Emerging Market Currencies

Interpreting Recent Emerging Market Currency Movements by Menzie Chinn, Econbrowser.com Appeared originally at Econbrowser 03 January 2013 Caption illustration added by Econintersect. Expectations of central bank policies are only part of the story. The rapid decline in emerging market currency values has been quite remarkable.

“Is the U.S. economy really about to go boom?”

Politico Magazine asks “should we really be so optimistic about the year ahead?” Mohamed El-Arian (PIMCO), Jared Bernstein (CBPP), Laurence Kotlikoff (Boston U.), Robert Reich (Berkeley), Menzie Chinn (Wisconsin U.) and Jeffry Frieden (Harvard), Jeffry Frankel (Harvard) and Dean Baker (CEPR) respond.

Assessing the Crowding Out Hypothesis: An Undergraduate Textbook Analysis

From my (undergraduate) Economics 390 “Topics in Macro” midterm:Consider this statement: “Borrowing and spending by the public sector will crowd out investment and growth in the private sector.” Paul Ryan, “Path to Prosperity” (April 2012).

SNAP Expenditure Reductions

by Menzie Chinn, Econbrowser.com This article appeared originally in Econbrowser 30 October 2013. From CBPP (10/24 – with illustration below added by Econintersect): The 2009 Recovery Act’s temporary boost in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits ends on November 1, 2013, which will mean a benefit cut for each of the nearly 48 million SNAP …

How Competitive Is China?

by Menzie Chinn, Econbrowser.com Note: This article appeared originally in Econbrowser 05 July 2013. Newly developed indicators suggest eroding international competitiveness. The standard measure of competitiveness is the real effective exchange rate, r = e + p – p* Where e is the log nominal exchange rate (in foreign currency units per home currency), and …