Are Taxes Making the Middle Class Poorer?

Written by Steven Hansen Last week, the Census Bureau, as part of their 2012 American Community Survey, published median income data for 2012.  One question comes to mind: Is income tax widening the income gap which is slowing growth for the USA consumer driven economy?

Inequality – Both Economic and In Access to Liberty and Justice – Skyrockets to Historic Levels

by Washington’s Blog, Washington’s Blog Poverty Spikes In America … While the Government Throws Money at the Super-Elite AP reports that the U.S. is seeing the highest spike in poverty since the 1960s, and notes: According to a report by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service late last year, “U.S. income distribution appears to be among …

Savings Rate Disparities

If high-consumers (low savers) become as virtuous as low-consumers (high savers), that just means that global demand will decline, and with it, global unemployment will rise. In that case global savings won’t go up. They will go down, since rising unemployment causes income to decline faster than consumption.

The Philly Fed ADS Business Conditions Index

The Philly Fed ADS Index is designed to track real business conditions at high frequency. It is based on six underlying data series:

Weekly initial jobless claims
Monthly payroll employment
Industrial production
Personal income less transfer payments
Manufacturing and trade sales
Quarterly real GDP