Cryptohopper Review – Is it a legit and Profitable Crypto Trading Software?

Cryptohopper should be on top of your list if you are looking for tools to help you make money online. This crypto trading system has been in the news since late 2020.

It’s widely reviewed, and the feedback is superb. Cryptohopper is said to generate crazy profits daily from an investment of as little as USD250.

A lot of people have come forward and claimed that it had transformed their finances. But is Cryptohopper legit and as lucrative as alleged? We have detailed and unbiased answers for you in this kickass review.

You will learn everything that you must know before investing your hard-earned money with this crypto robot.

Cryptohopper Review Summary

You are probably wondering whether Cryptohopper is as profitable as alleged. We have put this powerful bitcoin bot under rigorous tests, and the results are just amazing.

Cryptohopper offers users an opportunity to easily make money off bitcoin and other cryptos. The bot is not only easy but also delivers returns not witnessed anywhere else in the industry. An analysis of over 20 expert reviews on top publications indicates that Cryptohopper is the most profitable bitcoin robot in the market.

We have carried out safety tests on this platform and found it to be top-notch. Cryptohopper has all the safety features you would expect in a reputable platform. Further background checks indicate that this bitcoin robot is easy to use.

You don’t have to worry about not knowing anything about crypto or trading when using it. This is because Cryptohopper will do all the trading for you. You are free to do other things as it does the trading for you.

Cryptohopper comes with additional features to help you automate withdrawals. You can adjust it to automatically send money to your bank account when a certain balance is attained.

  • Trading status – Fully automated
  • Minimum deposit – USD 250
  • Potential profits – up to 95%
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10
  • Maximum amount per withdrawal – $10,000
  • Registration and trading fees – $0
  • Payable commission per profitable trade – 2%

What is Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper has grown to become one of the most popular tools for trading bitcoin today. This trading software is built on sophisticated technologies and capitalizes on leading HFT trading strategies to make great profits out of bitcoin.

Cryptohopper runs on autopilot and is therefore extremely beginner-friendly. You don’t need to know anything about trading to run this robot. The bot is built with the complete beginner in mind. This means that its trading guide is easy to follow for beginner traders.

You only need a few minutes to set Cryptohopper. You don’t need to keep monitoring your account after starting a live session. Let the bot do the trading for you as you continue with other things. You can set Cryptohopper to send periodic progress notifications straight into your account.

We are amazed by how super-profitable Cryptohopper can get on high volatility. The crypto boom of 2021 has seen many of this robot’s users earn fortunes. Some allege generating their first $1 million through this bot.

We didn’t conduct live tests to determine the profitability, but we are convinced that it’s real after analyzing user feedback. Cryptohopper is reviewed by many, and the feedback verifies the alleged profitability rate.

You should read our Cryptohopper review to the end if you are new to automated trading. Click the link below to visit the official Cryptohopper website.

Cryptohopper for Beginners: Getting Started!

We are convinced that Cryptohopper is a great bet for both beginners and experts. This bitcoin robot runs on autopilot and is therefore completely beginner-friendly.

Expert traders are flocking to this bot since it has proven to outdo even the world’s best crypto trader. Cryptohopper AI algorithms are super accurate hence the high profitability.

Moreover, the bot determines the trades through advanced strategies such as price trend analysis and arbitrage trading. These techniques have been tested and found to be the most profitable in automated trading.

Cryptohopper is easy to use for those who can follow simple instructions. Below is a step by step explanation of how to get started with Cryptohopper. Leveraged crypto trading, especially on HFT systems, involves high risk.

As a result, we insist that you evaluate your risk appetite carefully to determine if this bitcoin trading robot is for you.

STEP ONE: Register with Cryptohopper

Visit the official Cryptohopper website here to sign up. Signing up is easy peasy and should be complete in a few minutes.

Fill the signup form correctly to avoid your account getting suspended in later stages. Remember that you will need to verify the account details with the linked Cryptohopper broker.

Submitting wrong details will automatically lead to disqualification. Cryptohopper is available in over 120 countries. You can confirm if your country is accepted by clicking the ‘visit site’ button below. Your country is eligible if you can access the site.

Cryptohopper supports up to 20 languages globally. You can change their website’s language by clicking the flag at the header.

STEP TWO: Authenticate your account

This is an extremely important security step. Cryptohopper will instantly link you to one of its brokers on completing the registration.

Furnish the broker with more information as required and verify your identity. Please note that you can proceed to the other steps before verification, but you won’t be allowed to withdraw money from the platform.

For safety purposes, withdrawals only happen on verified accounts. You will need to take a photo of your ID and upload it on the assigned broker verification page.

STEP THREE: Account funding

Funding your Cryptohopper account is straightforward. As stated in the previous step, all deposits are facilitated by the linked broker.

Cryptohopper has mandated the brokers with facilitating the trading process. The brokers do this by executing the signals relayed by the bot in the market.

