USA Home Prices and Rents Climbing in February 2012

by Guest Author Scott Sambucci, Altos Research “The latest home prices data shows that a stable market in January is leading to an up month in February.  Rents and newly listed property prices all climbing weekly.” Like Giants fans around the country still celebrating a big win, the housing markets seem to want to play …

Housing Affordability Only Means Cheap Houses

by Guest Author Scott Sambucci, Altos Research Affordability measures price, but Capita per Inventory measures housing demand relative to supply, and isn’t that the point? RIM’s Playbook tablet, originally priced at $499, is now selling for $200. Very affordable compared to Apple’s iPad at $499-800+.  But which tablet do you want for Christmas? And that’s …

Real Time Home Price Index Shows Housing Price Strength

The spring thaw is upon us! A seasonal uptick in both median prices and inventory has appeared in most metropolitan areas across the country. Price increases are apparent in 24 of the 26 tracked markets, and inventory increases are apparent in 23 of the 26 tracked markets.

Despite this month’s headlines reporting Q1’s home price lows, the Altos Research real-time data shows near-term price strength.