market and tips to help you make money from it. You can watch the podcasts online or download them through the provided tools.

Russell Brand seems to recommend investing in bitcoin. However, he hasn’t said anything about trading it through automated systems.

Russell Brand Bitcoin YouTube

There are many videos on YouTube featuring Russell Brand discussing bitcoin. This celebrity has over 4.4 million subscribers on this site.

Millions of people watch Russell Brand bitcoin-related videos. For instance, a recent video discussing bitcoin as a money-making opportunity has received over a million views and hundreds of thousands of comments.

There are many other YouTube videos heavily watched videos featuring Russell Brand discussing the future of bitcoin. These videos are enough proof of this celebrity’s sentiment towards this trading robot.

Russell Brand Bitcoin Reddit

We are amazed by the many subreddits discussing Russell Brand and his Bitcoin thoughts. Many people value this celebrity’s bitcoin sentiments.

Our team of experts have discovered over 20 Reddit threads discussing Russell Brand bitcoin ideas. All the threads are popular, with some having up to five thousand participants. Moreover, each of the Russell Brand Bitcoin threads has tens of thousands of comments.

This is enough proof that many people make bitcoin trading decisions based on this celebrity’s bitcoin related sentiments. Some of Russell Brand bitcoin podcasts are published on Reddit.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution LogoYou have probably come to know about Bitcoin Revolution through a mainstream media feature.

This bitcoin robot is arguably the game-changer in bitcoin speculation. It’s making many people rich through automated bitcoin speculation. The automation means that the bot is easy to use for the complete beginner.

Bitcoin Revolution has an amazing success score. Its white paper indicates a success rate of 88%. Most of the verified experts who have reviewed it allege a success score of over 90%.

We have put Bitcoin Revolution under scrutiny and do not doubt that it’s worthwhile. Click here to redirect to our detailed Bitcoin Revolution review. Read on for a snapshot look into this robot.

Did Russell Brand invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the robots alleged to have received huge investment from Russell Brand. However, we found no evidence of these claims.

Bitcoin Revolution is insanely popular. This robot is among the pioneers in applying AI in automated bitcoin trading. It has been making headlines for years as most users continue to come forward with insane profitability claims.

Bitcoin Revolution popularity makes it a top target for celebrity gossip. The Russell Brand Bitcoin Revolution claims are false.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Our robot review squad has put Bitcoin Revolution under the microscope to determine if it’s legitimate.

We conclude that the bot can be trusted after analyzing data from many sources. Bitcoin Revolution reputation indicates that most users find it worthwhile.

As is evident from the reviews, the majority of this robot’s users are profitable. Bitcoin Revolution boasts of a 90% accuracy level. The bot alleges to generate up to 400 signals daily, with at least 350 being profitable.

All the signals generated by this bot are implemented in the traders’ accounts uniformly.  However, the performance of each of the accounts depends on the settings applied and the invested capital.

Bitcoin Revolution offers its clients a degree of control by enabling them to set the robot to trade at a given level of risk.

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

Trading with Bitcoin Revolution is a breeze for those who can pay close attention to the provided instructions.

You don’t need any crypto trading know-how to make money with Bitcoin Revolution. Trading with this bot involves following the simple steps as explained below.

Sign up by filling the registration form on the official Bitcoin Revolution site. 

  • Verify your identity by uploading a clear photo of a government-provided identification document. The ID verification takes place via one of the ten Bitcoin Revolution partner brokers.
  • Use any of the methods provided by the linked broker to fund your Bitcoin Revolution trading account.
  • Navigate to the robot’s dashboard and click on the trading resources tab. Watch the robot’s setup video and test it on the demo.
  • Start making money with Bitcoin Revolution by clicking the live session button. Bitcoin Revolution does all the work for you on autopilot.

You can set the bot to send periodic notifications and deliver profits straight to your account. Bitcoin Revolution makes it easy to join the crypto millionaires, but nothing is guaranteed. Treat the bot as risky and do not stake more than you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Bitcoin Billionaire LogoThis trading robot’s popularity has been spreading like wildfire in 2021. We have counted over a hundred thousand Bitcoin Billionaire reviews from clients.

Moreover, we have analyzed nearly 20 expert Bitcoin Billionaire reviews. The expert reviews are posted on high traffic sites all over the web. These sites include top mainstream and alternative publications.

We conclude that Bitcoin Billionaire is highly popular. This is expected of a super performing bitcoin robot with a daily profitability rate of up to 90%. Bitcoin Billionaire alleges to have the potential to quadruple investments in a single day of volatility trading.

The higher the volatility, the more returns you can make through this robot. Bitcoin Billionaire uses AI to offer such a high return rate. Its AI-driven algorithms apply news and arbitrage trading techniques to generate returns from BTC price swings.

You have an opportunity to transform your financial life through Bitcoin Billionaire by signing up here. Read on to learn if Brand Russell has invested or endorsed Bitcoin Billionaire.

Did Russell Brand invest in Bitcoin Billionaire?

Russell Brand has interests in bitcoin, but it’s unclear whether he has invested in Bitcoin Billionaire.

As stated earlier, he has been very vocal about BTC both on mainstream and alternative media platforms. Russell Brand is an activist and big proponent of bitcoin as the solution to bad capitalism.

