World War III Begins!

May 21st, 2014
in econ_news

Another Gonzo Journalism Rant from the Doomstead Diner

by Reverse Engineer, Doomstead Diner

There is a new conflict virtually every week now cropping up somewhere around the globe, and of course all the old ones haven't gone away either; they just get pushed off the Front Page by the latest new one. Afghanistan is still an endless sewer, China vs Japan is hot, Iraq is still ongoing, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Egypt...etc etc etc.  Get out your desk globe and start dropping in Pushpins around the globe for every conflict currently ongoing and tell me this is not WWIII already in Progress. The past couple of weeks we've added Thailand and China vs. Vietnam to the list.

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Follow up:


Greetings Doomfans, and welcome to another edition of the Frostbite Falls Daily Rant, here on the Doomstead Diner.

Whatever happenned to the Good Old Days, when a World War got underway the POTUS would get on the radio and make a rousing speech Declaring War, the Congress would back him up and they start sending out the Draft Tickets?

Nowadays when the whole WORLD goes to war, nobody mentions it and after one or two articles it gets shuffled to the back pages of the MSM.

Newz for today is that the Thai Army has declared Martial Law because Thailand hasn't had a working Goobermint for 6 months. Nobody has a working Goobermint right now, the FsoA Goobermint has been completely dysfunctional for at least 5 years.

Besides that, the Chinese are now lining up the Tanks, preparing to punish the Vietnamese because they are pissed the Chinese are drilling for Oil in their territorial waters. While this may be the proximal cause for the riots which have been ongoing in Vietnam directed at Chinese nationals and biznesses, in reality the typical Vietnamese could care less who drills for the Oil, long as he has a job and can feed his family.

The Chinese are the focus of Vietnamese anger because the factories are failing, the wages are too low to buy food at ever increasing costs, and they get to see images of rich Chinese Oligarchs flying around in Private Jets living the good life. Industrialization just isn't working out too well for the Vietnamese, but they can't go back to the Rice Paddies either, since like in China they have mostly been thoroughly polluted. Not that they want to return at the moment to this lifestyle, they still want that Hapy Motoring a generation of Amerikans got over here, and a small percentage of Chinese get over in China.

China has become their focus of anger rather than Amerikans now, because the Chinese Oligarchs have served as proxies in exploiting cheap labor in Vietnam, it's not Dick Hurts Aemrikan running the factory, its Sum Dum Phuk from China.

The Chinese have the same issue going on with all the states bordering China that have been used as sources of cheap labor over the last 30 years. Da Goobermints are all corrupt and factions are always battling it out for power, which gets you in a position where you can sieve off some of the profits and debt being shoveled at your new "Emerging Market" nation.

It's not just the Little Guys China has problems with, they also are increasingly getting into conflict with their old enemy of Japan, which served as the original jumping off point for Industrialism in the Far East when Matthew Perry forcibly opened up the Islands for "trade", really exploitation back in the 1850s.

The problem here now is you have a Shrinking Pie, any market share the Japanese get is market share taken away from Chinese biznesses selling precisely the same stuff, and both countries own factories in all these smaller ASEAN states, also all competing for the same shrinking pie. They also of course are all competing for the same shrinking energy pie as one country after the next loses access to Credit to buy Oil, and the population goes berzerk shortly thereafter.

The lack of a functioning Goobermint is primary in the loss of access to credit. Once the Western Banks don't have some Strongman in place who keeps everyone in the population in order to make deals with, they don't know who to issue out Billion loans to. NATO picks a strongman they like, funnels weapons to that guy and his thugs, and assuming this works then the money flows in again through him. This worked well for a while, but NATO is increasingly unable to prop up Strongmen who actually can maintain control, even using Nazi Tactics.

That problem is clearly evident over in Ukraine, where the Western Front of WWIII is well underway here. NATO, the NSA, CIA, IMF and the rest of the Alphabet Soup of agencies used by the Western Illuminati are trying to prop up a bunch of Neo-Nazis there, but you have Vlad the Impaler on the other side of this busy trying to protect his Gazprom Pipelines. So in the covert warfare proxy game here, this is a relatively even-steven battle, which means nobody wins and you don;t have a functioning Goobermint for the Banksters to cut deals with.

The hotspots around the Globe are popping up like Bubooes on an infected plague victim now. There is a new conflict virtually every week now cropping up somewhere around the globe, and of course all the old ones haven't gone away either, they just get pushed off the Front Page by the latest new one. Afghanistan is still an endless sewer, Iraq is still ongoing, Syria, Egypt...etc etc etc. Get out your desk globe and start dropping in Pushpins around the globe for every conflict currently ongoing and tell me this is not WWIII already in Progress.

Is anybody anywhere ever going to DECLARE WIII underway here? Probably not until somebody pitches a Nuke somewhere. Obama-sama won't do it, his job is to sell to the Sheeple that All is Well, please move along, don't notice the rest of the world is going up in flames. The game here is to sell everything as a Police Action, the Chinese are going into Vietnam not because they want to take over, just to protect Chinese nationals and factories. Hey dimwit, if you want to protect your factories, build them in your own damn country!

Amerikans remain fortunate that they don't have a lot of other states bordering them, and certainly neither Canada or Mexico is much of a threat on the military level. However, the increasing warfare everywhere else will eventually impact here as well, because it will seriously begin to disrupt trade. At some point Oil Tankers will start beng sent to the bottom of Davey Jones locker. Then when energy and food get hard to come by here, our own civil war will begin as well.

Far as industrialization goes, this one really is the War to End All Wars, as they called WWI. Because at the end of it, there won't be energy or factories left to run another such monstrosity. There will of course be wars fought for quite a while after this, but they will be fought with Trebuchets and Atl-Atls.

And that's all the Doom, this time until next time, here on the Doomstead Diner.


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