U.S. Empire – State of the Nation Report

Is the sun setting on the US Empire? Probably. Worse things could happen. It probably does not matter which party is in power or who is president. The signposts are are financial, related to energy, in failed foreign policy, misdirected immigration policies, ineffective and inefficient health care, third world education quality, poor personal lifestyle choices, concentration of wealth, political corruption funded by the wealthy, etc.

A Brief Overview of Global Empires

Which country has been the most powerful throughout history? Historians, economists, and others have written extensively on this subject, often in terms of empires. Amazon lists more than 5,000 books on global empire, where empire is measured population, land mass, economy, or military power. The top five empires by population, land mass, and economy according to Wikipedia are presented below.

Empire State Manufacturing Survey Up or Down or ??

Last month’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey dropped jaws as it dropped below zero (analysis here).   In December 2010 – it has come roaring back.  The two lessons are: 1) one month is not a trend; and 2) surveys are not to be taken too seriously as it is just opinion – and not data