Stratfor: European Jihadists – The Continuation of a Historical Trend

from Stratfor The threat of experienced militants returning to Europe from combat in North Africa and the Middle East is fueling debate about immigration and integration in Europe and strengthening xenophobic and nationalist sentiments. It is not a new phenomenon for Europeans to travel abroad to fight. Reports have circulated for months about the growing …

Stratfor: Terrorism Is an Enduring Reality

from Stratfor Global, nonspecific threats such as those that prompted recent U.S. embassy closures and travel warnings have rarely proved credible. These precautionary measures appear to be the result of two separate threats, one attack against an unspecified U.S. embassy and another against travel infrastructure — presumably an airliner.

Stratfor: Why the Boston Bombers Succeeded

by Scott Stewart, Vice President of Analysis, Stratfor When seeking to place an attack like the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing into context, it is helpful to classify the actors responsible, if possible. Such a classification can help us understand how an attack fits into the analytical narrative of what is happening and what is likely to …

Bombings and Shootings: What Are the Facts?

Written by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Guns and Bombs We are all at least temporarily stunned by the bombings at the Boston Marathon where tragically three people were killed and many injured. And before that, it was mass shootings. And as a result of the shootings, attention is focused on more thorough background checks, …

A Nation of Secret Laws

America is supposed to be a nation of laws which apply to everyone equally, regardless of wealth or power. Founded on the Constitution and based upon the separation of powers, we escaped from the British monarchy – a “nation of men” where the law is whatever the king says it is. However, many laws are now “secret” – known only to a handful of people, and oftentimes hidden even from the part of our government which is supposed to make laws in the first place: Congress.