U.K. Houses: 20% Too High?

by Andrew Butter Personally, I thought the bounce of house prices in UK starting April 2009 was an illusion. Three years later, they still haven’t down so I  have started to think I obviously got that wrong, although there is still a niggling doubt in the back of my head. Quite recently The Economist put …

LSD, Elephants and Debt Deleveraging

by Andrew Butter There is a growing suspicion that the amount debt piled on by both government and the private sector in developed nations over the past few years, is causing distressing symptoms of overdose. On the subject of overdose, any druggie will tell you, dosage is important. Get that wrong and you can suffer …

What is Dubai’s Secret?

The World Economy Stalls; Meanwhile Dubai Bounces Back: So what’s The Secret? by Guest Author Andrew Butter One of the few interesting things about Dubai is that it serves as a barometer for economic activity that happens largely outside of government and outside of OEDC. I’m not talking blood diamonds or drug money, Dubai services …

BubbleOmiX Predicts US Employment Will Climb By 5-Million Over Next 18-Months

by Guest Author Andrew Butter

The essential theory of BubbleOmix is that Ying follows Yang or in other words What Goes-Around Comes Around.

Putting aside all the doom and gloom about the recently released unemployment figures, there may be a silver line…tarnished but silver all the same.

The important number is employment, that’s the demand side of the equation which is broadly independent of the supply side. Companies (and the government too but they are never a good marker for free-enterprise), look to buy services, The fact that there may be a lot of unemployed (and unemployable) people doesn’t change the numbers of jobs on offer; it just changes the wages the jobs pay…slightly.

Climate Change: Good News, Less Than 1% Chance of Disaster. And the Bad News?

by Guest Author Andrew Butter

As the Durban Climate Change conference wheezes into obscurity with memories of a bunch of what the neo-cons call “balding ex-hippies” on one side; and a stack full of conveniently newly-leaked e-mails on the other…and America conspicuously absent, I am reminded of previous catastrophes.

Of other times when all the world’s wise men assured us that there was a less than a 1% probability of disaster.

According to the hippies that’s the chance that within the next 100-years, (a) small increases in global temperature might trigger the melting of the permafrost, which (b) would create a feedback loop by releasing frozen methane, a greenhouse-gas much worse than CO2, which (c) would dramatically increase global warming which (d) would melt the on-land ice-caps, which (e) would mean that sea-levels rose 10-meters, which (f) would mean that all of where 35% of the world’s GDP is created was underwater, and that’s not counting that 95% of the ports in the world would be underwater, so world-trade would stop.

But don’t worry, that’s just stoned hippies and UN officials talking; everyone knows that’s never going to happen, and in any-case we all know that the UN is where non-democratic governments and crony-dictatorships send their fool-nephews to learn how to steal…they send the smart ones to do internships at Goldman Sachs and Moody’s.

Except…hang-on, just a second, now where did I hear that word “underwater” before?

I got it…it’s coming…oh yeah…I remember!!