Cryptohopper works with the best brokers to access the best liquidity pools. This ensures that orders are executed instantly. Instant order placing is extremely important since it prevents the losses resulting from negative slippage.

A minimum of USD250 is the least you can invest with Cryptohopper. This bot is quite affordable when compared to all its competitors. At least 80% of Cryptohopper competitors require a minimum deposit of USD10000.

STEP FOUR: Trading preparation

You can access Cryptohopper fully after completing the deposit. We recommend that you go to the trading resources centre first.

Here you will find a Cryptohopper tutorial video, a risk appetite test, and a demo trading platform. Take the time to understand Cryptohopper by going through the ten minutes tutorial video. The video explains all the settings that must be adjusted manually to trade with this robot.

Take the risk appetite test after watching the video. The risk appetite test will help you know the amount of risk you can take per trade. You will learn everything about risk control with Cryptohopper in the tutorial video.

Make sure that you test Cryptohopper on its demo before going live. Cryptohopper backtesting tool gives you a life-like experience of the real-time platform.

STEP FIVE: Start a live session

This is simple for those who have gone through the steps above. As mentioned earlier, the trading preparation phase is the most important.

Live trading should be quite a walk in the park if you have read the Cryptohopper tutorial manual and taken the demo test. Follow the Cryptohopper risk control guide to set the robot for live trading. You will find the guide to be easy to follow if you have taken the previous step seriously.

Toggle the LIVE button to begin trading with Cryptohopper. This bot will use the deposited capital to automatically place bets through the attached broker. You will receive update notifications now and then on your phone.

Cryptohopper could transform your finances within days if luck is on your side. But don’t forget that crypto speculation, in general, carries high risk. You could find yourself on the losing side, especially if you don’t apply the right settings.

This is expected given the strong correlation between risk and return. You can’t expect huge profits without the will to risk.

Cryptohopper arbitrage trading strategy

The most popular trading strategy with Cryptohopper is arbitrage trading. Arbitrage trading is a popular technique in High-Frequency Trading (HFT).

This trading approach is popular with big banks and hedge funds. The big banks use sophisticated computer programs to research and capitalize upon arbitrage trades. Cryptohopper was founded on the same principles as the highly profitable trading systems used by the big banks.

In crypto, arbitrage trading involves studying multiple crypto exchanges to detect price discrepancies and capitalize on them. Cryptohopper tracks up to 20 major global exchanges to identify these arbitrage opportunities.

The bot implements this technique, and hence no human input is required. Consequently, you shouldn’t fear trying this system since all the trading is automated. The major crypto exchanges tracked by Cryptohopper for arbitrage opportunities are discussed below.

Which Exchanges does Cryptohopper track?

As stated above, one of the techniques applied by Cryptohopper to make money from crypto is arbitrage trading.

Arbitrage trading involves studying crypto prices to identify and exploit price discrepancies. Cryptohopper studies up to 20 crypto exchanges globally to identify arbitrage opportunities. Let’s look at some of the exchanges that offer Cryptohopper the best arbitrage trading opportunities.

  • Cryptohopper Coinbase Pro – Coinbase is one of the biggest exchanges. Cryptos worth Billions of dollars are exchanged on this platform daily. This translates to huge arbitrage trading opportunities.
  • Cryptohopper Binance – Binance is also one of the leading exchanges and one of the best for capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities. This platform is popular with manual and automated arbitrage trading.
  • Cryptohopper – The traffic to this site is also huge, with over $1 billion worth of crypto exchanging hands daily. This site has grown to become a top target for arbitrage trading.
  • Cryptohopper KuCoin – This is another top exchange with huge traffic. Many arbitrage trading opportunities are also capitalized on this platform.
  • Cryptohopper Kraken – Kraken is the US biggest crypto exchange. It’s also among the biggest exchanges globally and therefore offers a great opportunity for arbitrage trading.

Cryptohopper Reviews snapshot

This trading robot is heavily reviewed on all the platforms that matter. We have counted tens of thousands of Cryptohopper reviews all over the web.

The feedback from these reviews is amazing. Cryptohopper scores exceptionally well on profitability and ease of use. It’s also rated highly on transparency, safety, and customer support.

The majority of Cryptohopper reviewers are verified users. You can find the verified reviews on Trustpilot and FinanceOnline. Here is a snapshot of Cryptohopper reviews as lifted from Trustpilot.

Myles – London, UK

“Cryptohopper has changed my life. I am looking forward to earning my first $1million in the next few months. This trading robot is a game-changer.”

Ben – South Africa

“I am lost for words on how this bitcoin robot has transformed my life. Cryptohopper has made me a millionaire from an investment of just $500. I have been compounding my profits since January”

Angela – Dublin

“I have tried many bitcoin robots, and none can match the profitability of Cryptohopper. I have been trading with this bot for a month now, and the results are a phenomenon.”

As stated above, Cryptohopper is reviewed on reputable platforms such as Trustpilot, ForexPeaceArmy, and Reddit.

