Why Housing Markets Are Heading South (Again)

Written by Keith Jurow, Capital Preservation Real Estate Report Demand for Houses by Non-Investors is Weakening In previous articles over the past two years, I have emphasized that a rising percentage of home buying has come from all-cash investors.  I argued that this was not a sign of a housing recovery.  Rather, it showed that …

Pending Home Sales Data Bad – Blamed on Weather, Credit, Affordability

Written by Steven Hansen The pending home sales index for January 2014 was released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) today, and our analysis suggests that February 2014 existing home sales again may not be good.

San Francisco Remodeling and Construction Industry: 2013 Review

by Jiyan Wei, BuildZoom Highlights Overall, San Francisco experienced 1.2% annual growth in the number of building permits issued.1 The San Francisco remodeling and construction activity underperformed in 2013 as compared with the rest of the US. There was a 34% year-over-year decline in the cumulative project value for permits issued in 2013, strongly influenced …

January 2014 Existing Home Sales Bad

NAR Blames Weather, Inventory, Flood Insurance, Tight Credit, Prices, Interest Rates …… Written by Steven Hansen The headlines for existing home sales say that sales growth fell in January month-over-month – and declined year-over-year. Our analysis agrees. The three month rolling averages are still declining demonstrating how soft the data is.

Manhattan Real Estate 10-Year Sales Statistics

by Michael Haltman, Hallmark Abstract Service LLC Anyone living in or near New York City is likely aware of the sharp rise in the selling price for residential real estate over the past 10-years! Having our business centered here we have watched with nothing short of amazement as any negative impact on property prices stemming …