How Budget Deficits Reduce Investment

A identity is a equation that is true because of the way the terms are defined. Thus, when an economist says that “gross national product is equal to the sum of consumption plus investment plus government spending on goods and services plus exports minus imports,”

Beyond the Pale

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (18) Written by Adam Whitehead, The Elephant in the European Living Room Last week the United Nations was the stage for numerous politically correct speeches, from urbane Western diplomats, ostracizing President Putin in an attempt to place him “beyond the Pale” of 21st Century civilised politics. President Putin’s …

Western Financial Support for Ukraine: The Greek Analogy (continued)

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction In my last piece, I looked at the IMF/EU bailout efforts for Greece to see what can be expected as the West launches a bailout for Ukraine. And every day, what the West will do becomes clearer. Let’s back up to December of last year. At that time, …

The Quiet American

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (16) Written by Adam Whitehead, “I never knew a man who had better motives for all the trouble he caused.” ― Graham Greene, The Quiet American

Downfall of GDP Growth

February 28, 2014 – BEA Revises 4th Quarter 2013 GDP Growth Down to 2.37% Annual Rate by Rick Davis, Consumer Metrics Institute In their second estimate of the US GDP for the fourth quarter of 2013, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported that the economy was growing at a 2.37% annualized rate, down -.85% …