Bitcoin Inform Review 2022 – Is it a Trustworthy Trading System? The $250 Test!

Bitcoin Inform is a viral automated trading system launched in 2020. The system was reportedly developed by a guru bitcoin trader to help ordinary people easily make money off bitcoin.

Bitcoin Inform brings together AI and blockchain to offer insanely profitable bitcoin trading. The system automatically analyzes big data for insights and relays signals to underlying brokers for execution.

Bitcoin Inform reportedly generates at least ten trading signals per minute. These signals are instantly relayed to one of its partner brokers for execution. Trading execution happens instantly to avoid negative slippage and maximize performance.

But is Bitcoin Inform a scam or a legit bitcoin robot? We have put this bitcoin robot under scrutiny and found it to be awesome. This bot is legit, and there is a huge possibility that you will make money with it.

Bitcoin Inform at a Glance

TypeBitcoin Robot
Minimum trading capitalUSD250
Trading status Fully automated
Potential profitabilityup to 90%
Ease of useCompletely beginner-friendly
Trading platformsWeb and mobile
Free withdrawalsUp to ten per month
Maximum amount per withdrawal$20,000

What is Bitcoin Inform?

Bitcoin Inform is an internet-based platform for automated bitcoin speculation. The system implements powerful algorithms to determine the bets to place on bitcoin. Bitcoin Inform is trending in many countries. This robot has gone viral in the US, the UK, Australia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

It’s reportedly available in over 30 countries. The robot is anticipated to be available in over 120 countries globally by the end of this year. Bitcoin Inform popularity is a result of its alleged insane profitability rate. This trading tool is churning out wealthy crypto traders at an exponential rate. It has only been around for 11 months and has reportedly turned some of its users into millionaires. Bitcoin Inform claims an average daily profitability rate of 20%.

A consistent daily return of 20% can easily make a fortune out of a deposit of $250 when all profits are compounded for a few months. At least 90% of Bitcoin Inform success stories are as a result of compounding. At least $250 in capital is needed to trade with Bitcoin Inform. You can fund your account with more money for fast growth or choose the reinvestment strategy. Invest more money if you are interested in a daily income from the first day.

Bitcoin trading, whether manually or through a robot, is highly risky. You should therefore treat Bitcoin Inform as highly risky. A prudent investor never puts all their eggs in one basket. You should never put more than 10% of your total savings in Bitcoin Inform.

Getting started with Bitcoin Inform

Live trading with Bitcoin Inform is straightforward. This means that you don’t need any specific skills to use this trading platform.

Bitcoin Inform is currently accessible in over five languages. The robot is available in English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Chinese, and Urdu. Click the flag at the header of the official Bitcoin Inform website and select your language of choice.

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Inform is available in over 30 countries. You can determine if you are in the eligible countries by trying the signup. You should be able to access the official Bitcoin Inform site without using a VPN.

Register a free account

Signing up with Bitcoin Inform is a no-brainer even for the complete beginner. Moreover, it’s fast since you only need to fill the signup form and verify contact information. You will instantly link to a local broker on completing this step.

Deposit trading capital

Fund your Bitcoin Inform account through the broker. You will be asked to complete a simple ID verification exercise before depositing.

The minimum you can get started with is USD250. Bitcoin Inform won’t charge you any registration fees. Moreover, no trading fee will be taken from your account until you are profitable.

Test the robot on the demo and go live

Bitcoin Inform will be fully accessible after the deposit. Continue to the resources center and read the trading guide.

Test the settings on the demo before proceeding to live trading. Set the live trading platform as instructed and start a session by clicking the trading button.

Tips to getting the most out of Bitcoin Inform

Bitcoin Inform is a specialized and fully automated bitcoin robot. A fully automated bitcoin robot requires very little human input.

The input is non-technical, and therefore anyone can use a bitcoin robot successfully. Even when most of the trading functions happen automatically, the user has some control in determining the trading outcome.

You can influence the trading results through the trading settings and by timing and capitalizing on instances of high volatility. Remember that Bitcoin Inform performance is tied to market volatility.

Also, the amount of trading capital invested influences how fast you grow your trading account. The tips explained below should help you make the most out of Bitcoin Inform.

Follow the trading instructions carefully

Bitcoin Inform enables you to control the trading outcome through the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools. You need to set these tools before starting a live session.

The Stop Loss (SL) minimizes trading risk allowing you to predetermine the losses you are willing to take per trade. This prevents you from holding a losing trade for too long. On the other hand, the Take Profit helps you define the level of profit at which a trade should close.

This prevents the greed that makes the trader hold a profitable position for too long. Holding a profitable trade for too long can result in the reversal of the gains. The risk management process is well explained in the provided trading guide.

Also accompanying the guide is a demo to help you test Bitcoin Inform thoroughly before proceeding to live trading.

