Debtonomics: Currency Crisis

An argument can be made that under our present circumstances analysis of the declining economic order is not particularly relevant: it is best to look forward rather than pick over the past, to let the current regime fall apart and build something new and better on the ruins.

Modern Money Illustrated

DIAGRAMS & DOLLARS Written by J.D. Alt, New Economic Perspectives Constructed from original Part 1 and Part 2. Click to enlarge 1. The “unsolvable” riddle of our National Budget Being an architect, I’m fascinated by diagrams visualizing things which otherwise are invisible. In designing a building we usually begin with diagrams to explore and understand …

Emerging Market Currencies

Interpreting Recent Emerging Market Currency Movements by Menzie Chinn, Appeared originally at Econbrowser 03 January 2013 Caption illustration added by Econintersect. Expectations of central bank policies are only part of the story. The rapid decline in emerging market currency values has been quite remarkable.

Keynes and the Europeans: Similarities of ICU and EMU

by Dirk Ehnts, Econoblog101 The International Clearing Union (also called Bancor plan) that Keynes proposed at the Bretton Woods conference has received some renewed interest over the years, culminating in the EMU’s macroeconomic imbalance procedure which is at least partly based on the ideas of Keynes. Countries with deficits higher than 4% of GDP or …

When Economic Theory Fails the Math Exam

Eight years ago, in December 2005, I began warning of an impending economic crisis that would commence when the rate of growth of private debt started to fall. My warnings hit a popular chord: