Economic Data Show Massive QE and ZIRP Failure

The headline Consumer Price Index for November was 0%, which was below the consensus guess of economists of 0.1%. Since the onset of QE3 and 4 in November 2o12, CPI has trended from an annual rate of 2% to now 1%. With the latest CPI data now posted, it’s an opportune time to go back and look at several other economic indicators, including key measures adjusted for inflation to show the growth rate in real constant dollar terms.

Why is the Fed Panicking? Real Retail Sales are Strong

Real Retail Sales are Up 3.5% Annually by Lee Adler, The Wall Street Examiner Retail Sales and Real Retail Sales ex Gasoline Updated September 14, 2012 Retail Sales rose by 0.9% from July to August and 4.7% annually, according to the Commerce Department’s Advance Retail Sales Report released today. Those are seasonally adjusted idealized estimates. Neither …