Invest what you can afford to lose

This is quite important since putting all your savings in a fast-paced bot such as Bitcoin Inform is likely to lead to anxiety.

You won’t be able to track performance and determine what works when anxious. Moreover, anxiety is likely to tempt you to interrupt trading and hence not realize this robot’s full potential.

Bitcoin Inform minimum trading balance is USD250. You can invest more or plough back all the profits for faster growth. Surprisingly, a significant number of Bitcoin Inform reviewers allege starting with the minimum deposit and growing their accounts into fortunes.

Bitcoin Inform is alleged to have a 15% daily ROI. A consistent daily ROI of 15% could turn you into a millionaire in less than a year.

Trade the EDT or CST time zones

Bitcoin Inform is a volatility trading platform. Consequently, high BTC volatility increases the chances of making great profits.

The Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) brings high BTC volatility due to related derivatives trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). You should run Bitcoin Inform from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This is the time when the bourse is open, and trading is taking place.

A lot of volatility is also witnessed during China’s Standard Time. This is due to the heavy BTC derivatives trading at Shanghai Stock Exchange. The tips for selecting a trading time zone are available at the Bitcoin Inform’s trading resources page.

Do not run the robot overnight or during the weekend

Run Bitcoin Inform only during the selected trading session. Do not run it past the closure of the markets at the chosen trading time zone.

Trading overnight, during the weekends, and on public holidays will attract rollover fees. These fees are charged by the linked broker. Read the linked broker’s terms and conditions to learn more about these fees.

Get a trading buddy

A trading buddy will help you stay disciplined and identify profitability opportunities and risks. You can introduce one of your friends to this trading robot or follow the Bitcoin Inform Reddit communities.

A trading buddy will help you track the robot’s performance in different market events and identify periods when it’s likely to be highly profitable. It’s important that you learn to follow crypto market news to identify volatility triggering events.

You can compare how the news impacts performance when different levels of risk per trade are applied.

Is Bitcoin Inform a scam or not?

We have put together all the facts to indicate that Bitcoin Inform is legit and profitable. Our investigation of Bitcoin Inform has taken into account many factors.

The investigation includes a study of clients and experts feedback and real-time tests of the Bitcoin Inform website. We have also evaluated the brokers linked to Bitcoin Inform to determine if they are genuine.

An analysis of Bitcoin Inform reviews shows generally positive feedback from individual users as well as experts. Most Bitcoin Inform users rate it top on profitability. We have also determined that most of the users find this trading system to be easy to use.

Moreover, we didn’t find any complaints relating to transparency and safety. This means that Bitcoin Inform has put in place mechanisms to ensure a highly transparent trading environment. We are satisfied with the level of disclosure portrayed on their official website.

As usual, our technical team has subjected the Bitcoin Inform website to thorough penetration testing. Penetration testing determines if a website has security loopholes. These tests are quite important since the website is the entry point to the trading system.

Any form of cyberattack can therefore only happen through the website. Our investigation finds the Bitcoin Inform to be fully secured. This means that no form of attack can penetrate through. Only a genuine and transparent trading platform can invest in such security measures.

This trading bot has also attained quality partnerships from across the industry. We have investigated all the 15 Bitcoin Inform partner brokers and found them genuine, regulated and highly dependable.

  • Proven performance track record
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Secure trading platform
  • Regulated partner brokers

Is Bitcoin Inform Accessible from my country?

Bitcoin Inform is available in over 30 countries. The bot is expected to be accessible from over 120 countries by the end of this year. Below are some of the top markets for this bot.

  • Bitcoin Inform UK – This bitcoin robot has a huge client base in the UK. It was founded here hence the high popularity.
  • Bitcoin Inform Philippines – The Philippines is another top market for Bitcoin Inform. We have identified huge traffic to the site from this region.
  • Bitcoin Inform Pakistan – This trading robot has made it to top Pakistani TV shows hence attracting huge followership. The robot is reportedly popular with institutional traders in the country.
  • Bitcoin Inform Nigeria – This robot is also attracting a huge following here. The popularity is linked to the claims that it will soon be trading the e-Naira paired against bitcoin.

Bitcoin Inform Popularity Score

We are surprised by how popular Bitcoin Inform has become in the last few months. This trading robot was founded in late 2020.

It has since then grown to become a force to reckon with in the industry. Experts are reviewing Bitcoin Inform as one of the best bitcoin trading bots globally. It’s reportedly super-profitable and completely beginner-friendly.

We are amazed by the positive Bitcoin Inform reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, Facebook and Twitter. Below is a sample of the consumer reviews on these platforms

“I am still finding it hard to believe how Bitcoin Inform has transformed my finances. This robot has literally taken from the rags to riches.” Andrew – Dublin, South Africa

“I have witnessed by money grow tremendously for the last three months thanks to Bitcoin Fortune. This bitcoin trading system is the best online money-making machine” Anita – Sydney, AUS.

