The Real Truth Is, When It Comes To The Government There Is No Debt

by Guest Author Mike Norman, Chief Economist at John Thomas Financial All we hear about is the debt, the mountain of debt. Debt, debt, debt…it never ends. My question is, what debt? What’s the debt that everyone is talking about? Okay, the so-called, “debt” is $14 trillion or thereabouts. That’s the amount that the non-government …

Effects of Operation Twist

by Guest Author: James D. Hamilton
The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday ([1], [2]) that it will sell some of its shorter-term assets in order to buy more longer-term assets. Here I assess some of the possible consequences of this move.

The modest effects that one could reasonably anticipate for a measure like operation twist are easily swamped by other developments, and even a sizable effect on 30-year Treasury yields would not in my mind provide a major stimulus. I think the correct interpretation is that the Fed would like to bring some more stimulus, this was something they could do in that direction, so they did it.

But if you were about to drown, I wouldn’t want to count on operation twist as your lifeline to safety.

What if The Debt Ceiling is Not Raised?

If a debt ceiling extension is voted down, or if the President vetos an unacceptably small extension, then what is to be done? I’ve now run into six primary options the President can select among to avoid default. The six are discussed.