Preliminary March 2014 Michigan Consumer Sentiment Falls Short of Expectations

by Doug Short, Advisor Perspectives/ The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment preliminary number for March came in at 79.9, a decline from the 81.6 February final. Today’s reading was below the forecast of 82.0. The index is off its 85.1 interim high set in July of last year.

The Fiscal Stimulus and Market Turnaround: 5-Year Anniversary

Commentators are taking note of the five-year anniversary of the fiscal stimulus that President Obama enacted during his first month in office. Those who don’t like Obama are still asking “if the fiscal stimulus was so great, why didn’t it work?”

Joe Sixpack’s Situation in 4Q2013: Joe Is Not Feeling Rich

Written by Steven Hansen A Federal Reserve data release (Z.1 Flow of Funds) for 3Q2013 provides insight into the finances of the average household – and our beloved “Joe Sixpack”. Our modeled “Joe Sixpack” – who owns a house and has a job, and essentially no other asset. We have also modeled a Joe who …