The Great Debate©: Will the U.S. Mirror Japan?

by Guest Author Robert Huebscher, Advisor Perspectives Larry Summers (left) and Paul Krugman (right) may share ideological leanings, but they disagree sharply about our economic prospects. Both agree that political gridlock is responsible for the failure to grow our economy, but is that impasse is so severe that the US is destined to endure the …

The Great Debate©: Inflation or Deflation?

An important question for all investors is whether low inflation rates will persist or whether the economy is heading toward much higher inflation. The answer to that question will dictate asset class allocations, portfolio construction and ultimately the rates of return investors should expect.

Two prominent experts took sides in this debate last week at a luncheon hosted by the Boston Security Analysts Society. Ted Ladd, the chairman emeritus of Standish Mellon Asset Management, argued for higher inflation. Predicting low inflation was Connie Everson, the managing director and co-founder of the Capital Markets Outlook Group, a Boston-based economic consulting firm.