Spain and The Runaway Euro Bailout Train

By EconMatters Spain finally bowed to the rising interest rates and the billions of euros worth of bad loans at Spain’s regional governments to ask for a loan.  After emergency talks between Euro Zone finance ministers on Saturday, Spain will get up to $125 billion from the European Union (EU) to bail out its banking system.

Dealing with the Global Financial Crisis: Focus Europe

Where are the Super Heroes? Written by Macrotides In our article in March we discussed the low level of volatility in the stock market, and wondered if the perception that the European debt crisis was contained was correct. We didn’t think so, since the primary factors driving the crisis would continue to deteriorate in 2012. …

The EU Zero Sum Problem

by Derryl Hermanutz From the Associated Press, hosted by Google, Monday, November 21, 2011: The European Commission chief said Monday he wants to introduce eurobonds issued jointly by the 17 euro nations as an effective way to tackle the financial crisis, an idea that puts him on a collision course with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.