“I have been using Bitcoin Inform for one month now, and the daily profits are just amazing. This robot is the best bet for anyone interested in earning an income online.” – Gertrude – London, UK.

I am no longer doubtful of the immense opportunities found in bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Inform has the power to turn ordinary people into millionaires. I have already quadrupled my investment.” Chris – Netherlands

Below is a description of how Bitcoin Inform ranks on the world’s largest independent review platforms and social media.

Bitcoin Inform Trustpilot
The clients’ feedback on Trustpilot is also quite important since the reviews are usually verified. Bitcoin Inform is reviewed by many on this platform. The reviews are generally good, with 95% of the reviewers confirming the profitability associated with this robot. Bitcoin Inform has earned itself a top position on this platform in terms of popularity. Most Bitcoin Inform Trustpilot reviewers also praise the robot for being beginner-friendly and safe. 
Bitcoin Inform Reddit
Reddit is one of the top information sources for the trading community. This social platform enables people to form communities around similar interests. The communities are either public or private. You need to subscribe to Reddit gold to participate in private communities. The communities are known as subreddits. We have counted ten Bitcoin Inform subreddits. Each of the subreddits has many participants and tens of thousands of comments. The feedback from the public communities is awesome. We don’t see the need to pay for Reddit gold to join the private Bitcoin Inform subreddits. You can learn everything you need to know about this bitcoin trading system in the public subreddits. 
Bitcoin Inform Facebook
We have also seen many FB posts discussing this auto-trading platform. The posts are mostly from individuals. The feedback from Bitcoin Inform Facebook reviewers is great. This robot’s FB reviewers report using this robot to earn a living online. While the feedback is generally positive, there are complaints about the level of risk associated with this bot. You could make losses with Bitcoin Inform, especially if you don’t put enough effort in mastering its trading instructions. 

Bitcoin Inform and Celebrities

Rumour has it that Bitcoin Inform has received endorsements from notable people across the globe. But is this true? Find the answers below.

Bitcoin Inform Elon Mush
Elon Musk has interests in crypto, but it’s not evident whether he has endorsed Bitcoin Inform. Don’t take the rumour as the truth unless there is an official confirmation. 
Bitcoin Inform Martin Lewis
The renowned British Personal Finance guru is also said to have endorsed this robot. However, we didn’t find the proof. 
Bitcoin Inform Phillip Schofield
The renowned host of This Morning is also among the celebrities linked to Bitcoin Inform. We have carried out thorough background checks and didn’t find any proof.
Bitcoin Inform Amitabh Bachchan
This Pakistani celebrity is also among the notable people said to have put money in Bitcoin Inform. However, there is no proof, and hence this is likely to be fake news. 
Bitcoin Inform Waqar Zaka
This is another Pakistani celebrity rumoured to be trading with Bitcoin Inform. We have thoroughly fact-checked this rumour and found it to be fake celebrity gossip. Waqar Zaka has interests in bitcoin but hasn’t disclosed trading it with Bitcoin Inform.

Bitcoin Inform Review: Final Word!

We have studied Bitcoin Inform to determine if it’s legit and worth an investment. Our in-depth investigation has taken into consideration many factors.

We have closely examined Bitcoin Inform reviews from consumers and experts. This robot ranks among the best-reviewed bitcoin robots on our list.

The majority of Bitcoin Inform clients allege profitability. Moreover, experts from across the globe rank it among the tools revolutionizing bitcoin trading tool. Bitcoin Inform is not only super profitable but quite easy to operate.

This review also concludes that it’s safe and highly recommended for investors with a moderate risk appetite. Below is a link to get you started with Bitcoin Inform.


Is Bitcoin Inform a scam?

We have rigorously studied the Bitcoin Inform trading robot to determine if it’s legit and trustworthy. This trading bot has

How much does Bitcoin Inform cost?

Bitcoin Inform is free for all. You won’t pay any money to register with this platform. The operator of the trading system makes money by deducting a 2% commission on profitable trades.

Is Bitcoin Inform regulated?

Bitcoin Inform has entered into partnerships with well-regulated partner brokers. These brokers dictate how the trading system interacts with clients. You have full safety assurance when trading with this bot.

Does Bitcoin Inform offer an app?

The Bitcoin Inform web-trader is in HTML5 version and therefore installs on mobile devices as a hybrid app. You can use the Bitcoin Inform app on any Android, iOS, and Windows app.

How do I download the Bitcoin Inform app?

You won’t find the Bitcoin Inform app on Play Store or App Store. This is because it’s hybrid and can therefore only be downloaded on the website. The Bitcoin Inform app download link is only accessible to registered users.

Is Bitcoin Inform profitable?

Bitcoin Inform is undoubtedly a profitable auto-trading app. We have analyzed a lot of consumer feedback, and it seems that this bot is highly profitable.