BitQL App Review 2021 – Is it a Worthwhile Bitcoin Robot? The Truth Revealed!

An automated trading program known as BitQL is reportedly helping people make the most out of the Bitcoin volatility. The number of people claiming to make mouthwatering profits with this trading robot is rising daily.  With the speculation that Bitcoin may hit $100,000 by the start of 2022, has made the volatility increase tenfold this year hence user maximizing the profitability potential on this platform.

BitQL is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is among the most advanced systems today. It’s quite easy to operate and has become a top bet for ordinary people looking to make a profit on bitcoin. We are amazed by how heavily reviewed BitQL is on high traffic passive online income blogs. The majority of these blogs claim that it’s an opportunity worth considering. But is BitQL scam, or is it a super-profitable bitcoin robot?

These and all the other pertinent questions are addressed in this review. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

BitQL Key Points

Trading StatusFully automated Robot
Win RateUp to 90% daily
Supported AssetsBTC, ETH, DOGE
Is it a Scam?No
Minimum DepositUSD250
Withdrawal TimeframeUp to 5 Hours
Trading platformsDesktop and mobile browsers

BitQL Review 2021 

We have been investigating bitcoin robots since 2017. During this time, we have mastered the art of detecting opportunities when they arise. We can confirm that BitQL is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make money in bitcoin trading. BitQL is also a great bet for anyone looking for an easy, safe, and lucrative way to make money online.

This trading bot’s AI algorithms enable it to automatically place bets on bitcoin and deliver profits to clients. You can make money with this platform from anywhere around the globe. However, signup slots are hard to come by due to the high demand. You should therefore count yourself among the lucky ones if you can register immediately. BitQL is also affordable since you don’t pay any registration fees or account maintenance fees. The only money needed to get started with this bot is a $250 deposit.

This amount is what the bot uses to place bets on behalf of users. A small fee may be charged on the side of the partner broker facilitating the trading. The fee is insignificant when compared to the level of returns generated by this bot. We will describe the relationship between BitQL and the partner brokers later in this review. Below are the key questions addressed in this kickass BitQL review.

  • What is BitQL?
  • Is BitQL scam or not?
  • Does BitQL offer a trading app?
  • Does BitQL offer a trading app?
  • Are the BitQL Gordon Ramsay claims true?
  • Is it true that Bill Gates has endorsed BitQL?

You can scroll to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for short answers to these questions. However, it would be highly beneficial to read this review to the end.

What is BitQL?

BitQL imageExperts review BitQL as one of the best tools for making money online in 2021. This bitcoin robot has been around for two years.

It’s among the most popular bitcoin trading tools, thanks to its proven track record. BitQL has been tested by a boatload of experts, and the feedback is great. The majority of experts report great satisfaction with this bot.

But what is BitQL, and does it work? As explained in the introduction, BitQL is an online platform where ordinary people can sign up to participate in automated trading. You need to deposit at least USD250 for automated trading to start taking place.

The BitQL software is powered by AI to make money out of bitcoin volatility. This platform is easy to operate since you only need to sign up and set it as per the guide. A simple to follow explainer video and a demo platform are available to help you fully prepare.

Moreover, BitQL, in conjunction with its over 15 partner brokers, assigns all new users a dedicated account manager. The role of the manager is to help you navigate the settings easily. You can always reach out to the manager if you need help on the platform.

Getting Started with BitQL

You don’t have to worry since BitQL has invested in the best-automated trading platforms. This trading system is among the most revered automated bitcoin trading systems.

No trading know-how is required to make money with BitQL. The bot conducts all trading for you on autopilot. The setup is also easy, even though you must pay special attention to some of the tools that must be adjusted manually.

These include the risk control settings of Stop Loss (SL), Take Profit (TL), and Negative Balance Protection. The negative Balance Protection control tool works in default settings, but you must manually adjust the SL and TL settings.

Any settings applied must be in line with your risk appetite. BitQL offers free risk appetite test tools. Make sure that you take the test and try several risk settings to determine what works best for you.

Register a free account

Signing up with BitQL is straightforward and doesn’t take much time. Registration happens on the official site.

BitQL should work in most countries across the globe. Try the registration here to determine if your country is among the supported ones. You should access the official BitQL website if this robot is authorized to operate in your country.

Fill the registration form and click the proceed button to continue. BitQL will prompt you to secure your account through a password.

Authenticate your account

BitQL will connect to a local broker who will act as the link between you and the robot. Trading robots are either founded by or work with a broker.

BitQL works with multiple brokers to offer clients a great trading experience. You will be matched with a locally regulated broker and be prompted to deposit. With a regulated broker, you have a 100% guarantee of a safe trading environment.

