Methane Losses Compromising the Potential Benefits of Using Natural Gas in Transportation Applications

Natural Gas has two advantages with respect to coal and other fossil fuels. At some times it is a lower cost fuel than other fossil fuels. Today, NG in the US has perhaps a 100% cost advantage over other fuels for most applications.

Dealing with Territorial Claims in a Thawing Arctic

by Ricardo Cornejo, GEI Associate Santa Claus’s days of reigning over a sovereign and independent North Pole are ceasing to exist as temperatures in the Arctic Circle warm up and the natural resource, land grab by surrounding countries nears. Danish explorers set sail once again on the quest of scientific and geological evidence to back …

Global Warming Is Here, Getting Worse – What Should We Do?

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Even some skeptics agree: global warming, caused primarily by CO2 emissions, is here and will get worse. Are the energy options we have significant enough to make any meaningful difference in the destruction and death we will have to endure? In what follows, I look at the facts.

Can America Capitalize on Natural Gas?

by James D. Hamilton, reproduced from Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at Econbrowser with the title: Using Natural Gas Here’s a promising story for the U.S. economy. The figure below plots the price of crude oil in dollars per barrel and the price of natural gas on an equivalent BTU basis. Historically, the …