A Bigger Problem than Greece

For some time, I have been following the economic problems of Greece. These include:Its inability to compete in world markets using the € as its currency;The IMF, supporting Germany on ‘austerity” as the proper policy for Greece;The IMF realizing austerity is not the answer as unemployment skyrockets;

China is Sovereign in their Currency

In a recent article, Michael Pettis is missing the point of arguments that claim the Chinese money system is different. The point is that the Chinese government effectively owns and operates the Chinese money system

A Tale of Two Countries

Austerity, Deficits, and Debt:  A Tale of Two Countries by Elliott R. Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction Greece is involved in a series of austerity programs. And the US is considering austerity measures to keep it from “falling off the fiscal cliff”. The concern is even greater because nobody really knows what there is to …

Euro Crisis: Are Germany and IMF Lighting a Fuse?

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction In earlier articles, I have talked of the “weak sisters” (Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) together, arguing they will never be able to compete with Germany and other more “efficient” Eurozone countries. Of course, each weak sister is different. In this piece, I consider each separately and whether …