Endangered Species, Private Property, and the American Bison

by Benjamin M. Wiegold, Mises.org The political debate over what should be done about endangered species seems to be continuing without end. Calls are already emerging this year to place a multitude of species on the endangered list, including the emperor penguin, the Arizona toad, the African lion, as well as many others.

Mises and Schumpeter: Friendly Rivals?

Ludwig von Mises and Joseph Schumpeter are the most famous economists trained by the older Austrian School, although generally Schumpeter has received the lion’s share of attention.This is especially true, for example, in the field of entrepreneurship.

Today’s Wealth Destruction Is Hidden by Government Debt

Still unnoticed by a large part of the population is that we have been living through a period of relative impoverishment. Money has been squandered in welfare spending, bailing out banks or even – as in Europe – of fellow governments. But many people still do not feel the pain.

Recreating the Asset Bubble: The Fed’s Plan for Economic Recovery

by Joseph Salerno, The Circle Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises Institute While Keynesians continue to sing that lame old song about insufficient aggregate demand stimulus and the horrors of austerity and “market” monetarists prattle on about deficient growth in nominal GDP, the signs of an incipient asset bubble become more evident every day.   In fact …