The Fed Fails In Its Dual Mandate

Written by Steven Hansen At the beginning of each month, we focus on the monthly employment report produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It is an employment report card – but where should this report card be sent?

Health Care Cost Slowing – Blame It on Obamacare

Written by Steven Hansen This past week Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman stated: There has been a striking slowdown in overall health costs since the Affordable Care Act was enacted, with many experts giving the law at least partial credit.

Potential Hidden Benefits from Obamacare

by Elliott Morss Introduction We hear a lot about: Universal coverage; Nobody can be refused insurance because of pre-existing conditions; Children cover under parents’ insurance until 26; Insurance companies cannot drop you because you get sick. But there is a lot more in the 2,409-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act than these benefits. To …