Riding the Health Care Cost Rocket

Written by Steven Hansen When I read informed opinion on health care costs going up or going down, I visualize the scenes in the Exorcist (Linda Blair’s head rotating a complete 360 degrees or her pea soup hurling). It really depends on what data set you pull, how you view the data in that data set, …

2013 Was Good to Joe Sixpack (Relatively)

Written by Steven Hansen One of my favorite responses to those who ask me how things are going is “that I am still alive”.  This is the way I feel about the economic events of 2013 as they relate to the average survivor of this year.

Healthcare Hiccups

Inside the Diner this week I FINALLY got a bug up my butt to write about the CLUSTERFUCK that is the Affordable Health Care Act, AKA Obamacare.

I have basically ignored this piece of legislative insanity here on the Diner, it is fundamentally a Derivative Problem of a Failing Monetary System, and bogging down blogging on it when I am quite sure it will collapse along with the monetary system supporting it seemed unnecessary to me for a long time here

Potential Hidden Benefits from Obamacare

by Elliott Morss Introduction We hear a lot about: Universal coverage; Nobody can be refused insurance because of pre-existing conditions; Children cover under parents’ insurance until 26; Insurance companies cannot drop you because you get sick. But there is a lot more in the 2,409-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act than these benefits. To …