Correlation and Causation Deniers, Chickens and Eggs

This post is for those fond of repeating the axiom “correlation does not imply causation,” because while correlation may not prove causation, it certainly can imply it. In fact, there are instances where the denial of any linkage between correlation and causation proves only that the deniers have their heads in the sand.

The American Jury Is Still Out; But the European Judge Condemns the Prisoner

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (11) Written by Adam Whitehead, Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (10) “The American Jury is Out, But the European Jury Has Voted”[i] reported on the unfolding courtroom dramas, on both sides of the Atlantic, in relation to the verdict on the economic recovery. Last week, the American …

The All Important Second Trade – Understand It Or Choose Bamboozlement

How many times have you heard the phrase that “correlation does not imply causation?” NEWS FLASH! Correlation may not prove causation, but it can certainly imply it. And no matter that the clueless masses may repeat that phrase until they turn blue and lose consciousness,

The Federal Reserve Impact

In a May 2013 testimony to the Joint Economic Council, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke stated that the FOMC has made it clear, “it is prepared to increase or reduce the pace of its asset purchases to ensure that the stance of monetary policy remains appropriate as the outlook for the labor market or inflation changes.

More Housing Data Says Bubble Will Rage On, Fed Will Never Learn

by Lee Adler, Wall Street Examiner The Case Shiller Index reported last week that the median US house sale price in July was up 12.4% year over year. This severely lagged and smoothed index actually represents the 3 month average contract price of repeat sales only, with a time mid point of mid April.