Bitcoin Up Review 2021: Scam, or is it Legit and Trustworthy?

Bitcoin Up app could be a great tool for anyone interested in making money on the internet. This trading app is hailed as a super performer with an insane daily profitability rate during high market volatility.

This robot has has reportedly made many people rich since its launch. It was founded at the beginning of the crypto boom. Some reviews allege that it was a major trigger of the boom.

Most of its users reportedly became millionaires by the end of the boom. This app is making the headlines in 2021 as another crypto boom continues to build up. Its users are reviewing it as highly profitable and beginner-friendly.

But is it genuine and worth investing in? You will find out in our very detailed and objective Bitcoin Up review.

Bitcoin Up Review 2021 – Key Points!

We have investigated Bitcoin Up for you and compiled all the facts in this unbiased and detailed review. Our investigation unearths facts that prove beyond doubt that this robot is legit and profitable. We have used a powerful review analysis tool to study up to 20,000 Bitcoin Up reviews on the web.

These reviews are posted on consumer feedback platforms such as Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, and Reddit. Consumer feedback is extremely important when determining the legitimacy of a trading system.

  • Bitcoin Up app is hailed as super-profitable and easy to use by 90% of the reviewers. Only a highly reputable trading system can have such impressive feedback from users. We have checked all the reviews and confirmed that they are from authentic users.
  • Bitcoin Up is also reviewed extremely well by experts. We have come across expert posts on high traffic publications both on mainstream and alternative media. All the expert reviewers rate this bot as super profitable.
  • Some rate is among the best trading platforms in the UK in the automated trading category. The experts also rate this bot extremely well on ease of use, safety, and customer support. As alleged in the intro, all trading with Bitcoin Up is automated. Consequently, no trading skill is required to trade with it.
  • Bitcoin Up app ensures safety for all users by encrypting all data submitted through its site. The platform relies on a 128-bit RSA protocol which is foolproof for most forms of cyberattacks. Moreover, it works with strictly regulated brokers. This assures all clients of the safety of their funds.

What is Bitcoin Up?

The rapid growth of computing technology has pushed automation to its heights. Today, intelligent computer programs are performing tasks once only dedicated to experts. The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it possible for computer programs known as robots to perform complex tasks. Today, doctors are using AI-driven systems to perform intricate procedures and read radiology images. But the most AI disruptions are being experienced in the financial sector.

Today, the world’s most profitable funds are managed by robots. The best robots can reportedly perform long term investing and day trading better than humans. Long term investing systems are known as robo-advisors, while those for day trading are known as trading robots.

Examples of popular robo-advisors today include Robinhood, Accenture, and Betterment. If you are looking to make a quick profit from day to day price fluctuations, you should consider trading robots. There are many trading robots out there, but only very few are worth considering.

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot fully specialized for bitcoin trading. It’s one of the world’s most reputable bitcoin trading robots. The robot is fully automated and hence makes bitcoin trading easier for all. Bitcoin Up is reportedly insanely profitable, especially during periods of sustained market volatility.

As we will see below, it’s possible to gain immense wealth by investing as little as USD250 through this trading system. Of course, profitability shouldn’t be perceived as taken. Trading with this robot involves risk, and hence it’s prudent to start small.

How to use Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up app helps you bet on BTC easily and, more importantly, profitably. The robot has everything we would expect in a reputable and safe trading bot.  

You can bet on bitcoin using this software and generate mouthwatering profits from the first day. Trading with Bitcoin Up is easy. You only need to pay attention to the settings. Bitcoin Up app comes with the requisite materials to help you prepare.

Watch the robot’s introduction video and peruse the risk management guide to get started. Take the risk appetite test and try out different risk settings to identify what works for you. The simple steps below should get you rolling with Bitcoin Up.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the official Bitcoin Up website here and signup by submitting the requisite information through the signup form.

Follow the links in this review to sign up to avoid falling victim to cloned sites. As stated earlier, this robot is one of the highly popular bitcoin robots targeted by clones.

The clones masquerade as the official Bitcoin Up to trick people into submitting their personal information with them. This bot’s ground-breaking popularity also makes it a target for gossip and fake news.

STEP TWO: Verify your account

You will instantly match with a local broker after fining the signup on the official Bitcoin Up website.

The broker will verify your account on behalf of the robot. Independent trading robots must work through brokers to access liquidity and take deposits from the public.