However, we found no shred of evidence to suggest that Brand Russell has put money in Bitcoin Billionaire. He may have commented about it given its popularity, but there is no proof of him investing in it.

The platforms spreading the Brand Russell Bitcoin Billionaire claims are mostly gossip sites. This means that you shouldn’t take them seriously. Read our review of Bitcoin Billionaire if you are looking for info to help you decide whether to invest.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire a scam?

We have subjected Bitcoin Billionaire to a litany of tests and are satisfied with the results. This bitcoin robot has the features we would expect in a legit, safe, transparent, and profitable bitcoin robot.

It’s reviewed by many, and the ratings are awesome. Bitcoin Billionaire has received over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot alone. The bot has an overall rating of 4.5/5 on this platform. This puts it among the best-rated bitcoin robots on Trustpilot.

We are also astounded by how reviewed Bitcoin Billionaire is on Reddit. The Bitcoin Billionaire Reddit reviews are also superb. This bot has over ten viral Reddit communities. Each of the Bitcoin Billionaire threads on Reddit has an average of 1500 participants.

Moreover, each thread has at least 10 thousand comments. This is enough evidence of the popularity of Bitcoin Billionaire. We have put Bitcoin Billionaire under thorough transparency, ease of use, and safety tests.

This trading bot is undoubtedly one of the most beginner-friendly bitcoin robots on the internet. It is also among the most transparent and safest bitcoin robots today.

How to trade with Bitcoin Billionaire?

Trading with Bitcoin Billionaire is also easy, given that 9.999% of the trading is automated. The only input required to run this bot is adjusting the risk control settings.

This shouldn’t be a cup of tea if you dedicate enough time to trading preparation. Bitcoin Billionaire offers a video tutorial to guide you through. You must watch the video and try out the settings on the demo before starting a live session.

The Bitcoin Billionaire demo is reportedly super accurate. Its results are said to be extremely close to the live trading experience. The demo is 100% similar to the live trading account. You should find live trading to be quite easy after the demo tests.

The steps to kick-start your trading journey with the Bitcoin Billionaire robot is listed in a nutshell below.

  • Submit the required verification documents through the assigned broker.
  • Fund your Bitcoin Billionaire account through the methods provided by the broker.
  • Watch the kick-ass video tutorial and test Bitcoin Billionaire through the provided demo account.
  • Set your Bitcoin Billionaire account to fit your risk profile and start a session by clicking the live button.

You will have a lot of fun trading with Bitcoin Billionaire but do not ignore the risks. Any approach to BTC trading carries risk due to the level of volatility involved. The risk is worth it, but not with all your savings.

Investing more than 10% of your savings in a high-risk investment is foolhardy. Always diversify your portfolio as recommended by experts. Read the Bitcoin Billionaire T&C before getting started.

Russell Bitcoin Review – Final Word!

This review confirms that Russell Brand has interests in bitcoin. He is one of the celebrities that have come forward and openly expressed admiration for crypto.

Russell Brand believes that Bitcoin has the power to revolutionize the world of finance as we know it. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 to take over the problematic fiat money system. Many experts identify the centralized fiat currency system as one of the leading causes of the 2008 financial recession.

Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies aim to decentralize money. Russell Brand is among the proponents of decentralized money taking over the world. He also believes that investing in bitcoin can be highly lucrative.

However, we didn’t find any evidence to indicate that Russell Brand has participated in automated bitcoin trading. You should therefore avoid the platforms alleging so. We have investigated the said Russell Bitcoin top five bitcoin robots.

All are legit, profitable, and highly popular. This makes them a prime target for scams. You should read our detailed bitcoin robots reviews when seeking information. Avoid celebrity linked gossip since it’s likely to be fake news.

There is a huge likelihood of generating handsome profits with any bitcoin robots presented in this review. However, the trading outcome isn’t fixed. You may find yourself on the losing end, especially if you fail to apply the right settings. Invest cautiously.


Who is Russell Brand?
Russell Brand is a British investor, media personality, and political activist. He is a big proponent of bitcoin as a tool to fight bad capitalism. There are a lot of materials on the web discussing his sentiments on crypto.
Is Russell Brand a bitcoin fan?
Brand Russell is a big bitcoin fan. He has discussed bitcoin in detail on all the sites that matter. Russell is generally positive about cryptocurrencies.
Does Russell Brand endorse Bitcoin investment?
Brand Russell has discussed bitcoin as both a store of value and investment. He believes that it offers an amazing opportunity to make money. Even so, he observes that trading involves high-level risk.
Has Russell Brand invested in bitcoin?
We have taken a dive on all Russell Brand bitcoin podcasts. None of the podcasts indicates that he has invested in bitcoin trading. Moreover, we didn’t find any confirmation on the Russell Brand Investment Website.
Did Russell Brand endorse a bitcoin robot?
Russell Brand has suggested that bitcoin investment and trading can be profitable. However, he hasn’t endorsed any particular bitcoin trading robot.
Did Russell Brand invest in Bitcoin Revolution?
We didn’t find any proof to indicate that Russell Brand has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. Any platform alleging so is misleading and should be treated as fake news.
Where can I watch the Russell Brand bitcoin podcasts?
The Russell Brand bitcoin podcasts are available on his website and also on platforms such as Apple Podcasts. You don’t pay a dime to listen to these podcasts. Some of the podcasts have been uploaded on YouTube.