Bitcoin Trader Review 2021- Is it a Scam or Profitable?

Are you looking for a reliable and honest Bitcoin Trader review? If so, read this comprehensive article thoroughly for honest feedback.

Bitcoin Trader is a computerized software that automatically trades bitcoin for you. A trading robot allows users to trade bitcoin easily and profitably. Bitcoin Trader is a trading robot, so it conducts all trading on behalf of the user.

The trading system is super fast and can therefore beat even the most experienced bitcoin traders. Traders report higher profitability when they run the robot for at least 8 hours daily. The robot doesn’t require any form of monitoring.

This means that you can continue with your daily business as the profits trickle in. You could make mouthwatering returns if you set Bitcoin Trader as required and the luck is on your side.

Most people are asking whether Bitcoin Trader is legit. If you are also one of them, then don’t worry because our team has fully tested and reviewed this trading platform to help you to know whether it is legit or not.

What is Bitcoin Trader?


Bitcoin Trader is a crypto trading software for automated bitcoin trading. This means that you don’t have to worry about the hustles of trading since everything is done for you.

Bitcoin trader is equipped with AI-powered algorithms to generate trades for you at supersonic speeds. It reportedly places up to 10 trades per minute in rising bitcoin volatility. About 90% of the trades generated by Bitcoin Trader are profitable.

The interface of the platform is pretty straightforward to use. Complete beginners can find their way around the platform quite easily. Experts also can gain much from this platform because it mostly beats manual trading.

Some reviews claim that Gary Roberts founded Bitcoin Trader. We have carried out background checks to determine who he is. It seems that he is an ex-Wall Street Trader with over 20 years of experience in fast-paced trading.

Gary Roberts reportedly founded this robot with the help of an anonymous Harvard Wall Street engineer. Both are partners, but the engineer has chosen to keep his identity anonymous.

According to Gary Roberts, this fantastic trading platform was created to make people trade bitcoin 0.01 seconds faster than the markets. You can understand the popularity and success of Bitcoin Trader by the fact that thousands of people are making money through this excellent platform.

Getting started with Bitcoin Trader

Live trading with Bitcoin Trader is straightforward. You won’t pay any signup fees, and the minimum deposit is just USD250.

This is awesome since most Bitcoin Trader competitors require a trading license. Some charge up to $5,000 monthly in trading licenses. Moreover, they require a minimum trading capital of $10,000.

Bitcoin Trader is, therefore, a good bet for everyone. We have compared this auto-trading system performance with others and concluded that it’s super profitable. Moreover, trading with it involves less risk due to the availability of risk control features.

Nonetheless, there is still a possibility of making losses. Crypto trading, in general, is categorized by experts as highly risky due to the volatility involved. Bitcoin is the most volatile in crypto and all asset classes.

In automated trading, high volatility is a double-edged sword. It’s the key driver of volatility on the one hand but could also lead to devastating losses. It’s always best to invest what you can afford to lose when trading volatility.

We have prepared a step by step guide to getting started with Bitcoin Trader below. Read carefully before visiting the official Bitcoin Trader website.

STEP ONE: Registration

Open the official Bitcoin Trader website and signup. You must countercheck URLs or follow links from reputable sources such as this one to visit the site.

Bitcoin Trader popularity makes it prone to cloning. A report from a trustworthy source indicates that this robot has been cloned many times. The clones pretend to be the official Bitcoin Trader site to steal data from unsuspecting clients.

Click the links in this review to go straight to the Bitcoin Trader website. Registration is easy and free, so there is nothing to worry about.

STEP TWO: Verify Account

After finishing the signup on the Bitcoin Trader website, you will automatically link to one of their partner brokers.

These brokers are the bridge between the robot and the clients. Moreover, they offer the requisite liquidity to ensure instant order placing.

Bitcoin Trader partner brokers observe measures such as KYC to ensure clients safety. The Know Your Customer (KYC)  involves uploading a photo of an identifying document to confirm identity.

