Scientists Increase Efforts to Understand Global Warming Pause

Today we look at papers exploring the pause in warming of the surface atmosphere temperature, now in its second decade. This is one of the world’s most important science priorities, which will guide public policy for the next decade.

Chinese Toast

One of the longest running contrarian opinions I have spent ungodly hours debating on the net is the concept that the “Chinese Economic Miracle” is a sham, and that rather than ending up as Successors to the Great Amerikan Empire of the 20th Century, in fact they will likely end up with the most brutal problems of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.

Has Global Warming Ended?

Written by Sig Silber The following chart appeared in an article written by David Rose and published in the Daily Mail (click to enlarge) This raises the question of whether or not this recent period of fairly static temperatures represents a termination of the temperature increase that has been occurring for some time and widely …

Climate Change: Mega-Drought or Mega-Rain

Written by Sig Silber An article entitled Hundred-Year Forecast: Drought recently appeared in the New York Times. But droughts do not usually come with 100 year durations and I realize this is not exactly what the author was saying.  Titles are often created by the editor rather than the author(s) and can be misleading. If …

Autos and the U.S. Energy Strategy

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction The world is in the middle of a protracted energy transition. We know that dependency on oil must be lessened, but beyond that, it is not clear where we will end up. We must first decide among goals. Consider the two most-discussed goals: reducing dependency on foreign oil, …