Housing Smoke and Mirrors (23) – “On the Contrary”

Written by Adam Whitehead, KeySignals.com Housing Smoke and Mirrors “Equivocation” reported the transition in the housing market, from strength to consolidation, as interest rates rose in expectation of the Fed “Taper“. This transition phase became evident in the data and commentary in July. Moving into August, this has become an unequivocal consensus that the housing …

September 2013 Existing Home Sales Remain in 2013 Growth Trend Lines

Written by Steven Hansen The headlines for existing home sales say that sales growth declined in September month-over-month. Our analysis says sales were stronger compared to last month, and overall growth remains relatively strong and in line with 2013 growth trends.

Housing Smoke and Mirrors (24) – “Elementary”

Written by Adam Whitehead, KeySignals.com The Sherlock Holmes theme was introduced into the Housing Smoke and Mirrors story in “On the Contrary”. This theme has been extended to the investigation of the curious case of the various “Acronyms” being employed by the Federal Government in its attempt to stimulate the economy with the able assistance …

Housing Smoke and Mirrors (22) – “Equivocation”

Written by Adam Whitehead, KeySignals.com In Housing Smoke and Mirrors “I’ll Be Back” reports starting in July began to signal the point at which the rise in interest rates started to erode the strength of the housing market. Equivocal voices have now begun to opine much of the same.

Terminal Velocity (24) “And Now the End is Near”

Written by Adam Whitehead, KeySignals.com Terminal Velocity “What Goes Around, Comes Around” observed a scenario developing; in which the epiphany of Larry Summers emerging as the next Fed Chairman coincided with the epiphany of an Emerging Market Debt Crisis similar to the one in which he served on the “Committee That Saved the World” in …