You must upload a photo of your ID card to verify your account. It’s possible to proceed to other steps without verification, but please note that only verified accounts can withdraw. The verification takes up to 5 hours.

STEP THREE: Fund your Bitcoin Trader account

Trading capital is also deposited through the assigned broker. Bitcoin Trader can’t directly take deposits from the public since it’s not a financial institution.

The funding options offered by Bitcoin Trader brokers include bank transfers and debit and credit cards. Most of the robot’s partner brokers also allow e-wallets such as Webmoney, Skrill, and Neteller.

Some of the brokers may also support bitcoin wallets. Account funding is instant and free for most of the methods. However, it may take up to five minutes for deposits through the e-wallets and bitcoin wallets to reflect in your account.

Please note that the method you use to deposit is the only one you can use to withdraw. This requirement offers an extra layer of protection to clients. A minimum of USD250 is all you need to start using Bitcoin Trader.

STEP FOUR: Test the Robot on the Demo

You will redirect back to Bitcoin Trader after funding your account via the broker. This robot offers a practise account to help you to fully familiarize yourself with the trading system before proceeding to the live account.

You must peruse the 3-page trading guide and watch the Bitcoin Trader risk management video before proceeding to the demo. The trading guide offers a graphical representation of all the features of this bot.

All the trading resources are in layman’s language and hence easy to understand for all. The Bitcoin Trader demo gives you a risk-free tour through the platform. Dedicate about an hour to trading preparation before going live.

STEP FIVE: Start a live Trading Session

You have nothing to worry about if you have put aside enough time for trading preparation. The previous step should get you completely ready for the live trading experience.

You can always go back to the trading materials if not sure about the settings. The crucial part of the live trading settings is risk management. You will be given an option to adjust the Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) features or trade with their default settings.

The default settings are okay, but you can get the most out of this bot by determining the risk that suits your appetite. Take the risk appetite test provided on the trading resources page and test different settings on the demo to determine what works for you.

You can go ahead and set the SL and TP features to fit your risk profile before going live. Live trading should start at a click of a button.


Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

Many people have asked us to offer an unbiased review of Bitcoin Trader. We have done everything as expected and presented the answers in this review.

Bitcoin Trader is legit! Moreover, there is enough proof to confirm its legitimacy. This trading robot is reviewed by many, and the feedback is awesome.

It’s only possible for a legit trading robot to have so many positive reviews. The many people that have reviewed Bitocin Trader on Reddit or Trustpilot allege that it’s insanely profitable. This bot also scores the best in ease of use and safety.

Bitcoin Trader partner brokers are among the best in the industry. We can confirm that all fall under the regulatory mandate of tier-one bodies such as the FCA. A thorough test of Bitcoin Trader on its demo confirms that it’s built on the world’s best technologies.

Trading with Bitcoin Trader should be fun if you have the patience to understand it first. You need to go through the provided resources and the demo before starting a live session.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Is it Genuine?

We have tested this automated platform and found it to be safe. Our team has compiled some reasons that will prove that Bitcoin Trader is a legit platform:

SSL Encryption:

The official Bitcoin Trader website is secured through SSL encryption. This is quite important since the entry point for most cyberattacks is an unprotected website.

An unencrypted website is susceptible to hackers intercepting and stealing the data submitted by clients. The stolen data can be used to create profiles to attack clients. An SSL secured website is impenetrable by hackers.

Bitcoin Trader has put in place password protection measures that all clients must follow. These measures are important since a weak password is also a major starting point for attacks.

Regulated Broker

Bitcoin Trader, like other auto-trading robots, work through brokers. We have carried out thorough checks on the brokers to determine if they are worthwhile.

All Bitcoin Trader partner brokers appear to be safe and well regulated.  It seems that most fall under the monitoring of FCA, ASIC, and CySEC.

Only a high-quality trading system can afford to enter into partnership with these regulatory bodies.

Customer Service

Bitcoin Trader has a great customer support team. You can contact them any time Monday through Monday.