The deposit process is also straightforward. Select your method of choice and specify the amount you would want to invest. The minimum trading balance is USD250. You can deposit more for higher returns but not more than you can afford to lose.

Test BitQL through a demo platform

As stated above, bitcoin trading through the BitQL app is fully automated. However, there are settings that the user must adjust manually.

These settings include the risk control tools. BitQL comes with a video tutorial explaining the whole risk setting process. Even better, it provides a practice account to help you try out different settings to determine which matches your risk appetite.

Please don’t ignore the demo since it offers you a perfect live trading experience without risking your capital. The demo results are reportedly very close to what you will get in live trading.

Start a live trading session

Now that you know how BitQL works and have determined the risk levels that suit your appetite, let us look at the trading process.

Live trading with BitQL starts at the click of the live button. Navigate to the top of the trading page to find this button. Click the button and select the hours you would like to run the trading robot.

We recommend running it between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT since this trading period comes with a lot of volatility. Make sure that you strict run the robot during this time to avoid rollover fees.

Why trade with BitQL?

You are probably aware of the traditional ways of investing in bitcoin. The majority of people only know the ‘buying low and selling high’ and mining.

However, there are a lot of limitations to these traditional methods. The ‘buying low and selling high’ method is only suitable for investors with significant capital and an insatiable risk appetite. BTC is currently trading past $60,000 and is expected to rise to $100,000 by the end of the year.

This means that you need to invest more money to make good returns. Moreover, bitcoin is highly volatile, and hence you could lose a significant portion of your investment within hours. A small account is bound to take the full brunt of crashing prices.

Bitcoin mining is out of the question for most people since much computing power is needed to mine. You need to invest in supercomputers and have a huge electricity budget to mine bitcoin today.  So the big question is, what is the best way to invest in bitcoin?

Our answer is BitQL! This trading tool places bets on bitcoin volatility without having to own it. Volatility is simply the up and downs of a given asset’s price. Bitcoin is super volatile and hence a good bet for volatility trading. BitQL is one of the most volatile assets globally today, with daily returns hitting a high of 90% during bitcoin booms.

A bitcoin boom never witnessed before has been developing since the start of 2021. This boom is anticipated to continue for the next two years. BitQL users could make great profits from this boom. Below is a snapshot look at the pros and cons of using this bitcoin robot.


  • High-level profitability
  • Affordable to most people
  • Easy to operate for complete beginners
  • Powered by fully regulated brokers
  • Has great reputation among users
  • Observes high-level transparency
  • Fully encrypted website
  • Allows up to 10 free withdrawals per month


  • Limited signup slots
  • Trading with it involves high risk

How popular is BitQL?

This trading system is popular globally. We have analyzed the feedback from verified BitQL users and concluded that most people are happy with it.

From the reviews, it seems that BitQL has clients from all over the globe. The robot claims to have a presence in over 130 countries globally. However, it’s more popular in some countries than in others. Below are the hottest BitQL markets today.

BitQL Australia – Australians have a huge appetite for emerging tech and are at the frontline in crypto adoption. BitQL has gained a massive following in the country and has even made it to the top of mainstream news.

BitQL Canada – This is also a leading market for BitQL. More than 20% of the traffic to the official BitQL website is from Canada. Canadians are also at the frontline in the adoption of AI, blockchain and crypto.

BitQL UK – The BitQL trading system was initially founded for this market. This explains its high popularity in the country. About 50% of the internet traffic to the official BitQL website is from the UK.

We only analyze reviews from reputable sources. The clients’ feedback highlighted in this review is therefore objective and reliable. Below is how BitQL scores on the top consumer feedback platforms on the web.

BitQL Trustpilot
Over 4 million reviews are posted on Trustpilot every month. This review site is therefore extremely important when determining whether to invest in a bitcoin robot. BitQL has thousands of reviews on Trustpilot and a general rating of 4.6/5. This means that over 90% of the reviewers find this trading bot to be useful. BitQL ratings indicate that it’s super profitable and quite easy to operate. The positive ratings don’t imply that BitQL is risk-free. This trading bot profitability is tied to many factors, including risk.
BitQL Reddit
We are also surprised by the many viral BitQL subreddits. Reddit is a unique social platform that allows people to form communities around their interests. There are over ten BitQL Reddit communities, each with over 500 participants and ten thousand comments. An analysis of these comments indicates that BitQL is highly rated. This robot is reviewed as super-profitable, with daily profits of up to 90%. 

