Food Inflation During Last 48 Years

Americans love to complain about rising food prices; here are three reasons they should stop whining by Mark Perry, Carpe Diem, American Enterprise Institute It’s a favorite pastime in this country – Americans love to complain about rising food prices. Even when they aren’t. In fact, given all of the complaining you would never know …

Fact-Checking: The Buffett Rule Doesn’t Add Up

Guest Author: Mark J. Perry, Ph.D. (see below) – originally posted on The Enterprise Blog Inspired by Warren Buffett’s frequent claims that he pays federal taxes at a lower rate that his secretary, President Obama proposed a new tax hike on millionaires called the “Buffett Rule” as part of his deficit-reduction plan.

Myths and Misconceptions About the CPI

I believe that the BLS is conscientiously and objectively performing a very difficult and challenging job of calculating a consumer price index, despite conspiracy claims that the government is engaged in politically-motivated distortions of the CPI to either over-state or under-state “real” inflation to meet some political goals or objectives. Research supports this view.