Stratfor: The Problem of Aging Infrastructure on USA Inland Waterways

from Stratfor The United States continues to face the problem of aging infrastructure on major water-based transport routes. A new waterways bill that is likely to be finalized soon — the first such legislation since 2007 — addresses some of the inefficiencies in the current system. However, the larger looming problem of insufficient funding remains. The U.S. …

Real Estate: Not the Big Overinvestment Problem in China

by Michael Pettis Before starting on the subject of debt I wanted to make a quick reference to something sent to me by Charles Horner, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. I am glad to say that the overinvestment thesis is much more widely acknowledged today than it was even two or three years …

Savings Rate Disparities

If high-consumers (low savers) become as virtuous as low-consumers (high savers), that just means that global demand will decline, and with it, global unemployment will rise. In that case global savings won’t go up. They will go down, since rising unemployment causes income to decline faster than consumption.

Notice: Use BLS Data at Your Own Peril + Weekly Economic Summary

The markets wait for the unpredictable BLS to publish its data. Their methodology produces a lot of monthly volatility. Their adjustment factors create too many jobs. The August 2010 BLS jobs report did not disappoint this opinion.