BitQL in the news

This bitcoin robot is a hot media subject in Europe, Asia and the Americas. BitQL has made the headlines over ten times in 2021. Some popular media platforms claim that the robot is the key driver of the BTC volatility in 2021. BitQL is reportedly churning out more millionaires this year than any other trading robot.

The robot is expected to quadruple performance in the coming months as BTC volatility continues to rise. This means that the robot will continue to receive wide media coverage in all its countries of operation. Like any other viral investment tool, BitQL has made its way into fake news. We have stumbled upon some viral posts associating this trading tool with celebrities. Some of the fake news claims that BitQL has invested millions of dollars in advertising on prime TV.

We have highlighted the viral fake posts to help you stay on the lookout. Always verify celebrity-linked claims on the official BitQL site before accepting them as the truth. Also, your trading decisions should never be influenced by celebrity endorsements.

There are many instances out there where celebrities have endorsed unverified and scam projects. For instance, Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled have been under SEC investigation for endorsing a scam Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). BitQL is legit and trustworthy and doesn’t pay celebrity influencers for marketers. Whether on social media or high traffic blogs, any post alleging so should be treated as fake news.

BitQL Gordon Ramsey
We didn’t determine why the fake gossip blogs are linking Gordon Ramsay to BitQL. Gordon Ramsay is a TV personality best known for his cooking shows. We haven’t found any proof to show that he has endorsed or even invested in BitQL. Neither Gordon Ramsay nor BitQL has confirmed these claims. 
BitQL Bill Gates
Bill Gates is among the top celebrities that have shown great interest in blockchain and bitcoin. But did he recommend bitcoin volatility trading through the BitQL app? We have fact-checked the Bill Gates BitQL rumours and discovered that they are fake news. This news is probably used as clickbait to the gossip blogs. 
BitQL Amazon
Amazon is one of the world’s biggest conglomerates in terms of market capitalization. We have seen a rumour alleging that Amazon is introducing its crypto. The rumour further alleges that the coin will only be traded through the BitQL software. Background checks on these claims reveal that they are fake and nonsensical. BitQL is highly specialized to trade BTC CFDs only.

We also have come across viral Tweets claiming that Amazon has invested over a billion dollars in the company behind Bitcoin Prime. This review can confirm that the company behind Bitcoin Prime has never raised any form of financing. The rumour claiming that it has received around two funding from Amazon is not true. 

BitQL Forbes
We have also come across fake news claiming that BitQL has spent over $1 million advertising on Forbes Magazine. The claims are published on some high traffic sites and have therefore attracted a lot of attention. Our kickass review team has carried out in-depth background checks and confirmed that these are fake news. 


BitQL Shark Tank
The Shark Tank is a top-rated TV program featuring entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas to a panel of angel investors for funding. Some fake news blogs allege that BitQL was pitched on the Shark Tank a while ago. However, our investigation finds these to be fake news. BitQL isn’t featured on any of the recent Shark Tank episodes.

Is BitQL scam true, or is it genuine? The Verdict!

We have all the facts to show that BitQL is a legit trading platform. As usual, we have put this bitcoin robot under rigorous testing to determine its legitimacy and profitability.

We are 100% convinced that this platform is genuine and worthwhile for anyone looking to make money online in 2021 and beyond.

BitQL trades CFDs on bitcoin. The bot has reportedly been generating mouthwatering profits for clients since last year. Its profitability is expected to keep increasing as the building up bitcoin boom gains pace.

The boom will probably continue into 2023, and hence BitQL users have great opportunities to make money. While BitQL can be super profitable, it isn’t without risk. There is a chance that you could lose money through this bot.

We insist that you avoid investing more than you can afford to lose. Also, BitQL should NEVER take more than 10% of your savings. The $250 is a good starting point for risk-averse traders.


Is BitQL real?

BitQL is a real bitcoin robot founded on the best-automated trading technologies and strategies. The majority of experts confirm that this bot is genuine.

Is BitQL safe?

We have put BitQL through all the necessary tests and found it to be safe. This bitcoin bot is powered by leading online security technologies.

Is BitQL legit?

BitQL is not only genuine, but there is enough evidence to indicate that it’s highly profitable. This trading robot has outdone most of its competitors in all the areas that matter.

Who made BitQL?

BitQL founders have chosen to remain anonymous. However, rumour has it that it was founded by two of the most reputable professional traders on Wall Street. BitQL is reportedly founded on the trading wisdom used by the big banks to beat the markets.

How much do I pay for BitQL?

You don’t pay a dime to sign up with BitQL. This bitcoin robot is absolutely free, with trading commissions only being charged on profitable accounts.