Roger Myerson’s Paean to Plutocracy

by William K. Black, New Economic Perspectives Introduction This article begins a project to critique the work by economists concerning regulation that has led to the award of Nobel prizes. The prize in economics in honor of Alfred Nobel is unique. It is not part of the formal Nobel Prize system. It was created by …

The Role Of Reserve Ratio Requirements In China – A Brake For Credit Growth?

by Dr. Dirk Ehnst

I have recently presented some joint work with Finn Körner, showing Chinese data at a conference in Berlin. We had the impression that China is using the reserve ratio requirements (RRR) to fight inflation. Increasing the RRRs would lessen room for the banks to expand credits. This would only work if banks care about the RRR. In case they are not constrained by RRRs, changes in the RRR might only have psychological implications, which doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t work.