17Oct2017 Pre-Market Commentary: Wall Street Flat Ahead Of Earnings, US Dollar Continues To Rise, Gold Sinks Below A Key Psychologically 1,300 Level, Inflation Seen Rising


Written by Gary

US stock market future indexes are flat ahead of the DOW 30 earnings today (SPY -0.01%). Goldman Sachs beats Wall Street as bond trading falls less than expected.

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What We Read Today 15 October 2017

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How Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Share Credit Risk With Other Entities

from the Congressional Budget Office

This presentation provides a discussion of the risk sharing activities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It includes an overview of the goals of those activities, the specific transactions utilized in both the multifamily and single-family operations, and the impact of risk-sharing on the federal budget and other financial measures.

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Infographic Of The Day: The Early Business Pursuits Of Bezos, Buffett, And Other Legends

They say everyone has to start somewhere. And for legends like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Estée Lauder, and Richard Branson , they got into the money-making game early.

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Video of the Day:

All blue-eyed people have one ancestor in common, born around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Every blue-eyed person has this exact same mutation. How did this mutation get its start? Possibly when humans migrated from Africa to Europe. This would explain why only people of European descent have blue eyes. It would also suggest that all blue-eyed people share a single European ancestor.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

It was only a one-week vacation and with a "possible" positive MJO coming, it might take another short vacation soon. The forecasted pattern of Highs and Lows in the Pacific is quite unusual. Overall we are entering a fairly dry period for the next four weeks. More details in the full report. We will publish a more detailed three- to four-season outlook on Saturday.

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The Relentless Market

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Ranting Collapse 2017

by Reverse Engineer, Doomstead Diner

Published on The Doomstead Diner 15 October 2017

Discuss this Rant at the Podcast Table inside the Diner

The Frostbite Falls Daily Rant is BACK! At least for today, anyhow.

A few weeks ago we received a very large DONATION to the SUN Foundation for developing Sustainable Communities, which is the 501c3 Non-Profit arm of the Doomstead Diner.

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September 2017 Import and Export Price Year-over-Year Inflation Again Increases

Written by Steven Hansen

Import and export price inflation continues with import prices and export prices up.

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