Liquidity is important in ensuring a speedy order execution. Trading bots aren’t legally registered as financial institutions. This means that they must go through a broker to take deposits from the public.

STEP THREE: Fund your account

Deposit trading capital through the linked Bitcoin Up broker. This robot requires a minimum trading balance of USD250 only.

You can deposit more or plough back all the daily returns for growth. Bitcoin Up UK is ranked among the best bitcoin robots in terms of profitability.

The majority of the brokers backing this bot support deposits through debit and credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets such as Skrill. Deposits are instant and free.

STEP FOUR: Test Bitcoin Up through a demo

You will be able to access all the features and tools of this trading robot after funding your account.

Visit the trading resources page to familiarize yourself with the bot first before proceeding to live trading. The trading resources include a video explaining the key features and settings, a risk appetite test, and a demo account.

Watch the video and take the risk appetite test to determine the level of risk to apply per trade. Try out different risk levels on the Bitcoin Up demo before going live.

STEP FIVE: Start a live trading session

Adjust the SL and TP tools as explained in the previous step. The settings should align with your risk appetite.

Start trading by clicking the trading button. The robot doesn’t require a lot of monitoring, and hence you can let it do the trading for you as you do other things.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin is rising strongly in 2021thanks to the ever-growing mainstream interest. Recently, Jeremy Powell, the US Federal Reserve chair, has said that the US has no intention to ban bitcoin. The markets have embraced his sentiments, with bitcoin gaining by a couple of thousands in a few hours. Other news driving the bitcoin volatility to its heights in 2021 includes PayPal supporting bitcoin transactions and Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin.

Bitcoin has shot from less than $20,000 in November last year to over $60,000 in April. The price has corrected and settled at around $50,000. Analysts are upbeat that the crazy volatility will continue. Bitcoin could reportedly trade at $150,000 by April next year. But even with the positive sentiments, the prices remain largely unpredictable. This means that the best way to invest is to speculate on the volatility rather than buy low and sell high.

This robot helps you trade the volatility easily. You only need to sign up, and the trading system will do everything else for you. The Bitcoin Up system applies sophisticated trading strategies explained below to make the most out of crypto volatility.


Investopedia explains scalping as a technique specialising in profiting from small price changes and generating a fast profit from reselling. We won’t dive into the details of this technique since you don’t need the technical know-how to use this bot. Bitcoin Up is reportedly one of the extremely few scalping robots for bitcoin.

This technique enables it to stay profitable even when volatility is at its lowest. According to its whitepaper, Bitcoin Up can grow a trading account by 10% daily through this technique. The technique offers risk hedging when coupled with other trading strategies.

Volatility arbitrage

This trading technique capitalizes on small price discrepancies on different exchanges. Statistical arbitrage exploits the inefficiency in prices across different markets. The efficient markets theory states that asset prices reflect all the available information. However, this is not true. It takes some time before asset prices across different markets can factor in new information.

Bitcoin Up applies the statistical arbitrage technique to buy in low priced markets and sell in high priced markets. The price differences are usually extremely small and can only be captured by a highly powerful trading system.

Short selling

The short-selling technique is also a good strategy for hedging against risk. Bitcoin Up uses this technique to generate profits in falling profits. Short selling involves selling a borrowed asset with the hope of making a profit by buying it back when the prices decline. The borrowed asset is returned to the owner with interest after it’s bought back.

This trading robot has made its name in bitcoin shorting, with most experts rating it as the best. The bot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to implement this technique at a high win rate.

Price Trend Analysis

You are probably aware of the cyclical nature of asset prices. The price trend analysis technique involves an in-depth study of historical bitcoin prices to predict future prices.

Bitcoin Up intelligent algorithms can study hundreds of charts simultaneously. Moreover, it generates up to 20 tradable signals per minute. Many experts allege that 90% of the signals it derives from price trend analysis are accurate. This reportedly makes it the most accurate Price Trend Analysis trading system. The price trend analysis technique can help identify scalping opportunities.

News trading

This is the most powerful Bitcoin Up strategy. Trading news involves deriving trading insights by analyzing the latest market news. As mentioned earlier, bitcoin is the world’s most news-sensitive asset. This implies immense trading opportunities for news traders.

According to most expert reviews, this robot derives 70% of its profits from news trading. The bot uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to read human language. Surprisingly, it can study up to a billion web pages per minute and differentiate between Bitcoin Up fake and legit news sources.

Below are the examples of news that have proven that this software is the world’s most profitable news trading tool.