The best way to reach out is through phone or live chat. You can write them an email, but this may take up to 24 hours to get a reply. 

You can also request a call back through the provided form. Emails and callbacks are recommended for less urgent communications.

Pros and Cons of Trading with Bitcoin Trader

We have determined the Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trader by testing it through demo and analyzing feedback from clients.

Bitcoin Trader has some amazing features, and the feedback from its users is awesome. This trading robot suits both complete beginners and experts. As is evident with the feedback from clients, most people are earning good profits with the bot.

We have put Bitcoin Trader under rigorous background checks and found it to be worth a try. This robot is probably the most advanced in the entire industry. It’s, therefore, extremely profitable. Moreover, it’s registration free with a small trading commission-only applying to profitable accounts.

We researched and read clients’ reviews about Bitcoin Trader to get an even better review. And at last, after all the research, we found out that it is one of the most profitable and safest automated trading services. Read on for the pros and cons of Bitcoin Trader in a nutshell.


  •         Superior performance
  •         Low minimum capital requirements
  •         No commissions until you are profitable
  •         Free withdrawals
  •         Safe trading environment
  •         Demo availability
  •         Regulated partner brokers


  •         Not available in some countries
  •         Signup slots are quite limited

Now that we have presented evidence to show that Bitcoin Trader is legit and profitable let’s look at the signup and trading process.

Bitcoin Trader Countries

This trading robot has built itself a name in many countries worldwide. It is a top trend in many countries but has broken the internet in the following;

Bitcoin Trader Australia – We have found this bot to be extremely popular in Australia. It’s a hot subject in the country for both mainstream and alternative media.

Bitcoin Trader Germany – We are also amazed by how viral this bot is in Germany. Most of the traffic on its website is from this country.

Bitcoin Trader India – We are also surprised by how viral Bitcoin Trader has gone in India. The bot has reportedly featured on Indian primetime tv since last year.

Bitcoin Trader Honduras – We can also confirm that this trading software is popular in Honduras. A significant amount of traffic to its site comes from this country.

Bitcoin Trader USA – This bot has just entered the US market. We are amazed by how popular it is becoming.

Bitcoin Trader South Africa – South Africans appetite for new technologies has made this bot a top trend. The robot has reportedly been trending on Twitter for months.

Bitcoin Trader Review snapshot

The majority of Bitcoin Trader reviews we have studied are in top independent consumer review sites. These include;

An average daily return of 15% is enough to generate a fortune within months of trading if you compound all profits. As mentioned above, the daily returns can shoot dramatically during periods of high market volatility. Bitcoin Prime has reportedly generated unbelievable profits for clients. Some have turned a humble investment of USD250 into a fortune in less than a year. Below are some interesting reviews from some Bitcoin Prime users.

The majority of Bitcoin Trader reviews we have studied are in top independent consumer review sites. These include;

Bitcoin Trader Review snapshot

Bitcoin Trader Trustpilot
This is one of the best review sites on the internet. We have analyzed thousands of Bitcoin Trader reviews from this site. 
Bitcoin Trader Reddit
We have come across popular subreddits discussing this trading bot. Each of the subreddits has tens of thousands of community participants. 
Bitcoin Trader Instagram
There are many Bitcoin Trader related posts on Instagram. The feedback from these posts is great. 
Bitcoin Trader Instagram
This is another social media platform where Bitcoin Trader has been trending for months. As mentioned above, this robot has trended top on Twitter in over 15 countries. 

Bitcoin Trader in the Fake News

It’s unexpected for a popular subject to be targeted by fake news and gossip today. Scammers have devised a method of diverting traffic to their sites.

This method involves creating clickbait titles that link a popular investment product to a celebrity or popular media program. The aim is to get web visits and clicks to links that lead to cloned sites.

We insist on extra precaution when signing up with Bitcoin Trader. You must ensure that you are on its official site since it has been a top target for the clones. As mentioned earlier, the links in this review redirect to the official Bitcoin Trader site.

