“Is the U.S. economy really about to go boom?”

Politico Magazine asks “should we really be so optimistic about the year ahead?” Mohamed El-Arian (PIMCO), Jared Bernstein (CBPP), Laurence Kotlikoff (Boston U.), Robert Reich (Berkeley), Menzie Chinn (Wisconsin U.) and Jeffry Frieden (Harvard), Jeffry Frankel (Harvard) and Dean Baker (CEPR) respond.

Return of the Housing Bubble?

by Dean Baker, Center for Economic Policy Research This article was originally published by Finance.Yahoo.com on May 29, 2013 Recent data showing house prices rising at their fastest rate since the collapse of the bubble have many people asking whether we are seeing another bubble. That is a good question. At the national level the …

The Great Debate© – Can Austerity Produce Recovery from The Great Recession?

It has been argued by some that austerity can aid recovery. This assertion is argued from both sides in this Great Debate. Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research says that austerity can produce growth but not in the current circumstances in the U.S. Ben Broadbent and Kevin Daly of Goldman Sachs have argued that austerity can lead to recovery from the Great Recession.