Afghanistan, One Village at a Time

Security and cooperation, ultimately, are our goals for all of Afghanistan. These can be induced not through giveaways, but through negotiated exchange. All parties to our program—the maleks, the village residents, our own company—had to contribute something in exchange for things they received. The efficacy of an Aid-for-Labor implementation strategy is evidenced by the peaceful, voluntary conversion of two villages from the Quetta Taliban to GIRoA. This conversion was achieved without a bribe paid, a shot fired, or a life lost. It should be possible to replicate such results throughout most of the country.

Economic Law of Gravity

by Ajay Shah Editor’s note: From Wikipedia, the Newtonian Law of Gravity says the force between two bodies is proportional to product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the distance between them. The equation is , where G is a proportionality constant known as the gravitational constant. A key intuition of modern thinking …