Bitcoin Trader Elon Mush
There is no doubt that Elon Musk loves bitcoin, but there is no proof to indicate he has invested in Bitcoin Trader. Once again, we insist that you keep off any rumour associating Elon Musk with Bitcoin Trader. There is a huge likelihood that this is another clickbait to the cloned sites. Avoid fake news by committing to rely on legit sources of information. 
Bitcoin Trader Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls is a TV personality with no interest whatsoever in crypto trading. The posts spreading these rumours should be avoided at all costs. This is because they are clickbait to cloned sites. It’s vital to always follow links from verified sources when visiting Bitcoin Trader. The links in this review will take you straight to their website.
Bitcoin Trader Gordon Ramsay
We didn’t find any proof to indicate that Gordon Ramsay is interested in bitcoin, let alone a BTC trading app. You should therefore treat any claims alleging so as fake news. As stated above, scammers have devised a strategy that involves creating clickbait titles by combining two popular subjects. Bitcoin Trader has been a victim of these scammers given its popularity. We have seen clones masquerading as the official Bitcoin Trader site. Register with Bitcoin Trader here.
Bitcoin Trader Good Morning Britain
Good Morning Britain is a famous TV program aired on ITV in the UK. A lot of subjects are discussed on this show. It’s, therefore, quite hard to determine if Bitcoin Trader has ever been mentioned on the show. Bitcoin Trader doesn’t advertise as some of the posts linking it to Good Morning Britain claims. Whether Bitcoin Trader has featured on Good Morning Britain doesn’t matter since we have investigated it and concluded that it’s legit. 
Bitcoin Trader This Morning
This Morning is another popular ITV program falsely linked to Bitcoin Trader. Our investigation didn’t find any proof to indicate that the robot has paid for advertisement during this show. The posts alleging that Bitcoin Trader has started a million-dollar campaign on the show are fake news. We have contacted the company behind the robot, and they have categorically stated that they do not engage in any form of marketing. 

Bitcoin Trader Scam or not? The Verdict!

We have the facts to prove beyond doubt that Bitcoin Trader is legit. As usual, our team of experts has put this bot under rigorous testing.

We have presented the results in this objective and comprehensive Bitcoin Trader review. This trading robot is undoubtedly highly reputable given the feedback from clients. The robot claims a user base of 150,000.

We have come across over 80,000 Bitcoin Trader reviews on Trustpilot and Forex Peace Army. This implies that most of its users have reviewed it. The feedback is awesome, with over 95% of the reviewers reporting profitability.

Bitcoin Trader claims to make at least 90% of its users extremely wealthy. An unconfirmed report alleges that this trading software has generated more crypto millionaires than any other trading robot out there.

Our team has put Bitcoin Trader under rigorous penetration testing to determine if it’s worthwhile. Their website is SSL protected, and therefore no form of cyberattack can penetrate through. We have also ascertained that Bitcoin Trader’s data privacy policy is comprehensive.

This Trading robot alleges to be among the extremely few that have attained the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) badge. The GDPR is the world’s best data privacy law. Try your luck now with Bitcoin Trader via the link below.


How do I become a Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is your best bet if you have zero bitcoin trading skills. This robot does all the technical trading for you and delivers the profits straight in your account.

Is Bitcoin Trader bot a scam?

We have investigated this bot and didn’t find anything to indicate that it’s not legit. Bitcoin Trader scores 99% in our legitimacy tests.

How much do I pay to use Bitcoin Trader?

You don’t pay any money to register or use Bitcoin Trader. A small trading commission of 2% on profitable accounts is the only money that will be deducted from your account.

Where do I get the Bitcoin Trader app download link?

The Bitcoin Trader App download link can be accessed from the trading resources area. You can use the app on any smartphone since it’s hybrid.

Does Bitcoin Trader work?

We have tested Bitcoin Trader, and it seems to work just fine. You have a chance of being one of its success stories by trying it today.