It’s Time for a New Measure of Economic Growth

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the most commonly used measure of economic growth. But GDP isn’t just inaccurate and misleading – it’s the contrivance of Keynesian economists seeking to push their own, big-government agenda. That’s right. GDP is a financial ruse – the biggest of the past half-century.

May 2011 Economic Forecast: Moderate Growth

Our current economic cycle has reached a plateau. Movement of goods and materials are now improving less well when compared year-over-year, but they are still gradually improving. You have to move goods to sell goods and goods are still moving. There are some indications that inflation is eroding the dynamics – but no indications government spending cutbacks are effecting this index.

March 2011 Economic Forecast: GDP Is Disconnected from the Real Economy

The “real” economy – the economy of Joe Sixpack continues to expand. The strength of this growth is considered moderate with positive underlying trend lines. Putting this into perspective – the economy is likely improving on a per capita basis.