ISM Numbers Are Weak Before QE3 Cash Begins To Flow

Lee Adler, Wall Street Examiner The October headline seasonally adjusted aggregate Purchasing Managers Index reading of 49.5 fell far short of the consensus expectation of 51.2.  I track the not seasonally adjusted ISM Manufacturing New Orders index as the kernel of the measure of manufacturing conditions in the US. It fell from 61.8 in October …

Why Financial Repression Will Fail

The author – Ron Hera – argues that the financial repression will fail eventually. Financial repression occurs when governments channel funds into their own sovereign bonds in order to reduce debt levels through mechanisms such as directed lending, caps on interest rates, capital controls, debt monetization, or by other means. To establish his points, Mr. Hera catches readers’ attention towards “The Liquidation of Government Debt”, “Crisis and Consequence” and many other facts.