Tesla Bitcoin investment

In March 2020, Tesla announced that it was investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. The news triggered massive volatility, with bitcoin gaining by nearly $10,000 within hours.

Bitcoin Up was able to capture this news and take positions before the markets could respond. Its users reportedly earned the most profits from the ensuing volatility. Bitcoin Up claims to have generated a cumulative profit of over $1 billion for its investors. At least 5% of its users have earned their first $1 million by trading the volatility. This platforms performance depends on the risk level applied.

PayPal Supporting bitcoin transactions

The news about PayPal supporting bitcoin transactions also caused a lot of market volatility. Bitcoin climbed by over 25% following the news. The rise happened within minutes and was only captured by the best news trading systems in the market. Bitcoin Up reportedly generated the most profits from this event. Most of  Bitcoin Up Reddit fans reported windfalls within minutes.

The news impact on volatility didn’t last for long. Therefore those who were not participating in live trading during the announcement didn’t make any money.

Fed will not ban bitcoin

Recently, Jeremey Powell announced that the US didn’t intend to ban bitcoin or crypto in general. The markets embraced the Jeremey Powell bitcoin news almost immediately, with BTC climbing by a couple of thousands. Bitcoin Up users reportedly made good profits from this announcement by riding the ensuing volatility.

The software fan base on Reddit reported a rapid increase in profitability a few minutes after the announcement.

China ban on bitcoin and the rest of crypto

Recently, China has announced a ban on bitcoin and crypto. The announcement triggered a selloff, with bitcoin plummeting by a couple of thousand dollars before rebounding. Bitcoin Up applied short-selling techniques to make money from the momentary plummet. As mentioned earlier, short selling is a risk hedging strategy. This strategy enables traders to remain profitable in falling prices.

Bitcoin Up users reported earning thousands of dollars in profits by riding the volatility resulting from this announcement.

Bitcoin Up Popularity Score

As stated severally in this Bitcoin Up review, a trading robot’s reputation is among its legitimacy and profitability measures. A trading system with great feedback from thousands of users is legit and highly likely to be profitable. As mentioned earlier, this robot is among the most reviewed auto-trading systems on the internet today.

We have come across over 50,000 reviews on the top five consumer feedback platforms. These platforms include Trustpilot, Amazon, Yelp, Reddit, and Forex Peace Army.

Bitcoin Up Trustpilot

The bot has a rating of 4.3/5 after around 6000 reviews on this platform. The majority of reviewers on this platform praise Bitcoin Up for profitability.

Bitcoin Up Yelp

The reviews on this platform are also in their thousands. The feedback is generally positive.

Bitcoin Up Reddit

We have come across multiple Reddit threads discussing the Bitcoin Up project. The feedback is also great.

Bitcoin Up Amazon

Many users have also reviewed it on Amazon. We are amazed by the high number of people alleging great profitability through this bot.

Apart from the great reviews from consumers, Bitcoin Up is also widely reviewed by experts. As stated earlier, there are tens of expert Bitcoin Up reviews on high traffic crypto publications. The experts agree that this trading platform is revolutionizing the way people invest in crypto.

Did Bitcoin Up Feature on Mainstream media?

Bitcoin Up has appeared on the mainstream media many times. This robot remains a top media sensation in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The wide media coverage is associated with Bitcoin Up’s ever-growing popularity among crypto enthusiasts. As mentioned earlier, this robot is unique in that it combines powerful AI technologies to trade bitcoin.

It’s among the oldest bitcoin trading robots and among the very few that leverage the power of AI to speculate on bitcoin. Like most of the top-rated robots, is is targeted by Bitcoin Up fake news and clones, as explained below.

Bitcoin Up Mirror
We have come across Bitcoin Up fake news claiming that this robot has paid to feature on Mirror. The mirror is a widely read publication in the UK.  This trading software has never participated in any media campaigns. The robot has been a big hit from the start and therefore doesn’t need to advertise. Bitcoin Up claims to receive hundreds of thousands of page hits daily.

The robot only accepts about 2% of the thousands of registration requests sent daily. This implies that it doesn’t need to advertise to acquire clients. The Bitcoin Up Mirror claims are therefore not true.

Bitcoin Up This Morning
This Morning is a popular ITV program featuring a discussion on the latest developments across all industries. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield host the show. There is a rumour that this robot has appeared on the paid section of the program. However, this is fake Bitcoin Up news!

