Housing Prices: Up Or Down Or Just Plain Bubbly?

by Washington’s Blog, Washington’s Blog Originally posted at Washington’s Blog as Housing Prices: Up Or Down? and The REAL Reason Housing Prices Have Skyrocketed U.S. residential real estate markets have been manipulated in an unprecedented manner and the widely acclaimed housing recovery is merely a mirage, carrying much risk for the general public.

What is Dubai’s Secret?

The World Economy Stalls; Meanwhile Dubai Bounces Back: So what’s The Secret? by Guest Author Andrew Butter One of the few interesting things about Dubai is that it serves as a barometer for economic activity that happens largely outside of government and outside of OEDC. I’m not talking blood diamonds or drug money, Dubai services …

House Prices Have Further to Fall

Next week we will see the National Association of Realtors (NAR) data on existing home sales. The report should show a seasonally adjusted improvement in volume of home purchases – while home prices continue to contract – compared to volumes and prices one year ago.

Spotlight on the Bush Council of Economic Advisors

The CEA did not warn of any credit risk at Fannie and Freddie. Indeed, it urged them to make more loans to weaker credit risks as long as they securitized the loans. Securitization would not have reduced Fannie and Freddie’s credit risk.