The Great Debate©: Stimulus – Supply Side or Demand Side?

Supply side and demand side arguments can be made to support the stimulative effects of the new tax bill. Sometimes it seems that both sides support or depreciate a particular item for different reasons. Casey Mulligan and Menzie Chinn present articulate arguments about the new tax bill with differing foci.

The Great Debate©: Schäuble Speaks his Mind – Dirk Ehnts Responds

Those with a trade balance surplus want to solve imbalances by deflating economies with a trade deficit. German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, argues for this while Dierk Ehnts explains why that is destructive to the global economy.

The Great Debate© – Can Austerity Produce Recovery from The Great Recession?

It has been argued by some that austerity can aid recovery. This assertion is argued from both sides in this Great Debate. Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research says that austerity can produce growth but not in the current circumstances in the U.S. Ben Broadbent and Kevin Daly of Goldman Sachs have argued that austerity can lead to recovery from the Great Recession.