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Up hasn’t participated in any media campaigns. If this trading platform has been featured on the This Morning show, it must be on the news and not paid advertisement. However, we didn’t find proof of any feature.

Bitcoin Up on BBC

Our team has also come across a rumour claiming that Bitcoin Up has paid to advertise on BBC during primetime news. However, this is a lie. This robot has categorically stated that it doesn’t pay for advertisement. The platform is already a media sensation, and therefore, it’s unlikely that it would pay to feature on BBC primetime news.

Treat any rumour claiming that this bot has paid to advertise as fake news. It seems that the posts spreading these Bitcoin Up fake claims aims to divert traffic away from the official website. Ensure that you only register on the official site by clicking here.

Did Bitcoin Up receive Celebrity Endorsements?

Bitcoin Up is a popular trading platform hailed as highly profitable by both consumers and experts. We have come across claims that some celebrities have openly discussed this trading platform. But are these claims true? Read on to find out.

Bitcoin Up Elon Musk
Bitcoin Up Elon Musk
The founder of SpaceX and Tesla is a big fan of BTC. However, it remains unclear whether he has traded it through Bitcoin Up. 
Bitcoin Up Elon Musk
Bitcoin Up Gordon Ramsey
The British celebrity chef and TV personality is best known for cooking TV shows. We didn’t find any proof of him endorsing bitcoin trading through any trading robot.
Bitcoin Up Bill Gates
Bitcoin Up Bill Gates
The founder of Microsoft has praised bitcoin many times. However, there is no proof that he recommends trading it through the Bitcoin Up system.
Bitcoin Up Daniel Craig
Bitcoin Up Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig the English actor, known for his role as James Bond may have bitcoin interests, but it’s still unclear whether he has invested in Bitcoin Up. 


Bitcoin Up Scam – Key Findings!

Bitcoin Up has satisfied our criteria for established a legit trading system. We have put it under thorough background checks and found no red flags. A legit trading system should have identifiable transparency measures in place. Our investigation shows that Bitcoin Up has published every crucial detail on its website. You will find its fee criteria on its trading resources page after registration.

This trading platform doesn’t charge any other fee apart from the one indicated in the fee guide. Any changes on fees are communicated two weeks before implementation. Bitcoin Up doesn’t charge signup fees, and you only pay a small commission when profitable.

The robot has also revealed the identity of its partner brokers on its website. We have done preliminary checks on each of Bitcoin Up’s partner brokers and found them safe. They are well regulated and have a great reputation, as is evident with consumer ratings on Trustpilot.

A legit trading system should also be highly reputable. As seen in this review, this robot has an amazing reputation. Tens of thousands of its users have reviewed it on consumer review sites such as Trustpilot. This review confirms that over 90% of the reviewers are happy with the trading system.  A trustworthy trading system should have adequate safety measures in place.

Bitcoin Up ensures data safety through high-grade encryption. Moreover, it works with reputable brokers hence assuring all users of funds safety. These brokers implement measures such as deposit segregation to safeguard clients’ funds.

Bitcoin Up Review 2021: The Verdict!

We have presented adequate proof of legitimacy in this Bitcoin Up Review 2021. Therefore, you have all the reasons to give it a try. This trading system has reportedly broken the record in performance. It’s arguable the most lucrative bitcoin trading system in 2021. Many people claim that it has transformed their financial lives.

You could also transform your financial life today by trying it with a deposit of as little as USD250. This amount could turn you into a crypto millionaire if you are patient enough to plough back all the daily profits.

While the chances of hitting the home run are high, there is also a possibility of losing the invested capital. That’s why we insist that you only invest what you can afford to lose.


Bitcoin Up is it safe?
We have put Bitcoin Up under thorough tests and concluded that it’s a trustworthy trading system. You are therefore assured of transparency and safety when trading with it.
What skills do I need to use Bitcoin Up?
You don’t need to be skilled in anything to use Bitcoin Up. Follow its layman’s trading guide to set up your account and get started.
How much does Bitcoin Up generate daily?
The daily return rate is tied to how much you invest and the risk settings you apply. High profitability strongly correlates with the risk per trade applied.
Does Bitcoin Up offer an app?
The Bitcoin Up app is hybrid and hence can work on any smartphone device. This bot is not available in the desktop app version.
How long does it take to withdraw from Bitcoin Up?
Bitcoin Up supports instant withdrawals for some methods. However, most withdrawal methods have a wait time of up to 24 hours.