Cryptohopper on Mainstream media?

As stated above, Cryptohopper is reviewed on reputable platforms such as Trustpilot, ForexPeaceArmy, and Reddit.

Cyptohopper Trustpilot
This is another quite popular independent review platform. Trustpilot boasts of over 4 million reviews every month. We have established that Cryptohopper is among the most reviewed bitcoin robots on this platform. Our investigation finds tens of thousands of Cryptohopper reviews on this platform. The feedback from over 90% of the reviewers is generally good. Trustpilot is highly dependable since the majority of the reviews posted on it are verified. This means that feedback is from real users.
Cryptohopper Reddit
Reddit has grown to become the one-stop-shop for anyone looking for unbiased reviews from verified clients. This platform has particularly gained popularity among investors and traders. The platform allows traders and investors to form communities and exchange ideas around a given subject. We have seen many subreddits discussing Cryptohopper. The subreddits have many participants and thousands of comments affirming Cryptohopper popularity. 
Bitcoin Prime Crunchbase
Crunchbase is a platform that provides information about public and private companies. Only companies of public interest earn a page on this site. Cryptohopper has earned a page on this site. The page discloses that the company behind this innovative trading system was founded in the Netherlands. Cryptohopper is a private company with many employees. Some reviews claim that it’s a subsidiary of another B2B company offering plug and play trading software to the big banks and hedge funds in Wall Street. 
Cryptohopper Forbes
This trading system has also been featured in Forbes Magazine. We have come across over five features in two years. The features indicate that this trading robot is a super performer with the potential of disrupting the crypto markets. Cryptohopper has also appeared on other top publications in the UK, Australia, and Germany. 

Tips to get the most out of Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper has made many people rich, as is evident with the many positive reviews. This trading system is driven by AI to automate crypto speculation for you.

The automation of trading research and order execution means that you don’t need to know much about trading to use this trading system. Cryptohopper does all the heavy lifting for you. Moreover, the bot allows you to set the non-technical functions such as withdrawals to happen on autopilot.

But the full automation doesn’t mean that you can’t influence Cryptohopper’s performance. The tips to getting

  • Invest small amounts of money – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket since this will make you anxious. The anxiety is likely to tempt you to interrupt trading and prevent you from realizing Cryptohopper fullest potential.
  • Follow the market news – Keep tabs on bitcoin and other crypto volatility by following crypto industry news. Remember that volatility is high during news events. Running Cryptohopper during these events is likely to lead to high profitability.
  • Run Cryptohopper during the EDT time zone – This time zone brings the volatility resulting from heavy BTC derivatives trading on Wall Street. Run Cryptohopper from 8:00 AM to 4:00 EDT, Monday through Friday.
  • Don’t trade overnight, on weekends, or public holidays – Failing to end trading at 4:00 PM EDT could lead to rollover fees.

Cryptohopper review – Final Word!

We have tested the Cryptohopper auto-trading robot thoroughly to determine if it’s worth the time and money.

Many experts have carried out tests on Cryptohopper and concluded that it’s the best crypto trading robot. This crypto speculation software is reviewed by the majority as a super performer. The feedback from the experts and clients indicate a possibility of making fortunes with this trading robot.

Cryptohopper is one of the trading systems said to have generated many millionaires in 2021. It was launched in late 2015 and became a major driving force of the crypto boom of over 50% of Cryptohopper users are alleged to have made great fortunes during the boom.

Another massive crypto boom is cooking in 2021. Analysts are upbeat that Cryptohopper will outperform all the crypto trading options out there. This bot is already making mouthwatering returns for clients.

Using it is easy since all the trading happens on autopilot. You can try your luck with Cryptohopper now by clicking the link below. While profitability is highly likely with this bot, it’s also worth noting that you could also lose money.

Risk has a strong correlation with reward, and hence any super-profitable bitcoin robot also comes at high risk. It would be unwise to put all your savings in a high-risk investment. High-risk trading shouldn’t take more than 10% of your investment.


Is Cryptohopper a scam?

This bitcoin trading robot has all the features of a legit and transparent bitcoin trading system. It’s well regulated and completely safe for all clients.

Does Cryptohopper offer a trading app?

You can use Cryptohopper on any android, iOS or windows phone. We didn’t find any complaints about the app compromising the performance of any device.

How do I download the Cryptohopper app?

The Cryptohopper app download link is only accessible after finishing the registration and deposit. You will receive the download link by email.

Can I use Cryptohopper on my mobile browser?

The Cryptohopper web trader should work on most desktop and mobile browsers.

Is Cryptohopper profitable?

We have back-tested this bot on historical data, and it seems to be a super performer. Clients who have reviewed this bot confirm the alleged profitability.

Is Cryptohopper safe?

Rigorous testing on the Cryptohopper website confirms that it’s a safe platform. We have also not found any safety-related complaints.

How do I cancel my subscription with Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper allows you to easily cancel the subscription. Visit the account closure page and fill the request form.