What Does a Foreclosure Moratorium Mean for the Housing Market?

A foreclosure moratorium could have a complex effect on residential real estate markets. Housing sales could decline but prices could rise at first. Later sales could rebound and prices drop.

Where is the Bottom for Housing? We May Not Know for Years

It could take up to six years for the national average home price to reach a bottom. More rapid growth in employment is needed to avoid a drawn out depression for housing.

The Road Not Taken

In the two years since Lehman Brothers was allowed to fail, there have been numerous books on the causes of the financial crisis. The housing boom and subsequent collapse is understandably at the epicenter of most of the books. Depending on the political persuasion of the author, the emphasis is that conservatives or liberals deserve more blame for the following reasons. What typically follows is a narrative of political bias. The fact is that both views have it partially right. However, at the end of the day, what is more important is that a number of contributing factors are worse now than before the crisis.